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Victims, aren't we all...

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Summary: Angel/Captain Jack. Set between just after the Angel Season Five episode "A Hole In The Wolrd" and ater the Torchwood Season Two finale "Exit Wounds." Spoilers for both.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Angel-CenteredTheHeartistFR1321,113032,3394 Apr 0822 Apr 08Yes


A/N: I know the timelines don't quite fit, but for the sake of this fic, they sodding well do!

DISCLAIMER: Angel and related characters = not mine. Captain Jack and related characters = also not mine.


We go on because we must.

Even here in New York, where Captain Jack had decided to get away from it all for a little while, he found himself fighting for the cause of good. Even after...

Owen and Toshiko.

It had become too much to bear, if Jack was truthful with himself, he wasn't here to get away from it all. He was here because he didn't know what to do anymore, except go on.

It was from the bar he heard the screams, the all too familiar cry for help.

And it was into the abandoned building he had come running, gun at the ready, scouting the place for signs of life, just in time to see something he hadn't witnessed for a long time, the staking of a vampire.

The stranger, a tall dark, brooding-looking fellow in a long coat who looked sort of familiar to Jack, helped the poor girl up and she said her thank you's and quickly ran out of the nearby door, which was when the man first noticed him back.

"Who are you pal?" the man asked, his tone rather hostile.

"Easy friend. I heard the screams and came to see if I could help. Looks like I wasn't needed," Jack replied.

"Not that you would have been much help anyways, not with that thing," the man said, noting Jack's service pistol.

Jack quickly holstered it, and smiled ", I guess not. Long time since I've seen a vampire. And..."

Suddenly, a look of realisation crossed Jack's face as he drew his weapon once more.

"And you're one yourself. Why you staking other vamps?" Jack asked quickly. He knew he couldn't kill the vampire, but he could certainly do him some damage before getting the hell out of there. Getting bitten wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, he remembered all too well from last time.

"Put it away. I'm not the bite-y type," the stranger replied.

"Then who are you?" Jack asked, lowering his weapon.

"My name's Angel," the stranger replied.


"So you're really Angel, the famous vampire with a soul?" Jack asked, as he ordered another mohito.

"Yeah, that's me. Have we met?" Angel asked.

"The place where I work...we have detailed files. I understand you're working for Wolfram and Hart now?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, but I'm starting to wonder...did I make the right choice?" Angel asked ", tonight, I...I lost a fellow soldier in the fight, and a good friend. And I can't help but feel responsible."

"Join the club. I can't say joining up with Wolfram and Hart was such a great move, but...I'm sure it's not your fault. Except, it doesn't matter how much everyone tells you so, cos you still feel like it is," Jack replied.

"You lost someone?" Angel asked.

"Two people actually. Also dear friends, people who pledged their lives to the good fight. And ultimately, lost them to it," Jack explained.

"I've lost too many to the good fight...and it doesn't get any easier," Angel replied.

"Then a toast. To fallen comrades," Jack said, raising a glass. Angel raised his own glass and drank.

"Are you sure we're never met before? You seem really familiar," Angel asked.

"I'm sure I'd remember a pretty face," Jack replied with wink ", I'd best go. Got a flight to catch soon."

"Who did you say you worked for?" Angel asked.

"Torchwood. And that's all I can say," Jack answered, putting his coat on and heading for the door, before Angel spoke up and stopped him in the doorway.

"Okay Jack...until we meet again I guess," Angel said with a smile.


Back in his office in Wolfram and Hart, Angel was busy on his computer, looking through Wolfram and Hart's historical files.

Captain Jack Harkness, Head of Torchwood Three based in Cardiff, Wales.

Age: Unknown. Thought to be at least 800 years old.

Angel's eyes widened at reading this. 800. Now he remembered...

Angel hadn't met him. Angelus had. And the encounter had been most unnerving for the both of them...


Second and final part of this drabble-ish type thing soon.
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