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Consequences II - Out In Left Field

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This story begins six months before "Consequences I" ends. A couple of vampires from the WishVerse are granted a reprieve. They aren't really interested in the whys and wherefores - they're just interested in having a good time. (WishVerse!Xander)

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AsherEmmaLoveFR15616,3691613,0512 Apr 081 May 08Yes

Prequels End (aka Epilogue)

Note: This is in Xander the humans point of view.

Consequences II - Out In Left Field
~Prequels End (aka Epilogue)~

Xander ducked another claw, the Trinus demon was back and this time he'd brought minions. Xander almost sighed, but was to busy moving to actually sigh. Just as Buffy had feared, the demon had found them before they could figure out how to work the trinket.

Buffy and Spike were trying to get the drop on the Trinus demon. They weren't having much luck.

Xander suddenly felt the urge to laugh. Back before this adventure started Willow and Giles had told them all they knew about the demon before sending them out to kill it. To be fair, Giles had thought there was more to this demon than met the eye. But in the here and now that wasn't very helpful. What was really funny, at least to Xander, was that this was one of the few times he had a bit of knowledge that Giles didn't, and naturally he wasn't able to share his knowledge with Giles or even Willow.

What Giles hadn't been able to figure out/remember, was the fact that said demon could open portals and jump through time, space, and universes. There was an off chance that Giles might not have known, but Xander didn't really believe that. And because the demon could go when ever and where ever it wanted, that explained why he, Buffy, and of all people Spike were trapped in the past posing as pirates.

Xander grinned. All and all the past year had been fun, but now fun time was over. During their first encounter with said demon, Buffy had stolen, or simply ended up with his gizmo, which for some reason left them stranded among pirates in the past.

Being with pirates did have the added bonus of keeping them on the move, which (for a while) had kept the demon from finding them. Things had went from bad to worse when the demon had showed up on the ship, but even that had ended up working out well enough.

Then a month ago, and Xander could admit that he was surprised it had taken the demon so long to catch up with them, they'd left the ship for land which meant staying in one place. And, of course, the demon had finally caught up with them.

Xander brought his sword around and one of the demons with the nasty claws lost its head. Xander turned and moved back hopefully help Buffy and Spike.

What I wouldn't give for a modern firearm right now, Xander thought wistfully.

Still the old time guns could get the job done, but they were a bitch to reload, and Xander only had one shot left. Having a more modern gun would have made Xander feel a lot better right now.

Xander took a deep breath, he only had one shot, so he had to make it count.

As he took aim, Xander heard Spike call out a warning, and cursed as he realized they were about to leave this reality.

He put his gun away and rushed toward Spike. Since they didn't know whether they actually needed to be touching each other or the demon to move together, Xander was going to hang on to Spike's leather duster as though his life depended on it.

Xander blinked, it almost seemed like the demon was smirking at him. Strange.

While Xander could admit that he'd had a good time in this reality, the main reasons for that were Buffy and Spike, so he suspected that were he left behind alone he'd find this reality much less fun.

Xander's vision rippled, and when his eyes opened again, he let go of Spike's duster and looked around. He realized they were in a clearing surrounded by woods, and they weren't alone.

The demons, all six of them, were still surrounding them. However, Xander was almost sure that there were other things lurking and watching hidden just behind the tree line.

A claw swiped at his face, and Xander knew they needed to worry about the immediate threat first. Hopefully who ever or what ever was watching wouldn't be a problem, or if they were that they would at least be kind enough to wait until the more immediate threat was gone before attacking.

"Okay!" Buffy shouted. "I've had enough of this."

She launched herself at the Trinus demon the gizmo in one hand and the other around its neck.

"You are going to tell me how to work this damn thing so we can go home, savvy."

The demon grunted, and Xander knew that was a big no.

Suddenly Xander felt something crash into his back and he fell forward. As he rose to his feet, he realized two things. One that Buffy and Spike were going to have handle the big demon without his help, because somehow the minions had managed to move Xander quite a bit away from Buffy, Spike, and the Big Bad.

"Fuck!" Xander shouted. He was being circled by all five of the minions while Buffy and Spike were distracted by the big fellow.

Xander ducked as three big scary claws tried to remove his head.

He needed a plan, because he couldn't play dodge the claws forever.

The End!
Or would that be The Beginning!? Because now that all this set-up is out of the way we're finally ready for the part of this fanfic that I actually set out to write in the first place.

*does the happy dance*

So, that means I'll start posting Part Three... Well, first there's the editing, and then to my shame the horrible fact that I actually can't come up with a good (or at this point I'd take a decent) summary for the blasted thing. *sigh* I don't think I've ever had quite this much trouble with a summary before.

The End

You have reached the end of "Consequences II - Out In Left Field". This story is complete.

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