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Hells Angel

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hells Angel". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When Edward leaves in New Moon Bella becomes the new obsession of Angelus. Recently desouled (Series 2) Angelus brings his family together and plans to add Bella to the family.

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Chapter One

Hells Angel
A/N: This is a BuffyxTwilight Idea


For Angel/Buffy: AngelusDarla, AngelusDrusilla, AngelusSpike, AngelusBella, SpikeDrusilla, SpikeBella, SpikeDarla, DarlaDrusilla, DarlaBella.

For Twilight: EdwardBella, EmmettRosalie, CarlisleEsme, and JasperAlice.

Outline: When Edward leaves in New Moon Bella becomes the new obsession of Angelus. Recently de-souled (Series 2) Angelus brings his family together and plans to add Bella to the family.

Warnings: Will contain strong language, sexual situations of het, slash and fem slash. The sexual situations will be marked out clearly so you can skip past those if you want to. Also Character Deaths.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter One

She was stunning; her pain was so raw and fresh. Angelus smiled from the bushes where he was hiding. He could see her through her kitchen window. She had her red locks tied back in a pony tail, revealing her smooth white neck. He could practically feel her blood in his mouth. Her blood smelt divine.

There was one car in the drive, the girl’s, which meant she was alone. Angelus walked towards the door and knocked. He could hear the shuffle of her feet as she walked towards the door. All a mechanical movement for her. He would often see that Jacob boy come and visit her, and she would automatically let him in. The door opened and before him stood his newest girl.

“Hello. How can I help you?” Bella asked looking at him with her big brown eyes. There was no spark in them, barely any life.

“I was out walking with my daughter Drusilla, but she ran off from me. Could I use your phone to ring the police?” Angelus asked in his Irish brogue.

“Oh, of course, sir.” Bella said and stepped back. “Please come in.”

“Thank you, and what would your name be?” Angelus asked.

“Bella Swan.” She said as she led him to the phone.

“Angelus Aurelius.” Angelus said with a wolfish smile at her.

“Nice to meet you.” Bella said with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“The pleasure is all mine.” Angelus said as he picked up the phone.

“I’ll give you some privacy.” Bella said as she walked from the room.

Angelus mimed the conversation without actually dialling. After a while, he crept through the house towards Bella. He could hear her heartbeat in the kitchen. Walking in silently, he saw her by the stove, stirring a pot of sauce.

He stalked up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. Bella stopped stirring, startled at the touch. She looked over her shoulder and saw Angelus looking at her, his eyes now yellow.

“What?” Bella said as she tried to move away, but Angelus’s strong grip on her stopped her from moving from her spot.

“I can’t help it, love. You are so beautiful; your pain is so fresh.” Angelus said, and Bella’s struggles became more pronounced.

“Let go!” Bella shouted, but it was no use; no-one could hear her.

“But you’re mine, darling, and soon you will see so too.” Angelus said, holding Bella in a tight grip.

“Let me go!” Bella screamed. Angelus moved one hand to her mouth and kept her quiet. No-one may be able to hear her, but with his advanced hearing, he did not care for her screams at the moment.

Angelus morphed his visage into his demonic form and bit down into her neck. He felt her stiffen and slump in his hold. When he heard her heartbeat slow to nearly a stop, he pulled out and cut his wrist, bringing it to her mouth. Bella unconsciously latched onto it and drank the lukewarm (because he had just fed) liquid into her system, sealing her fate. Angelus smiled and held his girl closer.

It was at that movement that someone walked in from behind him. He turned and saw Drusilla glide into the kitchen.

“Daddy, she’s perfect.” Drusilla purred out.

“I know Dru, she is.” Angelus said smiling at his now eldest daughter.

“Let’s get her home.” Angelus said as he pulled his wrist away from the now dead girl in his arms. Inside her, Angelus’s blood was transforming her into a vampire.


3 months later, at a Mall in New York after dusk (pictures of outfits provided at the bottom)

Bella stood, flipping through some clothes in the store. Bella had her red haired curled perfectly, her make up was light around her lips and dark around her eyes. She had a black short sleeved top on with white circles all over it. A black belt surrounded her middle. She wore a black flowing skirt that fell to just above her knees. She was wearing high-heeled shoes, something she would never have worn before her turning, that were black and open toed.

“Can I have it?” Bella lifted her head when she heard Dru’s dreamy voice call to her. Drusilla was wearing a dress that Angelus had bought her; it was a long sleeved, knee length navy blue dress. It was tighter at the top but then flowed brilliantly at the bottom. She had her hair straight thanks to Bella and was wearing a blue beret and a peach coloured sash around her neck.

