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10 Things I've Never Seen On TTH

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Nope, Never Gonna Happen.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Several years and 12,000 stories later there's still a lot of plot-potential unrealized by the wonderful authors who write right here! Here is my humble attempt to cover a few more bases...

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The Bitch Is Back!

Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS nor any crossover appearing in the next ten chapters.

A/N: I love this site, really I do, but there are a few ideas run down into the ground while others lie fallow and unused. Here's my attempt to sow a few more plots into the collective conscious. Gee, can you tell it's spring from all the farming analogies?


I have never seen... Cordelia as a shifter. (BtVS/AB)


Anita entered the room and stiffened at the sight of an unknown brunette sitting on Richard's lap, laughing with him. The triumvirate had decided to meet once a week to practice their combined magics and just generally attempt to bridge the gaps that had appeared between them, both magically and emotionally.

Jean-Claude always had at least two of his vampires in the room during these meetings (not counting Asher), and at least three representatives of the pard (not counting Micah) tagged along with her, but Richard had never felt the need to bring along anyone besides the ever-present Jamil and Shang-Da.

Anita did not like this change in their routine.

Richard looked up and the Necromancer was startled by the sheer happiness apparent in his warm brown eyes. It dimmed a little upon registering her, but it didn't quite die out. He nodded in greeting, "Anita, this is Cordy. Cordy, this is Anita."

"Another possible Lupa?" she queried, and no, that was not jealousy in her voice.

"Lupa? Me?" The brunette snorted delicately, "God no! Somewhere out there is a woman destined to sort out Mr. Teacher and his issues but that gal ain't me." She grinned and rubbed a cheek against Richard's hair, "No, we're old friends."

"Cordelia was a member of the pack for about a year, she left almost six months before you and I started dating," Richard explained helpfully. Anita glanced around the room, nobody else seemed surprised at the way the Ulfric was acting. Then again, over half the occupants of the room were vampires: kings and queens of poker-face.

Cordelia elbowed the Ulfric none-too-gently in the ribs. "Liar. I didn't leave Raina kicked me out of the pack because she knew I was going to challenge her soon - "

Anita's expression flashed from annoyed to incredulous, "You wanted Marcus?!"

"Eew no! I just wanted her to stop making those nasty movies of hers. She got together a little posse and threw me outta town. I've been lone-wolfing it ever since." She rolled one shoulder back and gave a full-body shiver, "It's a tough life, but I've been getting by. Then I heard about little Richie becoming Ulfric and what can I say? I had to visit!"

"The bitch is back," Jason muttered quietly from his position sitting beside Jean-Claude's knee.

Cordelia's eyes bled amber as she returned the pomme de sang's smirk, "You better believe it!"

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