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Consequences II - Out In Left Field

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Consequences". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This story begins six months before "Consequences I" ends. A couple of vampires from the WishVerse are granted a reprieve. They aren't really interested in the whys and wherefores - they're just interested in having a good time. (WishVerse!Xander)

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AsherEmmaLoveFR15616,3691613,0502 Apr 081 May 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nor am I remotely associated with anyone who does. Second verse same as the first - I do not own Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, nor am I remotely associated with anyone who does.

Consequences II - Out In Left Field
~Chapter One~

Six Months Earlier

Xander knew he was going to lose, despite having a name like Buffy this slayer was tough, tougher than he'd expected. This was the one fight he wouldn't win and he felt heavy as that realization settled over him.

Then as he landed another blow, Xander took a moment to be happy that he'd at least staked the puppy before that bitch got him. It wasn't that he was eager to die, the world was fun, so much so that Xander never wanted it to end, but he knew he wasn't going to be the vampire that took this slayer down.

He felt the stake enter his chest, his heart, he cursed as he felt the life, or unlife, begin to rush from him.

Then something changed, it felt as though something grabbed him, and then moments later he realized he was being put together again.

Strange, Xander thought. Interesting, but strange.

When he opened his eyes again, he growled. Who, or what, had saved him? The bigger question was why, but Xander didn't really care about that.

Xander frowned as he realized that he hadn't felt so alone since the change. The fighting and the wonderful factory that he'd been surrounded by were gone.

Xander knew he wasn't in Kansas (or Sunnydale) anymore, and couldn't help but wonder why someone would spare him only to dump him somewhere else.

It wasn't like that would stop him for long, it would be easy enough to make his way back to Sunnydale. He smiled. He would miss the opening of the factory, but despite the slayer showing up, Xander was certain the opening would go ahead as scheduled.

That bitch Buffy might have been tough, but the Master would make quick work out of her.

Curiously he looked around and realized that he was in some rickety old building, and from the sounds that reached him he knew he was in a city, but he could also tell that there were too many humans out and about for him to still be in Sunnydale, even if it was the middle of the afternoon here.

The lack of fear wafting around him from them was also a big clue that he wasn't in Sunnydale anymore.

Xander's smile widened. Humans in Sunnydale were always afraid even in the harsh light of day when vampires usually couldn't get to them. Xander missed that fear.

That was when another thought crashed into him - it wasn't just Sunnydale where humans knew fear. It was all over the world - the vampires had risen and the humans had scattered like the cattle they were.

"Where the hell am I?"

Xander realized he wasn't alone when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked over and saw another vampire picking herself up.

She wasn't Willow, her hair was more blond than red and it was quite a bit longer, and her chest quite a bit larger, but she was as thin and pretty as his Willow. He tilted his head and finally a name entered his head.

Sunday, he believed her name was Sunday. He hated himself when he realized that he was happy by the fact that he wasn't alone in this strange new world. He deeply loathed anything that attempted to remind him of the loser he'd been before becoming a vampire, and being happy about not being alone was awful close to reminding him.

But what the hell was she doing here with him? She hadn't been at the factory for the grand opening. In fact, while Sunday assisted the Master, otherwise she would have been staked, for the most part she kept to her own circle of minions, and if the rumors were true she was one of the few vampires who truly missed the old days before the vampire uprising.

Xander felt his head tilt again. He just couldn't understand that, the world was so much better now than it was then. But from what he'd heard Sunday had loved stalking the campus of Sunnydale University picking off Freshman, which after the uprising had forced her to change her style.

She was quite a bit older than he was, he didn't know how much older, and asking a vampire her age wasn't any safer than asking a human female. He was sure that she wasn't more than a hundred years dead, but he wasn't going to ask her exactly how old.

Xander almost chuckled. She was also one of the few vampires, it seemed that didn't have a leather fetish. She was wearing what looked to be a sleeveless silk dress. It was suggestive, what with the ample cleavage showing and all, but Xander thought she would have looked better in leather.

Sunday looked at him after rising to her feet. She looked around and when she looked back she was frowning.

"Where are we?"

Xander shrugged. "No idea. I died," she blinked. "Then it felt like something grabbed me and I woke up here not dusted."

"The Slayer?"

Xander nodded.

Sunday moved toward the door, then stopped. "Fucking sun."

Xander agreed.

"What about you?" He finally asked.

"Not sure," she replied. "I was actually on my way to the factory..."

She seemed to be in deep thought.

"I was ambushed, I think," she finally said. "There were several humans all dressed in black, their faces were covered, but they were human."

Xander frowned and wondered if the humans were trying for another uprising. They'd already tried several times in the past, but near the hellmouth most of their precious technology failed them. Had they finally found something that would work for them even on the hellmouth?

She looked up and Xander almost froze at the look of sadness in her eyes. "I died too."

At that moment, Xander wanted to kill them all. How dare a human make a pretty vampire feel sad.

"Then I woke up here very much alive."

~ * ~ * ~

Finally the sun went down and Xander and Sunday stepped outside.

Xander was frowning but Sunday was smiling.

"Why are you happy?" He asked looking around. Humans were going to and fro acting like the owned the planet again, Xander was eager to show them otherwise. He would remake this world into his and then he would kill them all.