“Of course, Dru.” Bella said, referring to the long black coat Dru was holding in one hand, in the other hand she held a bag that had Miss Edith poking out. Dru smiled happily and handed it to their personal helper (a minion).

“Where’s Darla?” Bella asked, looking for the blonde.

“Grandmother is with Daddy and my Dark Prince.” Dru giggled as she spun around, gaining some curious looks from other shoppers.

“Spike is shopping?” Bella asked her ‘sister’.

“Mhm.” Drusilla made a noise that gave neither a positive or negative answer.

Remembering a book she wanted to purchase, she turned to Drusilla and pulled the taller woman towards her.

“Dru, I’m going to go and find a book.” Bella said and gave Dru a chaste kiss before walking off, but not before giving the minion a glare warning him to watch over Dru.

Bella walked gracefully, drawing many appreciative glances from men and a few women. Bella noticed that halfway to the bookstore, a minion appeared as if from nowhere and followed her like a shadow. No doubt on Angelus’s orders. She quickly found the book she was looking for and exited the shop while handing her purchase to the minion to carry.

“Where is Angelus?” Bella asked the minion quietly.

“Master Angelus is in the ladies section now with Lady Drusilla and Master Spike.” The minion answered.

“And Darla?”

“Mistress Darla is waiting for you outside the store. Lady Bella.” The minion said, his head bowed.

“Go and take my purchases from Harold (the minion with Drusilla) and take them to the car along with my book.” She said making a dismissing motion towards Jeremy, the minion.

“Yes Lady Bella.” Jeremy said and seemed to disappear into the crowds.

Bella walked to the store and smiled at Darla, who stood outside. Darla’s hair was tied up into an elegant bun. She was wearing black jeans with heeled boots and a black long sleeved top and a red cardigan with black flowers on it; it was very beautiful outfit on her grandsire.

“Get everything you need, Dear?” Darla asked, linking arms with her Grandchilde.

“Yes. How about you?” Bella asked as the duo walked through the store towards the rest of the family. They turned many heads; both walked with confidence and a sensuality that drew everyone’s attention, something that Angelus hated and loved about his sire and childe. Drusilla was the same, though even without that Drusilla could draw attention to herself. Spike was the same; the dangerous attitude and handsome looks never failed. All of the Aurelius family drew lustful glances, but it was something that could be used to their advantage.

It was then that Drusilla, Spike and Angelus walked up to them. Everyone nodded at one another before heading off to the cars. They each had a car (except Drusilla). Angelus’s was a black Viper; no one was allowed to drive it but him. Bella had a black Porsche; she was given it after her first kill. Spike had a black Desoto that had a few modifications on it, magical ones. Drusilla usually rode with him. Darla had a black jaguar.

Bella often joked that their theme was black; between them all, they had 25 cars of which 3 were not black. They all climbed into the cars. Their purchases were in the Land Rover that the minions, Jeremy, Harold, Annette and Caitlin would drive in.

Angelus sped from the parking lot first, followed closely by Spike and Dru. Bella was next with Darla after her; the Minions would follow, though at less of a speed.

The Aurelius Family were all speed demons, so the minions could never keep with them. They liked to drive fast and went in order of speed. The men tended to drive faster than the ladies, and having Angelus first and Darla last had safety advantages; the Children of Angelus were safely between two powerful vampires. Only a fool would attack them.

Bella smiled happily and put her stereo on; Trapt came blasting out of the speakers. Bella began to sing along and lost herself in the speed and feelings through the links from her Sire, Grandsire, and siblings.


Some categories may be added to as the story goes on.


Twilight Book- September to February (the prom was a Valentine’s Day Prom)
Edward Leaves in New Moon- April
Angelus Turns Bella- Early June

Family of Aurelius:-

Darla sired Angelus (Darla was not staked in Season 1)
Angelus sired Penn first (he will make an appearance but won’t be a main character), he sired Drusilla second, and William last. William is his most favoured out of William and Penn. Drusilla and Bella will be treated differently because they will have different needs.

Spike and Angelus will both be called Master by minions because they are both Master Vampires. Angelus may be referred to as Master Aurelius. Bella and Dru will be called Lady and Darla will be called Mistress.


Bella’s Outfit when Shopping:-

Drusilla’s Outfit when Shopping:-

Darla’s Outfit when shopping:-

Angelus’s Car-

Darla’s Car-

Spike and Dru’s Car- But imagine it in black.

Bella’s Car-

The Minions Car-
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