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Tribute to 'A Charmed Slayer'

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Fan Art

Summary: I saw DemonChildeKyra's 'A Charmed Slayer Art' and was inspired to sort of redo some of her images with my own spin. Hope you enjoy!

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Charmed > FanartRightSidexFR71169011,42731 Mar 0831 Mar 08Yes
Disclaimer- These photographs are not mine and I am not using them to intentionally bother anyone or gain any profits for my use of them. I just think the characters look good when I manipulate their pictures.

With the permission of the lovely demonchildekyra, here is another representation of the Halliwell Siblings.

I'm basically good with how the manips came out. However, the original picture of Wyatt and Chris had a line already in it, on the window. I tried to make it go away, but I couldn't. So, alas, you will have to see past the flaw. Haha.

I gave you several versions of the same manip...

First with Wyatt and Chris doing all of the work and Melinda (Buffy) sort of standing to the side with a smirk.


Also with some odd tool usage...


And finally with some old schoolness.


Here is a link to the original story that I got the idea from...

Reviews are very much welcome!

The End

You have reached the end of "Tribute to 'A Charmed Slayer'". This story is complete.

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