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They Watch

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Summary: Three new holders of some very old positions as their emissary watches with some amusement. a Drabble y'all!

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Harry Potter > General > DrabblesArjaiHFR131571021,23929 Mar 0829 Mar 08Yes
They Watch

New to their positions they chaff at the rules by which they have been given by their new superiors. They feel both powerless and all-powerful. Their job is to watch, plan, and enforce the rules, but to do so without too much direct intervention. They could intervene, but could never be seen by their champions. That was why they were given their new emissary.

The old emissary had been retired and given a place among the elders he so richly deserved. Those who they had replaced had not been treated so well. Each of the prior holders of their positions had been placed in total isolation, even from each other, and would remain so for an eon or so. Some lessons you see take time to learn. True, the make up of the group dynamic had been changed as well. Instead of different shades of grey the group was now comprised of purest white, grey, and midnight black.

Black, and White were destined to ever be at odds, with grey acting as their cosmic balance. The gentle, shy witch, the former vengeance demon turned human, and the insane psychic vampire stood together. The new Powers That Be.

Their emissary watched with a wry smirk on his handsome, ravaged face. No vengeance demon was he, but a bona-fide hero in his own right! He had been a champion to a champion!

He knew without a doubt that were a real emergency to arise the three would work together, reluctantly but effectively. Until then he could take his ease, and occasionally look in on the loved ones he left behind.

He had to admit that all in all his assignment was pretty good. He had little to actually do. The new PTB all treated him very well indeed. He loved being with three beautiful women, dressed as they were in filmy translucent gowns…white, grey, and smoky black. YUM!

Some of the time he was drawn to the white power, the one with the pale skinned, blonde beauty with her soft gentle voice. Other times to the representative of the Balance. She had no inhibitions and ran on whim, and materialistic concerns only, this appealed to his innate hedonism.

Ah, but the proponent of darkness!! She wasn’t nearly as insane as some of his female relatives. She had the face of an angel, and the soul of a devil. Of course she was no longer a real vampire, not after her second death. Her demon was back where it belonged, in Hell, but she did retained much of her vampiric evil. That one drew him as much as did the white one!

So he was content to just lean back in his ethereal easy chair, sip at his ethereal fire whisky and watch the show they were putting on until he was called by them to handle a real crisis.

He could promise this to the champions, however, there would be no vague warnings, no cryptic prophecies coming from his mouth. Straight talk was his way now and forever. After all Sirius Black remembered what a vague prophecy had put his godson through!

I’m sorry this sad, little blurb has been bouncing thru my mostly empty skull for a long time now.
Oh….and by the way I own none of these characters I just invited them to this dance, Joss Whedon and J. K. Rowling do….Lucky them!

The End

You have reached the end of "They Watch". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking