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Crimson Gem

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Summary: Naruto finds a power to save himself and the fox inside him.

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CrazyDanFR1833,58292517,73331 Mar 081 Apr 08No

Chapter 2

I don't own Naruto or Marvel comics.

Chapter 2:

Naruto awoke some time later, he was groggy but aware. He blinked and realized he could still see in this dark place. He tried contacting the fox but he got nothing. It had worked. The Gem had bonded to his soul and in doing so broke the seal and freed the fox.

With the fox free to return to its own domain, they were both safe from Akatsuki's clutches for the time being. The Kyuubi wouldn't be able to be summoned again for at least a century and since it returned to it's own dimension, it would be mentally stable again. It didn't function right in the human realm and only had it's sanity returned to it once it had been sealed away.

He frowned as he realized he was breathing very stale air, but it didn't bother him. The hunger he'd felt before he went underground was gone as well. He blinked... he knew he didn't need to eat now or breathe... memories came to him, memories of the last person to hold the power of the Crimson Bands... Cain Marko. It was jumbled but he knew things of what once was long ago.

He summoned his charka and felt... free when he did so. There was so much there..... but it was limited now.

He summoned some clones and in doing so he saw his changed appearance for the first time. He blinked at the gargatuan clones wearing some strange body armor and large helmet. He knew he'd look like this, but it was still unsettling.

“Well, get to work. I have all this chakra and I need to be able to control it!” Naruto told the clones.

The clones nodded and started climbing the walls of the cave with just their feet.

Naruto nodded. It would have to do for now. He needed more control if he was going to do this the right way.


some time later....

Naruto leapt up and stuck to the ceiling of the cavern. He formed the same handseals he'd used to come down and forced as much charka as he could into the jutsu, propelling himself upwards through the rock. He idly remembered a young woman who could do such a thing as easily as breathing. He'd had a lot of time to sort through all that Cain had known before he'd willingly given up the power. He could see some connections between his world and the one of Cain's. Some but not all.

Things had changed greatly after the reign of Apocalypse.

He held the Jutsu until he'd come up to the surface. He stopped and lost his balance as his rounded helmet caused him to fall forwards onto his stomach. He righted himself and stood. He looked around and nodded mostly to himself.

He henged into a brunette version of his old appearance and began heading towards the border of Rock country.

He didn't make it to the border without incident however.

“Halt! Show us your papers!” a Rock Jonin demanded as his team of genin surrounded Naruto.

“I just want to make it to Fire Country. I do not want to hurt you.” Naruto said calmly to the group of four people.

“Show us your papers!” the Jonin demanded.

“I don't have any.” Naruto told them.

“You don't have any papers, where are you from?” the Jonin demanded.

“I just want to go to Fire Country.” Naruto said again.

“He's trying to defect!” one of the Genin said.

Naruto sighed and summoned clones to surround all of them. Two of the clones grabbed the arms of the Jonin as another took care of the Genin.

“Please stop!” the Jonin cried as he saw one students neck being snapped. “They're just children!” He screamed.

Naruto sighed. “No, they are ninja. Dead ninja.” he said as the clones snapped the necks of the two remaining Genin and then he dropped his henge and approached the Jonin.

“It didn't have to be this way, you could have let me pass.” Naruto said before caving in the Jonin's skull with one punch.

He frowned and shook his hand clean. He idly went through the various items the group had with them including Rock country's Bingo book. He idly flipped through the pages and decided to keep it along with all the scrolls he'd found on them including a few earth techniques that the old pervert hadn't taught him. He henged himself again and made it to Fire country without another incident.
2 months later....

“Cain! That's enough work today!” The old man called out to him.

“All right!” Naruto said as he put down the plow. He'd been going under a henge that looked like Cain before his transformation into the Juggernaut for weeks now. Since he'd gotten into fire country he'd been working on Horitake's farm. It was decent work, though he didn't like how the man's daughter was looking at him during mealtimes.

Naruto was about to head inside when he caught movement out of the side of his eye. It was a person that he recognized from Rock's bingo book as a B rank missing nin.

He took some chicken wire and followed ninja.

When the Ninja took some time to rest, Naruto struck and beheaded the ninja by enhancing the chicken wire with chakra.

“And now what?” Naruto said. He held up the head and looked at it. “God, you're ugly.”he said before incinerating the body with a Katon Jutsu. “Hunter nin.” Naruto mused “I think I could get used to it.” He said with a grin.

Now he just had to turn in the head before it became unrecognizable.

“Damn, I need to learn some sealing techniques.” Naruto muttered.
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