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Great and Twisted

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Fan Art

Summary: Have you ever read a story and try to find images that matched? Well I've read some amazing stories on TtH and these are some graphics I made for them.

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Multiple Crossings > FanartChosenfireFR72384524615,81031 Mar 088 Nov 09Yes

Death Becomes Him (Veronica Mars)

Disclaimer: I do not own and make no profit. Pics were found on screencaps paradise.

A/N: I threw this together during lunch for mt current obsession. Another great VM fic by Mediancat (this one now a crossover) that blew me away when I first read it and already has over 50 chapters. Go check it out.

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Death Becomes Him
Summary: Non-crossover, AU Veronica Mars. 1st season. What if the guards at Aaron Echolls' Christmas party had been a little more on the ball?

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