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Crimson Gem

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Summary: Naruto finds a power to save himself and the fox inside him.

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CrazyDanFR1833,58292517,74931 Mar 081 Apr 08No

Chapter 3

I don't own Naruto or Marvel comics, it's a super naruto fic too. oops.

Chapter 3:

It had taken a week to get to the hidden village of Rock. He'd managed to get there after encountering another border patrol. This group was more than slightly wary of him, since he was no longer bothering with a henge. He didn't dare remove his helmet. It was his only protection against genjutsu, techniques he recognized as illusionary and psychic attacks. He knew enough that he'd be vulnerable to them without his helmet. Thus it was never removed. If he wanted to appear like he wasn't wearing it, he'd henge into himself without it.

He'd come to realize some time ago that his transformation technique wasn't an illusion like everyone else's. He'd always put too much chakra into it for it to be the standard technique.

He'd showed the border patrol the head he'd gotten and the Jonin in charge recognized it out of their bingo book.

The Jonin looked at the head then at Naruto's size before nodding to himself and escorting him to the Hidden Village of Rock. They'd attempted to interrogate him but he'd resisted all efforts to break him.

At the end of his interrogation they agreed to allow him to be a provisional Hunter nin. He accepted this task and all the restrictions that went with it. He wasn't allowed access to more than standard weaponry and was not permitted to learn any of the techniques those from the land of Rock had to offer.

He was a very successful Hunter Nin. He made a name for himself without having to resort to his clones. He always captured his target, and his targets were always missing nin. He'd learned some minor sealing techniques that most Hunters knew, ones to preserve heads and bodies if the targets had unique bloodlines that were worth studying. This proved very helpful.

The Bingo Book was just from Rock Country, but it listed missing nins from other countries as well.

The bounties were higher if they were returned to their home country. He'd made his case to the Tsuchikage. The leader knew he was a wandering hunter and wanted him to work solely for the land of Rock.

Naruto had been forced to show his... displeasure at that idea. After the unfortunate deaths of several of rock's version of ANBU, the Tsuchikage relented and granted the human Juggernaut a passport and sent missives to the other hidden villages, stating that Cain Marko was an acknowledged free agent, one that was willing to work and eliminate the pesky missing nin problems the countries all had.

As a Hunter Nin, Naruto had managed to clear out over seventy percent of Rock's missing nins. The rest were more than likely in other nations.

There had been some disagreement over his pay though. It seemed that quite a number of Rock's ninjas were fairly upset that an outsider could surpass them all so easily. That was until he'd offered up half of his earnings and sank it back into the hidden village.

That was also the reason the Tsuchikage was willing to let him leave. He worked well, and he worked cheap. Who was he to deny the other hidden villages such a resource? Missing nin were always a problem and this man, Cain Marko wasn't one that he could find.

He was an unknown, but a useful one.

And so it passed for months, Naruto wandered from Rock to Cloud to Water, learning nothing but gaining funds as he eliminated traitors and missing nins. Each Kage that he'd visited made an offer for him to join them, and each time he declined.

And so it was until he'd come across the bingo book for Fire country. He grinned as he flipped through the pages. In it were three targets he wouldn't mind chasing after. In fact it was looking more and more like a good idea. He'd deal with them before going after the bigger targets, Akatsuki.


The chunin in the tower of this particular watchpost blinked in confusion. First he felt the rumbling then he saw the swarm. “What the...” he said as a large red figure ran into the tower and toppled it over.

Dust flew everywhere as the entire base was destroyed by hundreds of the same person. Everything that was thrown at them did nothing.

So it went with every outpost that was part of Sound country, including the last one that was being occupied by his targets.

Orochimaru blinked as the his bases alarm sounded.

“Kabuto, take Sasuke and the Sound four to see what that noise is about. I'm busy.” the Snake Sannin said as he went back to his experiment. It was in a vital stage and he really did not want to be interrupted.

Kabuto nodded and gathered everyone and headed towards the east side of the base where the alarm had been tripped.

What they saw made them all pause in shock. It was a stampede of...giants.

“Form the barrier.” Sasuke commanded as he activated his Sharingan.

The current incarnation of the Sound four all activated their curse seals and recreated the barrier that was used to trap the Third Hokage in the fight that ultimately killed him.

The technique was uniquely deadly, more powerful than even the famed Kaiten, but utterly useless against these clones. The sound ninjas didn't realized this until the first clone ran straight through the barrier with no ill effects.

Only Sasuke and Kabuto managed to flee from the first wave of clones.

Orochimaru looked up from his microscope. “What?” He hissed as he stared at his second in command.

