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Fan Art

Summary: Have you ever read a story and try to find images that matched? Well I've read some amazing stories on TtH and these are some graphics I made for them.

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Multiple Crossings > FanartChosenfireFR72384524615,81231 Mar 088 Nov 09Yes

Twice Chosen (Power Rangers/BtVS)

Disclaimer: I do not own and I make no profit. Images found on google searches.

A/N: This was made for RogueAngel's fic Twice Chosen which is one of the greatest and most underread stories I have found. It's for anyone who loved teh orginial Power Rangers and especially enjoyed the pink ranger, go read.

Read Story Here:
Twice Chosen
Summary: PRDT/BTVS. What is the truth behind Kimberly's letter had been much darker. 'Post Chosen'

Kristin Kreuk as orginial character Jordan.


I take requests so if you want a banner or fanart for your story just leave a link and I will get to it as soon as possible.
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