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Blue Angel's Fall

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Summary: A different take on a certain very long lived blue gargoyle.

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Cartoons > GargoylesLucindaFR1522,899022,7996 Aug 0325 Feb 04Yes

Blue Angel's Fall

author: Lucinda

nothing worse than the show - either show.

A crossover between 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and Disney's Gargoyles.

disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to D'Hoffryn (From BtVS), Castle Wyvern, Princess Katherine, or any of the Wyvern Clan gargoyles.

distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, Paula - anyone else ask

note: rather Au for the Gargoyles side. A different take on a certain very long lived blue gargess.

Castle Wyvern, Scotland - 997 AD

The blue gargess walked through the halls of Castle Wyvern, following her mate. He had just been speaking to the Captain of the human guards, who had feared the possibility of the Vikings attacking the castle again. He'd wanted them to take the clan out to search the area for them, to find any possible sign that might give warning of the dragon boats. Both the Clean Leader, and her mate who was Clan Second thought the idea would expose too many of the Clan, would leave the castle's defenses too thin during the night when the humans could not see clearly. Something about the whole thing seemed a bit odd to her, but she couldn't quite put her claw on it.

"Goliath. You know that I do not approve of you passing through the main halls." The voice of Princess Catherine rang full of the disdain that so many humans held for the gargoyles. The Human woman was not a particularly skilled leader, not a warrior at all, her sole cause for importance a matter of parentage. Princess Catherine was one of the best arguments in support of the gargoyle tradition of the eggs and young belonging to the clan, rather than any particular mated couple.

The muscles along the base of her mate's wings twitched, a sign of his irritation. But it did not show in his voice as he spoke, his tone politely empty. "My apologies, Princess."

She held her silence until they reached the outermost walls, and then turned to her mate, taking his hand in her own blue talons. "Why must we live with such animosity? What have we ever done to deserve such treatment? Why must we live with the humans, with their disdain? They treat us little better than beasts."

He wrapped her in a hug, arms and wings closing around her. "My Angel, I do not understand humans myself. But there are too many of them for us to simply find a place where they are not, and we are stone by day, helpless against an intelligent foe. We can not afford for our people to war with theirs. If there was another way... But there isn't. We must make the best of it, my love. The Leader and I shall go out, searching for these Viking boats. I will come back, and perhaps I can help you forget about the arrogance of humans for a time?"

Leaning her head against his powerful chest, she sighed. "What else can I do? Fly safe, my love."

She watched at her mate and the clan leader took to the air, soaring off to seek the Viking boats. She felt as if... something hung over them, like the feeling of an approaching storm. But it wasn't the weather. She didn't know what it would be. Shaking her head, she retreated to the room where the clan's females kept a few trinkets, and combed out her red hair. Seeking distraction, she joined with several of the other females, taking turns braiding and coiling their hair. A particularly agile flying gargess with white locks and the same lavender skin as her mate had asked to have flowers woven into her hair, small purple blooms that looked quite pretty.

But even that was not enough to shake the ominous feeling that filled her. She left the other females, going to a tower, staring at the moon as if she could offer answers. "Are you safe, my love?

She leapt from the tower, deciding to search for him. Her worry was too powerful for her to remain at home, waiting for his return. She circled over the forest, seeing nothing, and then moved to the coast, following it towards home. That was when she saw the first lightening of the horizon, the first warning of the impending sunrise. The sun that would turn her and every other gargoyle to stone. Her heart heavy with unvoicable dread, she landed on a small ledge along the cliffs. She could see the castle ahead, but would never be able to reach it in time. That was her last sight as the sun's rays turned her to stone.

* * * *

When the setting of the sun released her, she made her way to the castle. Clouds of smoke rose into the sky, and fires still burned from some of the buildings. Her throat became tight with fear, and she made her way to the upper towers, where her clan ‘slept’ during the day. She landed, her foot slipping over broken stone.

She didn’t want to look.

Beside her foot was a partial curve of stone, a portion of a violet bedecked braid tucked behind a pointed ear. A hand was near the wall, talons curving as if sleep had come in the middle of a stretch. There was a bit of a wing tip. Her brothers and sisters lay in shattered pieces all around her.

Her anguished scream rose into the empty night, unanswered by any gargoyle voice. All around her was destruction and death, wrought on her clan, on their home, because of humans. Because other humans didn’t like the humans who had come into the lands of her ancestors, and had come to make war. Her clan had been killed while they slept, the action of cowards. Tears began to roll down her cheeks, pain wracking her body as she fell to her knees, heedless of the way the shattered bits of her kin dug into them.

“So much pain… and such destruction.” The voice had an odd accent. Not the speech of Scotland, but somewhere else, the vowels sounding a bit mellower, almost fuller somehow. The r’s didn’t roll as much.

Turning, she blinked her tears back to see who had spoken. He stood taller than the Clan Leader, but not as tall as her Goliath. His skin was a warm orangish tan, and he had long amber hair and a luxurious beard. A pair of horns curled from his head, reaching nearly to his shoulders. He was rather handsome, but… he had no wings, no tail. “You… you aren’t a gargoyle. What are you? A half blood?”

He chuckled, as if amused by her question. “Not quite, blue one. I am D’Hoffryn. I… we could feel your pain, your anger all the way to the lower realms.” He paused, looking around at the burning castle, her shattered family. “And I can certainly understand what caused it. What if I told you there was a way to get vengeance on the humans responsible?”

She wasn’t certain when she’d risen to her feet. Her eyes were focused on him, and a dark and bloody hope burned in her chest, in the place where her now shattered heart had been. “Vengeance? Against the humans? How?”

He smiled, as if her questions had been expected. “Become one of my people, part of my clan, so to speak. Join us, and we can give you the strength to have your revenge. Ahhh… do you know which humans were responsible for this?”

“From what I’ve seen, there is very little difference from one group of humans to another. They hate and kill each other, and they hate and kill us, even though we have done them no harm. Even when we try to protect them.” Her voice shook with anger and pain. “I would see as many of them pay as possible for what they have done to my people, to my clan.”

Smiling, D’Hoffryn held out a beaten golden choker, the gold shimmering in the reflected fire and moonlight. “Take this then, and become one of my people. We bring justice and vengeance to those in pain… But until now, there has been nobody to speak for the gargoyles.”

Reaching out, she took the choker, feeling power crackling through it. Far more power than the old magus that had been teaching her had ever allowed her to touch. “Gladly, D’Hoffryn. I will gladly become the justice of the gargoyles. Someone needs to speak for out vengeance. For the blood and stone of our fallen.”

As she placed it around her neck, D’Hoffryn smiled. Power surged through the blue gargoyle, filling her body, burning away her mortality, and leaving a vengeance demon. She arced her back in a silent scream as it happened, her eyes flaring scarlet.

“Fly well, my blue angel. I think you can handle things from here. If you need me, call and I will come.” With those words, D’Hoffryn vanished.

End Blue Angel’s Fall.
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