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Talent for making people lose their inhibitions

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This story is No. 5 in the series "The "names out of a hat sexual partners" series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith has a talent. Femslash and hetslash talk.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredJinxyFR1811,126011,16727 Mar 0827 Mar 08Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

Author notes: Another of Dark Knight's challenges. Pick names from hat to be a character's lovers, make a story out of it with characters in order. Faith chapter. In order, characters I picked were Tru Davies, Giles, Lilah Morgan, Cordelia, and Buffy.

Those of you who think Tru Davies is about as straight as they come… think again. Of course, we were in high school at the time- ninth grade actually. But I was with her. What with our screwy backgrounds and all, we sorta hit it off.

Wait up, yo, you’re probably sayin’. Tru’s from California, Faith, you’re from Boston. You didn’t come to Cali until you were sixteen, so what do you mean you were “with” Tru in the ninth grade? This is one of your tall tales. Only unlike wrestlin’ alligators naked, this one isn’t even likely.

Well just shut up a minute and let me talk, alright? It happened, even if the chick denies it now. Which she probably does, being a good responsible hetero and all. See, this was a couple of years after Tru’s mom died- was killed, actually. Her dad was still being Mr. Distant Bastard, so he shipped Tru and her brother and sister to Boston for the summer to stay with their aunt. Who just happened to live in the same shitty apartment complex that me and Mom did.

Tru and me really got on. We had tons in common, even if she had much more of a worried conscience than I tried to have. She knew how to find the fun all right though. We even sorta looked alike. One time my mom actually called her by my name. Of course, she was totally smashed and probably seeing four girls instead of two, so that might not mean much.

But then at summer’s end Tru had to go back to her own shitty life, and I was stuck in mine. First girl I ever cried over… if certain Twinkies have their way she won’t be the last though. She probably never even gives me a thought. Last thing I heard she’s got superpowers herself, hears dead people talk or somethin’. But like I said, get this straight: for one summer, I made Tru Davies a card-carryin’ lesbo. Well, no card, but you get my drift.

Seems I’m pretty good at doin’ that, makin’ people loosen up on their strict sexual rules enough to hang loose. I guess I just have a talent for makin’ people lose their inhibitions, ya might say.

Take Giles. Now there’s a guy for ya who needed help in the department of pulling the stick outta his ass- or “bum” in British speak. I think the guy wore tweed diapers as a baby. And what with all the tutting and glasses and squinty looks, he kinda reminded me of an owl or somethin’… a sexy owl. Uptight as he was, old Rupie definitely had the sexy librarian thing goin’ for him.

So I pulled a few strings to help the guy out a little. Just say I want to train with him a little, work on my moves- alone of course, and at night. Next thing ya know I got him pinned up against a bookcase and I’m showin’ him that mouths and tongues can be used for more than chantin’ Latin spells and vanquishings. And he didn’t seem to find my little lesson too above his intellect either.

Of course about five minutes into my classroom demonstration the stick reinserted itself into his ass, and he tried to push me off him, going’ all blinky and stutter and “oh-dear-I-just-can’t-I’ll-be-stoned-with-bloody-scones…. You’re-just-a-little-girl-even-if-you-can-kill-me-with-your-bare-hands.” I gave him my most innocent and pleading smile, then my wicked sexy one- nope. Guess it’s amazing enough I got a whole five minutes outta the guy. Then again, if I’d been his precious Buffy and not Faith-the-fuckin-freak, it might’ve been a different story.

Lilah… now this one wasn’t as much of a challenge as the others. I think the chick had a few kinks in her before I ever got my hands- and lips, and tongue- on her. Like with Giles, I didn’t get no grand slams off her, but with her it was more because I denied her than she rejected me. She promised to get me off if I killed Angel… let’s just say that little deal backfired. Not only is Angel alive- well, undead anyway- and broodin’, but I got HER off instead- with no satisfaction followin’. A few oral thrusts, some expert dry hump grindin’, and the bitch was pantin’ for more. Which is when I sweetly reminded her that it wasn’t fair to pay me off before I’d delivered my end of the bargain, and I swaggered away, just knowin’ what her expression must be.

Another way, another straight girl that I made start questionin… Cordy. Yep, our very own Queen Cordelia. Who do you think came to see me on the days when visiting hours at prison were at daylight? Yep, good ole Cordy. And who do you think gave me a big old hug, hump, and grind, managing to startle even me, when I broke out to save Angel? Who do you think I woke up to suckin’ on my neck like some de-fanged vampire? Okay, so she was pregnant and sorta evil, but it counts. One more gal all my flirtin’ with kinked over into the widenin’ area of bisexuality.

My last, latest conquest… she’s the one I’ve had to try hardest and longest with, and she’s the one I wanted the most to win over. The only one, other than Tru, that I really cared about. The only one I could say I love, even if I WON’T say it.

Yeah, you’ve probably guessed it… Buffy. B fought it for years, but now it’s all five by five, she’s finally given in, given up. As much as she probably hates to admit it sometimes, she knows that’s what she really wanted to do all along. I’M what she wanted to do all along… and now she is.

It’s kinda weird. Now that I’ve finally got B to lose her inhibitions- or at least her pretense of them- I’m startin’ to wonder if I should let go of my own. Yeah, I got them took, believe it or not… and most of them have to do with exactly that. Believin’. Believin’ she wants me… believin’ she might could even love me, that ANYONE could love me. Believin’ that I might could be happy… believin’ that this might last, that she might stay…


The End

You have reached the end of "Talent for making people lose their inhibitions". This story is complete.

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