“We have a problem.” Kabuto began...

Naruto grinned as the realized he had three of his least favorite people on the run.

Right now they were running through the earth, something his clones were quite capable of doing as well. The chase was on.

“How can the other bases be destroyed?” Orochimaru wondered. “There is no way one person could do this much damage at once!” He hissed. “A decade of work gone in minutes!” He cried.

“There's a way.” Sasuke said. “But it can't be him. There's no way he could do this, even with the demon's help.” He told the others.

“That Uzumaki brat?” Kabuto asked. “He can use shadow clones and can do the Rasenagan, yes. But those clones went through the barrier. Nothing has done that before.” He stated with more than a little fear in his voice.

“Less talking, more fleeing.” Orochimaru commanded.

They didn't make it far before the Red wave caught up with them.

Naruto grinned as he sealed up the bodies. Sound was dust, the snake bastard, the Teme and Mr. Smiley were all dead and sealed up in his scrolls. Now he just needed to head to fire country.

Hopefully he wouldn't run into anyone he knew till he got to Konoha.

He didn't get his wish.

Naruto blinked as he watched the two red cloaked figures leap through some farmland that was familiar to him.

“Oh it can't be this easy.” Naruto muttered as he leapt high up into the air, far above the two ninjas in their red cloaks.

Itachi paused. “I sense something.” he said to Kiasme.

They never saw the wire that took their heads off.

“Why the hell don't people look up when they're not in Forests?” Naruto wondered aloud as he sealed the last Uchiha up in a scroll. “Ah, not my problem. Hopefully they'll be able to harvest something from his and Sasuke.” He said as he stowed away the scroll and resumed his trek to Konoha.

Naruto paused. He didn't know if he was in the Bingo book as himself or as Cain. He decided to go in as Cain just in case. He'd heard of his reputation in a few bars, including his new nickname. He supposed it fit. Shrugging, he continued towards the place of his birth.

Konoha, East Gate:

The two Chunins standing guard grew nervous as they saw the giant of man in red armor come to the gate.

“Name and papers.” One of them stammered out.

“Cain Marko.” He said while he handed his passport to the shaking hand of the Chunin guard. “I have some bounties I'd like to collect, ones I believe your Hokage would be very interested in.” He told them.

The Chunin confirmed his papers and the other called a team of ANBU to escort him to the tower.

“It's just a precaution sir. We know of your reputation, but it's procedure.” The Chunin said.

Cain nodded. “It's fine. I've never harmed a Kage, Well save one.” He said with a grin as he patted his bag of scrolls.

The Chunins flinched.

Cain whistled a jaunty tune as he walked towards the Hokage's tower. It was a tune that was native to Konoha, and it was creeping the ANBU out.

The people in the streets pointed at the crimson clad man. Yes, they knew who he was. Naruto knew he was being acknowledged. It bothered him that it was as Cain instead of himself, but that could change in time.

He really needed to talk to the Hokage.

Hokage's Office:

Tsunade ran through the seals of a quick sobering jutsu. Her assistant Shizune had alerted her to the coming visit from the Red Wave. Even Konoha had a missing nin problem, the main difference was that the majority of theirs were 'A' and 'S' rank. Ones too powerful for normal hunter teams.

She also knew the Council didn't want to rely on an outsider to collect their traitors. It would make them seem weak. Weakness was something that the Council and Danzo couldn't tolerate.

Tsunade sighed and felt another headache coming on. She had enough problems in house. She didn't want to deal with a bargain Hunter Nin.

She blinked as he was escorted into her office. He was larger than reports said he was.

“Greetings Hokage.” Cain said with a soft bow. “I bring you gifts.” He said as he patted his pouch full of scrolls.

“ANBU Leave. Shizune, stay.” the Hokage commanded.

The ANBU left after hesitating for a few moments.

Shizune closed the doors and walked to stand beside the Hokage's desk.

“Now then Mister Marko, what are these so called 'gifts'.” She asked him.

He pulled out a scroll and unsealed it.

Shizune and Tsunade gasped.

“Is this...” Tsunade said.

“Kusanagi.” Cain told them.

Tsunade stared at him.

“Yes, there is a lot more where that came from Tsunade-obachan.”

Both women blinked. “What did you call me?” Tsunade demanded.

“It's been a while hasn't it? I know I should have written, but I've been busy.” He said as he removed his helmet.

The two women looked at him.

“Naruto?” Tsunade gasped.

“Yeah it's me. I guess I've got some explaining to do huh?” He said with a grin.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crimson Gem" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Apr 08.

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