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Summary: an attempt to cross Harry Potter and Smallville

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
CrazyDanFR18711,63743022,10731 Mar 0831 Mar 08No

Chapter 7

Here's the last of the stuff I've already gotten typed up, though I have the story already to episode two of Smallville written. Damn muse, why must you be in the shape of a pen instead of a keyboard?

Chapter 7:
“Who?” Hermione asked Luna

“He's the last child of a dead world. Sent here on a mission of hope and survival of an almost entirely dead race. He will have a very important role in the coming future of this world, and I mean the whole world, not the wizarding.” Luna told them. “A nexus point is coming, countless prophecies will be active in the next five years. He will need guidance and help from others familiar with having a destiny.” Luna said while looking at Harry intensely.

“This is why you helped make me what I am now?” Harry asked her.

Luna nodded.

“How did you do it?” Harry asked her.

“Well, as you've learned this summer, even things thought to be immutable such as the human soul can be split, separated and tapped into. One other such thing that can be tapped into is the very essence of speed. It's a harsh mistress, always present, and ultimately all consuming. I helped make you a mish mash of various energies including the very essence of speed. I believe you are the first who shall not be consumed by the Speed running through you, but time will tell on that one.” Luna said softly.

“The potion at the Dursley's and that Blood Whiskey the goblins gave me.” Harry said in realization.

Luna nodded. “The Blood Whiskey was over aged concentrated Re'em's blood. Meant to give strength to the drinker. The potion at the Dursley's, well that was something special.”

“Blood Whiskey? That's fatal to humans!” Hermione screeched.

“Huh?” Harry said frown. “The Goblins said it was only a little stronger than Fire Whiskey.”

“A little is enough to kill, especially with the differences in Human and goblin physiology. From what I understand even their most simple food, their nutrient paste is so rich in protein that it's enough to send a human into Renal failure.” Hermione said.

“Well that's just great.” Harry said grumpily. “What was in that potion you had them give me?”

“Powdered sunstone, powdered moonstone, chlorophyll from the stalk of a large sunflower, The dried peel of a very large banana, the pits of two avocados, spinach, rinds of a kumquat for flavor and a little something extra my dad got from Kansas. Oh, and some powdered Gingo root.” She said with a grin.

“It tasted horrible.” Harry told her.

“I didn't say the flavor was for you.” Luna said while still smiling

“What was the something extra?” Hermione asked her.

“Bits of a meteorite, red and green sparkles mostly. Have you been enjoying the sun lately Harry?”

“The whole time I was in Gringotts apparently. Dammit woman this is my life here!” Harry half yelled.

“And I gave you the power to control your life.” Luna told him simply.

Harry sighed. “Good point. Say, where did you come up with that anti love potion potion?”

“My mother. On the record she was a spell researcher. Off the record, she researched spells, and potions and the forbidden and banned potions. It doesn't take much to ban a potion, but it takes a great deal to get one off the banned list, if one such list actually existed. Most of those potion recipes lay around gathering dust in old libraries and such.” Luna told them.

“You said your mother died in a spell accident. What really happened?” Hermione asked her.

“She was using a spell on a certain potion. It was a vital stage, until then the potion had been a relatively stable mix. The cauldron bottom had an uneven level of thickness though and it wasn't heated evenly. That caused the explosion which killed her.” Luna told them softly.

“Crap. I guess Percy had a point after all.” Harry said with a sigh.

“What was the potion?” Hermione asked curious, despite the tragedy.

“It was a potion that had been banned since Wizards realized the downsides to lead undergarments. Not only do they not hold featherweight charms very well, but lead is a toxic substance too.” Luna told them.

“But what did the potion do?” Hermione asked her.

“It let's people see through things, solid objects, clothing, skin, whatever. Except for lead though. I also heard that the lead corsets and underwear were quite uncomfortable. Not to mention once women started using the potion, they got a preview of what they'd be expecting if they were in an arranged marriage with said men. It also had an effect on arranged marriages. Downward trend really.” Luna said with a shake of her head.

“Are there any side effects?” Hermione asked her.

Luna whispered into her ear. “Really?” Hermione said with wide eyes. “But what does it do to men?” She asked Luna.

Luna whispered into her ear again. Hermione's eyes grew as wide as saucers. “No way! How long do the side effects last?” She asked Luna.

