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To Be Free

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Summary: Riddick has always wanted freedom. This is what it will take to be free. Slash Riddick/ Xander, Jacky/? !!!this story is done for now!!!

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Hard Life without You

Title: To Be Free

Author: DewRiddy

Email: (constructive criticism is welcome)

Category: BtVS/ Riddick x-over

Pairing: Established Riddick/ Xander, Jacky/?

Rating: FR18

Summary: Riddick has always wanted freedom. This is what it will take to be free.

Disclaimer: I don't own Riddick or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Please don't sue.

Author Notes: Xander was put in charge of finding and putting slayers in to the academy after Sunnydale was destroyed and he is an appreciated and loved member of the Scooby gang. Xander and Riddick met the summer of Xander's road trip.

Chapter 1: Hard Life without You.

He looked out to view the never ending volume of space. Time seemed to move so slowly in the blackness. It had been four years since he had seen her. Four years of ice. UV6. Its atmosphere wasn't thick, so it let a lot of the coldness of space into the planet. The sun was five planets away, so not a lot of vegetation grew in the soil. Food was a scares resource and life was hard, but he got through it, he had to for her.

He hunted the indigenous animal life on the planet. The Ubus was a mineral eating herbivore that lived in the vast caverns of UV6. He ate the meat and used the furs for clothing. The ship that he used to get to UV6 was where he lived, though it was berthed in a cave so that anyone scanning the surface would not see it. He had to stay off the grid until he was ready to go and get Jacky. She was still in school and training for the life that he didn't want for her, but she was stubborn and would not let him leave Helion Prime unless he agreed to come back and get her once she was finished with her advanced learning. He missed her, but rationally he knew that having her stay away from him and finishing her education was the right thing to do. He was her Big brother and he missed her just as much as she missed him. She was not the only on that he missed. Xander, his husband and mate was on Old Earth. He had a destiny that was more important then them getting to be together. He would see both of them soon though. In a little under three months he was do to leave UV6 and head to Helion Prime to get Jacky; then seven months in hyper space to get to Old Earth. He would see his sister and his mate again.

She was 16 when he left, now she was 20. Four years of hard work on her pilot's degree, two years on combat training, and a year and a half on advanced navigational theory. The four years that she was left on Helion Prime with Imam Ali Alwad was spent finishing school and preparing to go through life fighting the Company.

She was a born hacker; one who was extremely good at covering her tracks. She had uncovered the Company's base Network in her early teens and was currently in the process of getting enough information to divulge its illegal dealings to the universe at large. She'd found the file the Company had on Riddick's military life. It had the most enlightening information in it. Riddick's military career was one of distinction. He had made the command of Master Sergeant and was on the right track to getting a promotion when the Company put him on the shit list. The only note that seemed out of place in the file was that he was a likely host for their new program for development of engineering advanced soldiers.

Three months and she would see her big brother again. In less then a year they would be on Old Earth and Riddick would finally get to see his mate for the first time in 14 years. When she thought about how Riddick and Xander were separated it hurt her heart to think that could happen to anyone.

Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The court room was filled with noise as the jury came in. Not one of them would look Riddick in the eye. That's how he knew that they found him guilty. His mate Xander was sitting right behind him and his sister was sitting in his lap. Xander was very upset and Jacky was crying. The judge asked the jury for the verdict for the crime of murdering 26 coal miners. The jury foreperson said "Guilty". The court room went in an uproar. Xander was silently crying and Jacky didn't understand what was going on. Riddick stood up and turned around to look at Xander. He mouthed "I love you", the guards walked him out of the court room.

End Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She still didn't understand why he hadn't fought the verdict. After Riddick was sent to slam, Jacky was sent to boarding school in New York. Xander still had to fight the good fight, so he couldn't take care of a six year old.

Now she was going home, to the family that she and Riddick loved. They weren't brother and sister by blood, but they both had the same foster parents and they grow to love each other like blood didn't matter. Soon they would be with Xander, Dawn and Willow. Maybe they would be able to go to LA and see Uncle Angel and his family. She always loved Spike; he was the first one to realize that she was a dhampir. That she needed special food supplemented with blood. She doesn't drink the blood now, but goes to an out-patient clinic and gets a transfusion once a month so people don't ask questions. Soon though she will be able to be her self in public and not fear the people's wrath. On Old Earth there are laws that legalize vampirism and ones that are there to protect dhampirs, because they are more vulnerable to attack in the years of childhood. She will be with her family and friends and she will be protected. The Company isn't allowed on Old Earth, because they're a monopoly and Old Earth has laws against that to. She will be safe from people who don't approve of vampirism and she will have a safe place to hide when she exposes the Companies illegal business practices to the universe. Life was going to be good; she just had to wait a little bit longer.

AN:Hi, I need constructive criticism to make my first story better.
Thank you
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