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Leaving Me

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Summary: Harry catches Hermione in a late night meeting with a stranger from America. He isn't the only chosen one...

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered(Past Donor)AomizuokoFR71372032,73629 Mar 0829 Mar 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words I write-


Harry hid in the corridors, watching the scene before him. The stone walls held dim light as the speakers began spewing words that would make his head spin so far that he thought his head would explode.

“I…I can’t.” Hermione’s voice. Harry couldn’t see her as he remained hidden by the pale walls of the castle’s ground.

“You have too,” this was a female’s voice, unknown to him. “Look, the world depends on it. If you want your friend—what was his name? Right, Harry, if you want your friend Harry to have a chance against this guy you’re fighting, somebody needs to keep the other evils at bay. That somebody is you.”

“But you’re asking me to leave school! My friends, my home.. I can’t just drop everything because of this…this power!” Hermione’s voice was shrill; Harry had never heard it like this before.

“Ms. Granger, I’m afraid there is no other way.” The female voice was speaking harshly now, and Harry peered further in, trying to catch a glimpse of his friend and he saw that the female was gripping tightly on Hermione’s arms. He wondered if this was hurting her, if he should go to her aid.

“Into every generation-“ Hermione interrupted the voice, annoyed. “A slayer is born. I know the story. You’ve told me before.”

“Then you know we can’t do this without you. I was friends with the last Slayer, I’ve seen how hard it is. I’ve fought side by side with her. Sure, it’s not a trip to Disney Land, but are you willing to risk the world because you decided to go with what was easy instead of what was right?”

Hermione heaved a great sigh. She’d given in so easily, Harry held his breath, hoping it wouldn’t be so. If his ears were right, his one of his best friends was about to leave.

“Alright, alright. I’ll, I’ll go with you.”

Suddenly, Harry didn’t hear voices anymore and he went on further to see if he’d gone completely deaf but there was no one there. Student and Unknown visiter were gone. Harry felt his heart break into a million pieces, somehow feeling that he would never see Hermione Jane Granger again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Leaving Me". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking