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When the Truth Just Freaks You Out

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Summary: A BtVS/X-Files crossover

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Chapter One

Title: When the Truth Just Freaks You Out
Author: Sweetdoggie (
Pairing: B/G
Rating: FRT
Summary: A BTVS/X-Files Crossover
WARNING: This fic contains a mild Buffy/Giles romance. If you don't enjoy this pairing, don't read it. And if you read it anyway, don't complain.
Disclaimer: No permission has been granted to use the characters. They are owned by their creator, Joss Whedon, Twentieth Century Fox, UPN, WB, and Mutant Enemy. X-Files belongs to Chris Carter and Fox and probably lots of other people, none of whom are me. This story is non-profit and is intended solely as entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully let herself into the basement office she shared with her partner, Fox Mulder. He barely glanced up at her as she came into the small room.

“Morning, Mulder. Anything interesting?”

He pulled a stack of files off his desk and handed them to her.

“What are these?”

“Mostly reports of disappearances, with a few murders thrown in for variety.”

“What makes them special?”

“They all come from one small town of about 38,000 people and cover a period of about four years.”

She looked at the stack again. “There must be over three hundred reports here.”

“Yeah, and some of them are really odd. Did you know that the high school principal was eaten by wild dogs that somehow got into his office?”

“Wild dogs?”

“Right.” He pulled another folder off his desk. “There have been an average of about five to seven murders on the grounds of the high school each year, though not all of them appear to be students. They found one teacher’s headless body in the refrigerator in the cafeteria.”

“Thus proving all the rumors about school lunches,” Scully quipped. She studied several of the files. “Look at this, Mulder. It says the death rate dropped dramatically from 1997 onwards.” She flipped a page. “Prior to 1997, they lost about twenty students a year.”

She took the files back to her desk and powered up her computer. “The rate of disappearances dropped at the same time. It’s still horrendously high, but nothing like the pre-1997 years.”

“So, are you asking yourself the same question I am?” Mulder said softly.

“What happened in 1997?”

“Exactly.” He showed her a file on his monitor. “Check this out. Since so much activity seems to be focused on the school, I thought that might be a good starting point. I ran a list of all new students and teachers for 1997.”


“One new teacher and one new student. Both started mid-term.”

“Any prior relationship?”

“Not prior, but certainly after. Look at this: Rupert Horatio Giles, born Bath, England 1961. Doctorates in Ancient History, Ancient Languages, and Archeology. Author of twenty-seven papers on mythological interpretations of folklore and magic. The man speaks at least five languages fluently and it looks to me like he must read at least half-a-dozen more. He was Curator of the British Museum for several years, led six archaeological digs into Iraq, Egypt, and Syria, and yet, suddenly, with no advance notice, he quits his job and hightails it for Sunnydale, California where he finds employment as the school librarian; a position he isn’t qualified for and probably has no interest in.”

“Any criminal history?”

“He was in and out of trouble with the law from about the age of sixteen till twenty-one. One of his friends died in a suspicious accident and he turned over a new leaf. Totally disassociated himself from his old crowd and went back to school. He almost literally became a different person.”


Mulder nodded. “The next file is the student. Elizabeth Anne Summers, a.k.a. Buffy. Born 1981, mediocre student with no particular bent for academia but not stupid and never in any trouble. She was a serious contender for the American Ice Skating team for the Olympics when she was fourteen.”

“What happened?”

He shrugged. “That’s the million dollar question. By fifteen she was expelled for fighting and burning down her high-school gym. There were unproven reports of gang involvement. Her parents suspected drugs and there’s a hint of mental instability when they commit her to an institution for a short period after the gym incident. The parents split up and she and her mother move to Sunnydale in January of 1997. She apparently met Rupert Giles that first day of classes and they immediately became…friends? It’s hard to say exactly what that relationship is, but they’ve pretty much been joined at the hip since day one in Sunnydale.”

“Are they having an affair?”

“I don’t know. There are reports that she’s seen at his house at all hours of the night. Rumors abound at the school. In fact, most of the student-body believed they were an item, but somehow it just doesn’t feel right. Still, he did go to bat for her when she was expelled during the end of the school year in 1998. The principal accused her of murder and when they couldn’t prove it, said she was a focus for trouble and he didn’t want her around. Mr. Giles and her mother went to the school board who said the girl had a right to an education. She was allowed to come back.”

“Is there more?”

“The following year, when her class graduated…the school blew up killing several students, the principal and the town mayor. There was some sort of fight with a gang? It’s in the reports. I don’t know. It seems very convenient. Nobody would talk about it with the police. The official report says a gas main exploded.”

“Did it?”

“Yeah, after about five hundred pounds of fertilizer was packed into the library and detonated.”

“The authorities suspect the Summers girl?”

“And the librarian, but nobody will budge an inch on their alibi’s. As far as the student population is concerned, Buffy and Giles, as she calls him, walk on water. Witnesses got very upset when the police wanted to question the pair. The cops finally just gave up and accepted the gas story.”

“That’s very strange in and of itself,” Scully commented.

“In the gigantic basket of weirdness that is Sunnydale, it’s nothing, believe me.”

“How did this come to your attention?”

“Skinner sent an agent out to investigate the deaths of two university professors, Dr’s Margaret Walsh and Herman Angleman. They were murdered on campus, their bodies slashed to ribbons. Later, their graves were desecrated and the bodies stolen. The university called in the FBI. Skinner’s agent disappeared. He sent another. Also gone.” He looked up. “Guess who just happens to attend Sunnydale University?”

“Our friend, Buffy?”

“Got it in one, Scully.”

“Where’s Rupert Giles during all of this?”

“He apparently bought a small business downtown selling magic supplies to the New-Agers. Buffy and her friends go there every day.”

“So the connection didn’t diminish with the end of high school.”

“Apparently not.”

“The disappearance of two agents is serious business, Mulder. I’m assuming we’ll be heading out to Sunnydale?”

He fished inside his desk drawer and pulled out a ticket packet. “Two-o’clock flight into LA. It’s about a two hour drive to Sunnydale from there.”

“I’ll go pack.”
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