"Look around," she said happily as she spun around her arms out wide. "We're in a fresh new world completely untouched by our kind."

Xander tilted his head. That was true, it would be fun to subdue the humans here as they'd done back home.

Sunday smirked. "It's ripe for the picking."

"That it is," Xander agreed, finally beginning to feel happy again himself.

"So," she said now sounding playful. "What shall we do first?"

Xander felt an answering smirk spread across his face. "I believe I shall take you to dinner."

"That sounds wonderful."

However, Xander knew they needed to be careful, at least until he built his vampire army. They might be in a different world, but it was possible that there were vampires here; vampires who hadn't rose yet. If there were, Xander decided it might be better to make them allies instead of enemies. So he would put off turning humans tonight, besides he'd rather just torment and kill humans anyway.

As they walked through the city, Xander wondered if being killed had made him soft. Before being staked, Xander wasn't sure he would have been willing to exercise caution. Then he shrugged. He had a good solid plan and a companion, that was all that mattered.

They finally branched off into that place in every city where the homeless gathered. Of course, there weren't any more homeless people back in his own world, they were either dead, vampires, or they had homes in which they made their last stands.

However, because he had seen the world before the uprising he knew that every city had homeless people, and for now that is who he and Sunday would prey on. Because homeless people were not people even other humans would miss, oddly enough they'd faired slightly better than other humans during the uprising because the vampires originally focused on the more important members of society.

Xander smiled. There was no sense in giving the game away before the pieces were in place, and Xander reasoned killing the homeless would actually be doing them a favor.

Sunday grabbed the first person they came across, which was actually one of a group. Xander knocked the third down and took the second for himself. Being killed had left him rather parched, or maybe it was being put back together again, either way Xander was hungry.

Sunday was already on the third before Xander finished, he joined her and together they drained him. Xander couldn't help but be reminded of all the times he and Willow had done this together.

Xander realized as the third victim dropped that he'd forgotten how easy it had been to hunt and kill before the uprising. Not that vampires in his reality went without hunting and killing, it was just more effort. Xander didn't mind the effort, but realized that he wouldn't say no to an easy kill from time to time.

Together they drained two more homeless people who'd been drawn in by the sounds of scuffling.

It was a bit much, but apparently being killed took a bit out of a vampire. Plus this blood wasn't as good as the blood he was used to. Even as they died they still weren't as fearful as those he was used to feeding on.

Xander was ready to go and explore the city proper, when Sunday picked up a piece of paper laying beside her last victim.

"The Master Vampire of the City Arrested for killing Vampire Executioner Anita Blake," her voice was full of disbelief.

Xander was stunned. "How stupid, trying to arrest a vampire for killing a vampire hunter," it was almost enough to make Xander laugh.

Then he realized something else, he looked at Sunday and saw she understood as well.

"What the fuck kind of hell have we been condemned to?" He asked her.

"I have no idea, but they not only arrested him, but according to this there has been no bloodshed over it."

"Vampires are legal citizens," she said after flipping a page. "Is everyone in this reality stupid?"

"Looks like," Xander said.

Then she paled, which was an interesting trick for an already pale vampire.

"We should clean up, Xander," she said almost sounding fearful.


"Because they'll know the signs of a vampire attack," she said and seemed to be coming out of her shock a bit. "They also, even the stupid ones in this reality, seem to know how to hunt and kill us."

Xander froze. That was disturbing news indeed. Of course, the humans in their own reality knew how to kill them, they just weren't very good at it. But given the way Sunday was reacting it seemed the humans here might be more skilled than the ones back home. This could be fun.

Finally, they cleaned up the remnants of their meal and Xander wondered what they should do next.

Should they seek out and try to help this Master of the City? - hopefully scoring some points with him, or should they just hide out and learn a bit more about this strange new world before acting.

Restraint wasn't one of his stronger points, even as a human he hadn't been very good at it. Xander wasn't known as one of the Master's most vicious enforcers for nothing. But here he didn't even have that, therefore it might go badly to just burst in on the scene. The vampires in this reality wouldn't know to fear him.

Xander grinned. He could, of course, teach them, but that might earn him another stake through the heart, and he wasn't eager for that to happen again, because he wasn't entirely sure he'd be spared a second time.

Sunday was grinning at him. "Decisions, decisions."

Xander smirked. "You have any ideas?"

"I think we should hide out until we figure out more about this place," she said.

"Yeah, and if the vampires here really are tamed by the humans, then we should do something about that," Xander said. "But I think you're right, we need more information first."

~ * ~ * ~

Note: I'm not sure of the time-lines, because I don't know exactly how much time passed in and between Narcissus in Chains and Curlean Sins, but Xander and Sunday meet Anita and company the first time after the events of Curlean Sins but before Incubus Dreams.

Also, obviously I've got one Sunnydale having moved much faster than the other - just pretend it makes sense and work with me here. And hey, who knows, I might even come up with a better way to explain it at some point. ;)

Unrelated Note: For those eager for an update of Sex, Lies, and Alternate Universes: The Sequel... *sigh* I'm stuck, I can't figure out how to begin Chapter Three. There are two ideas one would be easier for me than the other, but it might hurt the story.
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