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Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

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Summary: I kind of lied when I said that Saving Grace was my first attempt at crossover, I completely forgot about this one. It's a cross with the movie Jeepers Creepers.

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Movies > Jeepers CreepersdirebansheeFR1379,315143,32029 Mar 0829 Mar 08Yes

Let the Hunt Begin

Cross over with Jeepers Creepers. As always the only thing that belongs to me is the plot. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to the genius that is Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox, etc. The Creeper is the brain child of Brad Parker and others.

Some of the dialog between Parker and Buffy and Buffy and Spike is taken from the BtVS episode ‘Harsh Light of Day’ and was transcribed by Joan the English Chick at the site Thanx so much Joan, you’re a life saver (hugs and puppies forever ; )

~Dire Banshee

Day 1

“So where’d you guys say you found this again?” Riley Finn asked the small group of soldiers.

“It was in one of the tunnels,” Forrest said, referring to the honeycomb of natural caverns the Initiative base resided in. “What do you make of it, Finn?”

“I’m more of a retrieval guy,” the soldier admitted and resumed studying the thing Forrest’s team had brought in.

It had what he assumed to be wings wrapped around its body, hiding it from sight, with several flaps of skin covering the head in a similar manner. To him it looked like a giant cocoon, but Riley somehow doubted that a butterfly would hatch out of it. He couldn’t wait to hear what Professor Walsh though of it.


The 23 days were about to begin and the creature slowly came awake, taking stock of organs and its surroundings; inhaling the many scents as its lungs began to function once more. Its sluggish heartbeat slowly increased, pumping blood through its body, feeding the large wings that had cocooned it through its long hibernation. The caul of flesh covering its face rippled and drew back as its wings fell to its sides, tucking against its back as it sat up, effortlessly breaking the flimsy restraints that tied it to the table. It looked around the room with milky eyes. It was not in its resting place and this room was filled with the stench of demons and the sweet scent of its prey. Its lips pulled back in a savage grin, revealing sharp, jagged teeth, and its nostrils flared as it scented the air.
Let the hunt begin.

Riley never knew what hit him. One minute he was delivering a report and the next there was an excruciating pain in his back, the sensation of being thrown, then the horrible gulping sounds from somewhere behind him. The soldier struggled to draw a breath as a hot fluid he dimly recognized as blood pooled beneath him.

Then the screams began…

Then nothing at all…
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