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Scooby in the Mist...

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Summary: Xander Decides to search the Initiative.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final FantasyTjinFR1811,3000125,06229 Mar 0829 Mar 08Yes
Wabbit Hunting.


Scooby in the Mist 2


(A/N) Played this game and decided that I really liked it, kinda confusing with the politics but that’s life.

I don’t own BtVS or Final Fantasy XII

I haven’t seen any X-overs with this one yet sooo… here it is.

P.S. Xander and Anya are friends, Nothing more Post Season 4

P.P.S. Thanks Ponder for the corrections.


“The mist fills this place, corrupting all it touches. Be wary.”


Xander groaned as the freaky light show faded away, leaving the Sunnydale native standing in a dark cave.

It had all started simply enough: the world was safe, the demon cyborg was gone, Spike was on the run and the evil dream slayer had been subdued…

The man with the cheese platter still confused the heck out him, but Xander simply filed that one under ‘Things I need to repress’ and left it alone.

In a spark of Anya-inspired greed, Xander had returned to the initiative to try and find something valuable to sell. Just to tide him over until he could find a new job.

Most of the good stuff was gone: taken by the military, stolen by the escaping demons or just simply destroyed in the fight against Adam. He had almost given up all hope of finding anything of worth when he remembered the secret rooms surrounding Lab 314.

It had taken some backtracking to find the place, but he was pleased once he did. The demons had avoided this area and the military didn’t know it existed. In short, there was a veritable treasure trove of goods to be plundered. There was also a large amount of really freaky stuff: rooms of decapitated aliens, disembodied demon heads and one jar with an eyeball that he swore watched him as he moved about the room.

Then he had found it, a room filled with pieces of rocks that glittered with a million shifting lights.

From what he could figure out, the egg heads here had been trying to lock onto an ultra-dimensional mineral called Nethicite as a possible alternative to the original power supply in the Adam Project. Unfortunately it seemed the project had been a failure, producing Magicite, another less powerful element.

Xander had considered the machinery ‘safe’ due to the lack of power. Now he just wished he had checked for back-up power.

Staring around the cave, he realized it wasn’t as dark in here as he had originally thought. Looking at one of the nearby rock formations, Xander blinked as the moss on the stone glowed a faint blue color. He was so busy checking out the glowing lichen it took him several minutes to notice the breeze that shifted through the cave at odd intervals.

His attention was sharply focused, however, when a slightly stronger breeze was preceded by a sharp rumbling cough.

It was at that point he finally noticed the rancid stench the breeze carried as it moved through the cave. “Well that can’t be good,” Xander muttered to himself as he turned around slowly trying to spot any possible threat.

He had almost managed to convince himself that he had imagined the sound when a section of the wall about three feet across slid up to reveal an eyeball.

Taking the eye into consideration, Xander managed to spot the massive beast that lay on the far side of the cave covered in the light moss. Slowly shifting backwards, he gulped as the massive beast rose slowly to its feet and glared at the small Scooby snack before it.

He moved slowly so as not to aggravate the beast and thus cause his premature demise, “Good rock monster, nice rock monster. You don’t want to eat me, you’re better than that,” Xander rambled softly as he made his way towards one of the tunnels leading out of the cave. “Just think of what all the other rock monsters will say, ‘There’s the guy that ate Xander Harris’ and you don’t want that,” Xander said before turning and bolting down the tunnel.

He grimaced at the enraged roar from behind him before the beast took up the pursuit.

Twisting down one tunnel after another Xander maintained a constant mantra as he fled from the beast. I hate my life, I hate my life, I don’t want to die, I hate my life.

It seemed to be working as so far he had not been eaten yet. It was of course the ‘yet’ portion that continued to worry him.


“Be wary, the Grazroc within this cave is said to be ferocious, easily angered when awoken and tenacious in pursuit of its prey.”

The gathered adventurers stared at the Viera for several seconds before looking back into the cave at the sound of a distant bellow of rage.

“A-are you sure this is the only way?” Penelo asked as she tried to avoid shaking in fear at the prospect of entering the forbidding cave system.

“Of course not.” Balthier said before shrugging at their looks. “There are dozens of routes through these mountains, all of them four or five times longer than this one,” The sky pirate explained before looking over at the princess. “I was under the assumption that we were in some sort of a rush.”

After a moment of consideration, Ashe nodded. “If this is the fastest route, then we have no choice, we shall take this path and hope to avoid the Grazroc.”

Taking a breath to steady herself against the mist, Fran turned to stare deeply into the cave. “Also, be wary of the mist, it confuses those that enter, dragging them away from the path,” She explained before looking back and sighing at the empty spaces that had been occupied by her party moments before. “This will be complicated.”


Xander wanted to scream; he wanted one of those throat blistering, ear piercing, glass shattering screams. Unfortunately that would require oxygen, which was a commodity in short supply at the moment because he was currently puffing and wheezing like a geriatric chain smoker in a high altitude marathon.

His throat was raw, his lungs hurt and his legs burned. The only thing that kept him running was the pure adrenaline that was coursing through his veins.

At the moment, Xander was betting he would bleed clear and overload the monster’s nervous system leaving it twitching on the ground should it actually catch him. Not that he wanted to test that theory at the moment.

Dashing around a corner, the Scooby was more than mildly startled to slam into a woman, sending the two of the crashing to the ground in a heap.

Gasping for air, Xander forced himself to his feet before his breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. She was tall and pale with green eyes and white hair that fell to her waist. she was currently in some form of armor as she carefully held a long bow at her side, her ears twitching as she stared back at him.

Ooh, that was another thing: she had a pair of long, white rabbit ears sticking up out of her head. Not that Xander was going to comment on them… he’d seen weirder.

The pounding in his ears and the darkening around his vision reminded him of something he was forgetting as he sucked in a deep lungful of air before collapsing to the ground at the vertigo that caused. Holding his head as it spun, Xander looked back up at her. “What did you say?”

“Why were you running?”

Xander blinked at the question before flinching as his playmate rushed into the cave with a roar. “Monster,” he explained simply before climbing to his feet and pulling out his axe.

He couldn’t just leave her here to fight alone.


The End

You have reached the end of "Scooby in the Mist...". This story is complete.

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