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Slaying Dark Lord

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Summary: My take on real family theme. Right now no more than just a teaser. Consider yourself warned. EDIT: complete.. sort of..

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter Eight

She never disobeyed him before. Bellatrix was one of his most loyal servants; she would never resist His summons, not without a very good reason.

Actually Voldemort could barely remember when the last time she ignored the call at all was. Not that it was possible to ignore the pain radiating from the dark mark in the first place, you had to resist it with gritted teeth and even then... ah, now he remembered... how he could forget...

First war... that silly hyperactive daughter of hers had broken her leg at such an inappropriate moment. He was too appalled at the maternal instinct the woman displayed to express his displeasure and accepted her lame excuse. He would have never guessed she was capable of such strong feelings. Next thing you know and she might grow a conscience, now that would have been really inconvenient. Fortunately her assistance wasn’t really required in that particular case and he let it go. After all he planned to rule for many decades to come and he could use offspring of his more talented Death Eaters.

However in a year or so his perception radically changed. They were fighting a bloody war damn it and this was getting ridiculous. Lestranges were at each other’s throats again and Malfoy was getting attached to his little brat as well! After he found out the real reason behind Bellatrix’s and Rodolphus’s constant bickering he refused to deal with this non-sense any longer. They both had to disappear especially Bellatrix’s child. He handled the matter beautifully, which wasn’t hard considering he recruited both Rodolphus and Rabastan. The cuckold seemed content with his vengeance and Voldemort couldn’t be more pleased with Bellatrix’s and Lucius’ transformation. The former was truly fanatical now for their cause, while the later was ruthless and efficient, both fuelled by revenge. So they all could happily return to the more pressing matters in their quest for power again. He spared the girls however and dropped them both at the muggle orphanage on the other hemisphere. It was good for their character he reasoned, certainly did wonders for his and he might need them later anyway as a leverage. He was going to keep track of them of course, but then he was defeated by the bloody Harry Potter and they were not on top of his priority list. He wondered absent-mindedly where they were now and prepared to apparate to Malfoy Manor.

Sirius was pale as the ghost and desperately tried to remember how to breathe. So this was Bellatrix’s daughter and she was bearing Black Family Crest ring. This could only mean one thing - the bitch didn’t lie. He could remember that day as if it happened yesterday, the day when he ran away from his family home. He was sixteen when his deranged cousin brought her one year old daughter to Grimmauld Place for the first time “to congratulate daddy” as she put it. The knowing smirk on his mother’s face in his direction stabbed him like a knife. His mother was aware all this time! His mother was aware that bitch raped him using imperius curse and did nothing about it, probably even allowed it!

Two years before Bellatrix said she was going to make a real man out of him, a worthy Black, future head of household. She said her aunt, his mother asked her for it, but he didn’t believe her. It seemed that the bitch didn’t lie two years ago and probably wasn’t lying now. Sirius packed his things and left for Potters after Bellatrix left with their child.

Sirius was a true Gryffindor, but he never told to anyone the real reason why he run away from home not even James. He could have put Bellatrix to Azkaban of course, but he would never outlive the shame, the shame that his family was so deranged that his own cousin 8 years older than him used unforgivable to rape him when he was only just fourteen and on his own mother’s behalf no less! Sirius was a Gryffindor but it was too much even for him.


A/N I am not going to pretend that I will continue this story anytime soon, so I will just leave it as it is now. Consider it a challenge and I wouldn’t mind if some would like to adopt it. Hope you will do better with it than I.

The End

You have reached the end of "Slaying Dark Lord". This story is complete.

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