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Clash of the Geeks

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Summary: Willow is called in to help find Teyla before the Pegasus Galaxy becomes its own hell dimension. Now if only Rodney would back off enough to let her work.

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Summary: Willow is called in to help find Teyla before the Pegasus Galaxy becomes its own hell dimension. Now if only Rodney would back off enough to let her work.

Author’s Notes: This is set just after the close of season four of Stargate Atlantis and roughly four years after the end of Buffy season seven. I haven’t read the books and comics, so don’t expect anything from those, at least not without it being a pure accident.

Disclaimer: I own neither Stargate Atlantis nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I am making no profit from this. I just got a nagging idea in the back of my mind that wouldn’t leave me alone until it was on paper. Blame the plot bunnies.

Chapter 1: Arrival

Despite her determination to present a professional front, Willow was practically bouncing as she prepared to transport down to Atlantis. She was moments away from standing in the legendary city of Atlantis! Who wouldn’t be a bit excited? But more than that, she’d been cooped up on the ship for three whole weeks; she needed sunlight, wind, and seeing how it was Atlantis, water, and she was finding it increasingly hard to wait for the technician to activate the Asgard transporter instead of simply popping herself to the surface.

The telltale white light surrounded her just before she started into yet another mental babblefest about the government actually having spaceships with working faster-than-light drives. It would have made about the sixty-seventh such babble in the past week alone, so the diversion was welcome.

Willow blinked her eyes, trying to dispel the spots marring her vision while simultaneously trying to focus on the small greeting party standing a few feet away.

“Welcome to Atlantis,” said the lovely blond woman standing at the head of the group. “I’m Colonel Samantha Carter. You’ve all been briefed on new personnel processing. These are your department heads,” she continued, gesturing to a group of men and women standing off to her left. “I’ll leave you to check in and get settled.”

“Miss Rosenburg, I presume,” Colonel Carter said, turning her attention to Willow.

“Just call me Willow, please Colonel.”

“Well then, call me Sam, Willow,” Carter replied. “If you’d come with me, I have a few questions.”

“Sure thing.”

Willow followed Sam and the three men with her up a flight of stairs and around the corner to an office that looked strangely organic for something made up of what looked like some kind of blue metal and glass. Sam sat behind the desk, so Willow assumed this was her office. Messy haired guy and the balding man sprawled on the couch while tall, dark, and brooding leaned against the wall and tried to look intimidating. It probably would have been effective too if she hadn’t seen all the stuff she’d seen in the past decade or so.

Thinking back to the files she’d been given to read on the voyage, Willow figured messy haired guy had to be Colonel Sheppard. Balding guy was probably either McKay or Zelenka, but she was betting McKay based on the impatient vibes washing off him. And Mr. Broodypants just had to be Ronon. Note to self, never get Ronon and Angel in the same room.

Messy hair gestured toward a chair sitting somewhat off to the side of Sam’s desk. “Go ahead. Take a load off,” he said, and she did. It helped make her feel less like a bug in a jar with them all gawking at her.

“Willow, let me introduce Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Ronon,” Sam began. “As I’m sure you were informed, they’re the members of SGA-1 along with Teyla. We’ve been told you were sent to help us find and recover Teyla, but my command’s been less than forthcoming with any sort of explanation on exactly what you’ll be doing to help. Would you mind filling us in?”

“They generally leave the explaining to us when we’re asked to help out folks outside the know,” Willow answered. “It cuts down on time wasting exclamations of disbelief and accusations of needing to be a loony bin if you have someone there who can provide proof instead of just trying to give visuals over the phone.”

“We’re already sitting in the lost city of Atlantis, on a different planet, in another galaxy,” sniped McKay. “I think we’re a little past being so easily shocked, so why don’t you stop wasting my time and spit it out.”

“Alright then Dr. McKay, I’ll cut right to the chase.” This was going to be fun. “The supernatural is real, and I’m a witch here to track down Telya using magic.”
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