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The Finales Overture

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Summary: The Colonial Fleet finds Earth, but not really the one they were looking for (BSG/SG1/SGA)

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Nearly a year to the day after arriving on New Kobol the cabin was finally finished.

Laura and Kara had spent a week exploring the area surrounding the lake, before heading back out of the mountains.

When they arrived back in the city Bill had been absolutely livid at them and the fight that occurred had been audible to many, but they had finally made their point.

They were completely capable of looking after themselves and didn’t need to be baby sat as proved by the four years they had survived on their own.

Gathering the supplies they needed to get started they had headed back up into the mountains to get a start on their cabin.

It was slow going at first, they were doing everything by hand and had to get an area big enough cleared before they could even think about laying a foundation.

Two months passed with just the two of them and the occasional trip back down into the city for supplies, mostly they lived off the land. Captured game and foraged berries and native fruits.

Then one day Saul Tigh stepped out of the brush, initially met with a gun to the head quickly followed by welcoming smiles.

“Got some R&R, thought you two might want a hand.”

So for the next two weeks the three of them worked in a strange kind of harmony. In the past they had had their issues with each other, Saul had been hit by both of the women in the past, although he did admit to himself that he had goaded both of them into hitting him.

By the time Saul left them the foundation was laid.

A week later Lee showed up.

It seemed that there was a conspiracy going on.

By the time winter came around they had four walls and a roof.

They were forced back down into the city while the worst of winter passed, during that time Kara finally felt ready to face Sam again. Every other trip to the city she had avoided him but not this time. The meeting didn't go well, Sam had moved on and in some ways so had Kara. Eventually though they had something akin to a friendly acquaintance, Laura hoped that they would be friends one day but she doubted that it would ever come to pass.

When the weather finally cleared up enough for them to head up into the mountains, this time accompanied by The Chief and Gaeta who had volunteered to set up solar power and wire the house for electricity.

They couldn’t get to it straight away, the snow and harsh winter had damaged some sections, which needed to be repaired before work could be continued, but the two men were more than happy to help out.

After Tyrol and Gaeta left, Laura and Kara were left alone for a time. It didn’t bother them.

Work continued, they had considered keeping the design simple but then came to the realisation that neither of them really cared how long it took them the finish building, they could do it however they wanted.

In the end the cabin sported one large room in the middle, where they hoped to get a comfortable couch to put in front of the fireplace Kara had insisted they have, Laura was working on a plan to break into Galactica and steal the couch from Bills quarters (Kara just wanted to see if they could get away with it). They had decided on four bedrooms, one for each of them and the other two just in case they got visitors.

By the time Bill showed up just before summer officially started, they had most of it finished, and a nice vegetable garden to go with it.

They had come back up the mountain with a large variety of seedlings to plant and once the ground thawed had started to plant them, becoming less dependent on foraging.

“We have a good school system set up” the three of them were sitting by the fire on Bills second night with them “but we’ve been relying on the apprentice system set up with compulsory military service since settling here. In another few years we’ll be able to have a real University and won’t have to rely on that to pass on skills and knowledge. Tom was wondering if you’d like to have a look at the plans so far and make any recommendations.”

Laura smiled, they had known it wouldn’t be long until something like this occurred and to be honest she was didn’t mind it that much.

“I’d be happy to.”

Bill stayed for a month. The day he left he told them that he was planning to retire at the end of the summer.

They nodded and told him his bedroom would be ready whenever he wanted it.

Bill’s retirement coincided with the completion of the cabin, SG1 attended and after the official ceremony the three of them plus Tigh and SG1 started the long trek up the mountain.

When SG1 left them a week later, and it was just Laura, Kara and Bill. They settled into a routine, with a third permanent member of the cabin and Saul confiding in them that he was thinking of retiring within the year they realised that they would need more room and so with Bills help started building a second floor.

Winter rolled around and this time there was no need for them to leave their cabin by the lake.

Requests were constantly coming for Bill and Laura’s expertise, they were more than happy to help, as long as they could do it from the comfort of the cabin.

Life continued.

End AN: Yes there are things I didn't address and that was a personal choice. Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed and all the helpful comments that have been made.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Finales Overture". This story is complete.

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