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Hells Angel

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hells Angel". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Edward leaves in New Moon Bella becomes the new obsession of Angelus. Recently desouled (Series 2) Angelus brings his family together and plans to add Bella to the family.

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Twilight > Multiple PairingsTouchoftheWindFR18911,91721511,0333 Apr 084 May 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Bella smiled from her seat at the Hyperion, Penn and Spike were arguing about music and Angelus was stood with Drusilla holding Miss Edith while his childe prattled on about buying Miss Edith a new dress. Darla was out buying new clothes for Connor, she really was a great grandmother to him, though if she heard the others saying that she would whip them. Darla insisted she was too youthful to be a grandma.

Connor was cradled in her arms, sleeping peacefully. It was strange but everyone had become used to Connor been around. You would have thought that in a house full of vampires that a baby would be a problem, however, Connor was family and if anyone tried to hurt him then they would hunt them down and choke them on their own entrails.

Bella was surprised how easily she fell into the mother role, and even more surprising is how Angelus was with Connor. He was the perfect attentive father. Sometimes it scared Bella that her Sire was been kind, however, watching the times when Connor would be held by his father and Angelus would smile tenderly at his son. Darla had given Angelus books on how fragile babies were, so he always held Connor gingerly, afraid that his son would break in his grip. She often caught Angelus singing to Connor in Gaelic and though his voice wasn’t brilliant she knew that it calmed their son to hear his father’s voice.

Drusilla had become the perfect doting sister, though occasionally she had to be reminded that Connor was not a doll. Spike was an awesome brother, always willing to watch over Connor during the times when Angelus and Bella hunted or any other time he was asked. Penn was still wary around Connor; however, he was quickly warming up to the little guy. It seemed impossible to dislike Connor with his big blue eyes. Bella had wondered where he had gotten the eyes from but Angelus said some of family had blue eyes.

The small baby boy gave a wriggled in her arms and her brown eyes darted down to the small form which was kicking his legs while he slept. Bella bit back a giggle watching her son. Bella was still amazed she had managed to create something so tiny and cute and often she was convinced if she slept she would wake up and it would all be a dream. Angelus often had to drag her to bed as she loved to watch Connor sleeping, wriggling and kicking his tiny legs as he dreamt.

It was said that babies were able to share their mother’s dreams and she hoped that her dreams had not polluted this little one. However, she knew it was inevitable he would not be innocent for long. Living in a house of Vampires would to that to anyone. Angelus agreed that as Connor grew they would keep the bloodier events away from Connor to try and maintain a sense of innocence. Which meant no feeding of humans and killing in the child’s presence.

Connor would still be taught how to fight and how to defend himself against those who would harm him. Already Angelus and the others had thwarted 7 attempts on her son’s life. He was sought after by nearly every creature out there. Demons had waited many years for the Clan of Aurelius to have a weakness and Connor was a weakness. He was a helpless infant. Luckily for Connor he had powerful vampires to protect him.

Bella sighed and walked up stairs to her son’s room and placed the small baby down in the Moses basket he was sleeping in. He was only 2 weeks old and Bella was amazed at in such a short time she cared so strongly about someone.

Bella walked over to the rocking chair placed by the door and sat down, comforted by her sons soft breathing and closed her eyes to just listen to Connor. Soon enough her thoughts quietened and she drifted asleep. The early hours of the morning came and everyone drifted into their beds to escape the soon to rise sun. Bella didn’t notice Angelus come in and check on Connor before covering her with a blanket.


The sun had just risen over the hotel, every occupant sleeping peacefully within its walls. Connor laid kicking his legs and punching his little arms as he dreamt. Bella lay still in the rocking chair next to her son. Darla and Angelus were in Angelus’s room asleep, Drusilla was laid next to Spike and Penn a secretive smile on her face even in sleep, Miss Edith firmly in her arms.

Downstairs the main door opened with a click and swung open. This small click was enough for the vampires inside to awaken, their eyes snapping open and bleeding to yellow for a moment at the sound of an intrusion on their home.

Bella gently eased herself out of the chair, the blanket falling onto the ground without a sound. Her brown eyes darted over to a sleeping Connor and she silently made her way towards the door to Angelus’s room. She pushed open the well hinged door and peered in to see Darla climbing from the bed while Angelus looked out into the hall.

“Sire?” she whispered.

“Get Connor,” Angelus answered and swiftly she moved to her son and gathered him and his blanket into her cold arms and moved back to her Sire and Grand-sire. Darla quickly threw on some jeans and a top, while Angelus threw on some clothes too.

The three vampires then moved from the room, Bella in the middle in case they were attacked from behind. They moved towards the lobby area and Angelus signalled for them to stop and he moved on himself to peer down into the dimly lit lobby.

He could make out 4 figure standing their, seemingly waiting for something, Angelus rubbed the ring on his left hand and moved back towards his women and son.

“Bella, to the attic,” he whispered just loud enough for her to hear. With a nod Bella took off with Connor safely in her arms after Angelus caressed the baby’s head.

“Darla, I need you to grab the book from the library,” Angelus told his Sire, knowing that she knew which book he meant.

Darla nodded and soundlessly headed off. Angelus turned around and looked down the corridor and noticed Spike, Drusilla and Pen slipping from a room, all looking at him with worried eyes. The wards on the hotel were very strong and no normal demon or vampire would be able to get through it. Not even a Slayer could break the wards.

Angelus motioned for them to crouch down and they did, Miss Edith held in Drusilla’s arms. His daughter’s eyes were wild and Angelus knew she was seeing various things.

Angelus made a series of hand motions and Penn and Spike slinked away into the shadows which still littered the hotel. Drusilla stayed where she was and Angelus repeated some motions to her and she snuck away in a different direction.

Angelus gave a sigh and stepped out onto the staircase.

“What an unexpected visit,” Angelus drawled looking down at the cloaked figures.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Angelus asked looking down with cold eyes, his master vampire status clear to all- the feral demonic energy of him wrapping around him like a shroud of lethal intent.

“Vampiric children are forbidden, Angelus,” one cloaked figure rasped.

“He wasn’t turned,” Angelus said forcefully.

“There is no other way,” another of the cloaked figures intoned.

“My son is human, the result of two vampires,” Angelus growled slipping into his game face, “even if I had turned a child we are not the same breed as you therefore we do not have to answer to your rules.”

“We are the Voltari, we govern all vampire kind,” all the figures said as one, their voices beautiful and eerie.

“You don’t govern me and mine,” Angelus stated.
“Hand over the child, Angelus.”

“No,” Angelus said stepping forward more, “I will not hand my child over to you.”

“Then we will take him by force,” they said and as one they leapt forward.



Connor will be having a sexual relationship with Penn, Spike and Drusilla and to a lesser extent Darla. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. I decided that since within vampire families sex is normal between the members it would make sense for Connor to also have sex with other members, though I will not write any AngelusConnor or BellaConnor because that does creep me out since they are his parents.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Hells Angel" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 May 09.

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