“They're Permanent.” Luna told her. “As is the primary effect of the potion. The downside is it comes up as a positive on the ocular enhancement tests so Quidditch players can't take the potion.”

“Harry what do you love more? Flying or Quidditch?” Hermione asked Harry.

“Flying. Quidditch is fun, but I get hurt a lot. Plus it wouldn't be fair with my current abilities.” Harry told her. “Why?” He said warily.

“Do you have the potions book here at Hogwarts Luna?” Hermione asked the Ravenclaw.

“Yes, its in the radish of my left earring.” Luna said with a nod.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “We need to brew that potion. It's important.” She said to Harry.

“Ok, but what does it do besides X-Ray type vision?” He asked her.

“You'll see.” Hermione


“That was different.” Harry said as he stared at the two tired women. They certainly weren't girls anymore.

Thock. Came a noise.

Harry stared down. “Again?” He asked himself.

“I'm tired Harry.” Hermione told him.

“I could go again.” Luna said as she sat up.

“Great!” Harry said with a grin.

Hermione sighed. X-ray vision was a plus. So were the multiple orgasms. She didn't count on Harry's already quick reload time though. It had been cut down to a fraction of what it had been. He'd gone down from five minutes to ten seconds.

And she thought she was going to have her hands full with just schoolwork.
Still later.....

Harry sighed. He was slightly worried about what he was doing to Ron. Still, the redhead needed to be distracted one way or another. It was either candy or money. Maybe some candy with shiny wrappers..... Yes...that could work.

Later Still...

“Why is there a stunned Gryffindor in our Common room?” a seventh year Hufflepuff asked the five first years who were poking said student with a stick some second year had conjured for them.

“He was pawing at the entrance to our common room. He had all these candy wrappers around him. I panicked and stunned him.” Said a first year, who was looking down shyly.

“It's all right. It's that time of year again anyways for the anatomy lesson.” the nameless seventh year Hufflepuff female told the group of first years. “All right, all First and second years to your dorms. Third and up females with me and the....Hell, the dummy.” The Seventh year said before levitating the unconscious Ron Weasley towards one side of the common room.

She conjured up some curtains and an examining....rack.

A few minutes later all of the Hufflepuff females from Seventh year down to third were behind the curtains.

Ron Weasley, still unconscious was stripped bare for all of the Hufflepuffs to see. Various topics were covered during the next few minutes and they finally reached the question and answers part of the anatomy lesson.

“Are all wizards...equipped like him?” A sad looking third year asked.

“Lord No!” A fifth year said with a laugh.

The third year, along with several others looked very relieved. “Good, my mum has enough problems with me being a witch. She'd have a right fit if she found out I had to run personal ads in the Holyhead Harpies newsletter.” She said with a bit of laugh.

“Still, it's not very big is it?” One other Hufflepuff said aloud.

“It's not.” Susan Bones said. “Weasley isn't half as bright as his brothers either. He's got brains, or some innate talent for Chess anyways. The rest of the time he eats, dreams about having money and thinks about Quidditch. He's pretty standard for the typical pureblood male that way. Some poor girl might take pity on him but she'd have to be a real wonder with localized engorgement and petrification charms.” She told the others, which made them all laugh.

Elsewhere in the Castle....

Lavender Brown sneezed. “Ooh tingly.” She said as she blinked.

“It's an Omen!” Pavarati said while pointing at her best friend.

The two girls squealed like... well balloons who were having the air let out of them just so... if you want to describe it right.

“Ah, headmaster Dumbledore. I'm glad you could see me.” Harry told the old man as he met him in the hallway that held the entrance to Dumbledore's Office.

“Mr. Potter, how can I help you?” Dumbledore asked Harry.

“I've come to understand that Professor Snape is very upset with me. He also suspects that I'm responsible for what happened to Malfoy. I want to assure you that I didn't do it. I want you to hold onto my invisibility cloak until it's proven that I didn't do it.”

“That's a rather good idea my boy.” Dumbledore said.

Harry looked at the headmaster's hand. He noticed that the damage had spread slightly. “Are you alright sir?”

“I'll be fine my boy. I'll be sure to waylay any of Professor Snape's concerns about who harmed Mr Malfoy, if indeed someone did. Have a good night Harry.” Dumbledore told him

“I will sir.” Harry said with a nod before heading off back towards the Gryffindor common room.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Potterville" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Mar 08.

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