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All Along The Watchtower

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Summary: Ever wonder why Cally has been able to survive so much? From getting shot in the stomach in season 1, to getting beaten almost to death in season 2, and getting blown out an airlock in season 3? Here’s why. This starts at the end of Crossroads Part 2.

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesBloodCloverFR1834,363133,21329 Mar 0831 Mar 08No

chapter 3

Trivia Question: In addition to her role as Crewman Specialist Cally, Nicki Clyne played the role of another mechanically inclined character. Who was it and from what project? Cookie for the right guess. And don’t go using the IMDB, for all the cheaters out there.

Chapter 3

(Happens simultaneously with first chapter)

Lee Adama sat in the cockpit of his viper, looking at the built in DRADIS device on the console.

“Who’s in Viper Two?” Helo’s voice came over the comm. Unit.

Lee picked up the transmitter and held the button down. “This is Apollo, in Viper Two. I’ve got a bogey at my ten, gonna check it out.”

He veers off his current trajectory, and flies towards the unknown blip on his radar. As he goes, the blip disappears from view.

“What? Where the frak did you go?!” Lee yells aloud.

Suddenly an unknown viper dives in front of his own, before disappearing again. Lee looks around wildly, craning to look behind him. As he’s looking one way, the unknown viper starts to pull even with him. He turns as the nose of the viper comes into the view. It slowly advances until they are both evenly side by side.

“Hi Lee.”

“Kara?!” Lee gasps in shock.

“Don’t freak out, it really is me.” Kara says, laughing at the look of shock on Lee’s face before continuing. “It’s gonna be okay. I’ve been to Earth… And I’m gonna take us there.”

Sharon and Adama returned to CIC, with Cally following close behind, just as Sam and Galen entered from the other side of the room, escorted by six marines. Cally runs over to her husband and wraps him in a fierce hug.
Sharon walks over as well and touches the foreheads of Galen and Sam at the same time, unlocking her memory of the nines and the twelves.

Moments later Gaeta’s voice rings out. “DRADIS is clear sir, the last two baseships just jumped away.” He announces amidst the whoops and cheers of the crew assembled in the CIC.

“Sir, there is some more good news. I just got a transmission from Apollo. Starbuck is alive.” Helo tells the admiral, who gives a loud gasp.

“Get on the horn, and call the boys back. We jump out of here in twenty. Get to it people!” Adama orders vociferously.

The landing dock was in an uproar as Kara Thrace decended the ladder next to her viper, provided by Crewman Alexa Wynter.

“Welcome back captain.” Alexa greeted jovially.

“Good to be back.” Kara agreed. “Take care of her. She’s been through a lot the last two months. Excuse me, need to go see a man about a cylon infestation.” She said, getting a dark look on her face.

Cally and Galen were heading down to the landing bay to help with the chaos of post flight mishaps. As they turned down the last hallway, a blur of blue, black and blonde shot into their view, cold-clocking Galen and tackling Cally.

“Cylon!” Kara screamed pulling out her sidearm and pressing the barrel against Cally’s forehead. Cally whimpered in fear as she looked at the steel pressed against her skin, directly between her eyes.

“Kara. Don’t do this.” Adama said, coming into the hallway.

“She’s a goddamn toaster! He is too!” Kara shrieked, indicating Cally and Galen furiously.

“I know.” Adama says. “Please remove your gun from Cally. She is no more of a threat than Sharon is.”

“I will not sit back and let them finish the job Boomer started!”

“That isn’t going to happen.” Adama assures her. “The Final Five are on our side. I know who they are and trust them.”

Kara looked at him in shock, and pulled back slightly on the pressure against Cally, who shuffled back instinctively. It proved to be a bad choice, as the sudden movement startled Kara and she pulled the trigger. Blood sprayed up onto her face.

“Cally NOOOOO!” Galen screamed.

She was flying. To where, she didn’t know, but she felt safe in the knowledge that she would be back with her husband and son soon enough. Eyes closed she continued her journey into the cold liquid?

Cally gasped instinctively, and shot upwards into a sitting position, spraying the sticky liquid out of the tub she had been laying in.

“Easy there. Don’t want you going into shock.” She heard Tory’s voice say, and opened her eyes to see Tory, and two copies of herself standing over her.

“No!” Cally cried out. “You’re evil!”

“No we are the same as you and the other copies aboard the Galactica. We can send you back with one of the pilots we saved during the holocaust.” One of Cally’s copies says calmly.

“You rescued humans during the attack on the colonies?” Cally asks, stunned.

“Twenty thousand, or there about.” The second copy of Cally says.

“Amazing.” Cally says suddenly giddy. “If you’re gonna let me get back, I have to go now. The fleet will jump very soon.”

“We know, and have prepared for that. We have a fix on my copy aboard the Galactica and have been following them at a distance. A ship is already waiting in the docking bay.” The five says. “Come, lets get you out of here and dressed.”

Cally nods and starts to get up, her two copies assisting her. She steps over the side of the tub and stand, somewhat unsteady on her feet. The five holds out a robe for her to wear. Cally takes it and slips it on.

“Come we must go now, the human crew of the ship assigned to bring you back to Galactica is quite anxious to return to the rest of their human brethren.”

Galen was holding on to Cally’s limp and lifeless body, sobbing uncontrollably. He looks up at Kara, and snarls, “She never did anything to you, or anyone on this ship! How could you do this?!”

“It was an accident, she moved so suddenly, and it startled me.” Kara said, shame and regret clear in her eyes.

“She’ll be back son. Your people cannot be killed.” Adama says, his eyes transfixed on the empty shell in the arms of the chief. “We need to remove the body, we don’t want people panicking.”

Tyrol nods numbly and stands, the corpse still cradled in his arms.

“Lets get her to the morgue.” Adama says, and leads the other two away.

Now clad in a pair of slacks, a loose fitting tee, and a denim jacket, Cally makes her way up the ramp to the small passenger ship that is similar to President Roslin’s Colonial One. As she enters the ship, she is approached by a man in the uniform of a Colonial Fighter pilot.

“We’re set to go whenever you’re ready Ma’am.” The pilot said saluting.

“At ease. You must be really desperate for the chain of command. I’m only a deckhand.” Cally says, puzzled.

“Nonsense, your model was the one that convinced the other four to rescue us during the attack. You’ve become somewhat of a reverential figure by the people in the fleet.” The pilot says. “I’m Lieutenant Hunter Roark, and I’ll be flying you back to Galactica.” The pilot waved off the salute and headed for the cockpit.

Cally shook her head in stunned silence. ‘Reverential figure? What am I supposed to do with that?

The End?

You have reached the end of "All Along The Watchtower" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Mar 08.