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Summary: Birthday fic for jedi. When SG1 make a mistake, Brennan and Booth investigate

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
Television > Bones > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories
(Past Donor)kayleyFR711,007232,6025 Apr 085 Apr 08Yes
Title: Stonewalling
Word Count: 1000
Fandom: SG1/Bones - non Buffy crossover
Challenge: Having Bones and SG1 interacting
Disclaimer: I don't own them

A/N: This is another birthday fic written for jedibuttercup the wonderful mod at the tthdrabbles livejournal community


It wasn't often that Dr Temperence Brennan admitted that she was puzzled. Nor was it often that her team of 'squints' couldn't come up with the answer. But here it was, the day when all of them were confused.

After the Religious compound of the Cult of Seth was shut down, Special Agent Booth was requested to help with the investigation by the ATF after unusual artifacts were discovered. Since Booth was the only FBI agent who had his own team of scientists, the Assistant Director was quick to approve the request for him to head to Seattle.

As per usual, Brennan and Booth headed off while the others remained in the Jeffersonian working from the labs. Unusual weaponry had been discovered, as well as writing that Brennan couldn't decipher. The ATF had admitted that a Black Ops team had helped in closing down the Cult and seemed to have some knowledge of the weaponry and the language.

Brennan doubted it highly that someone would know the language, as there were only a few renowned linguists and it was almost guaranteed that they would not be wasting their language skills in Black Ops. But then again, Black Ops was more Booth's area of knowledge.

“So what did they make of it?” Booth asked his partner.

“As far as we can tell, it's a form of Egyptian but it's not like any tribe's writing we've seen before. And those weapons... Hodgins' reaction is that they are a secret Government weapon developed using alien technology that comes from Area 51,” Brennan replied with a slight smile. She knew how Booth would react to that.

“Another conspiracy theory?” Booth asked shaking his head. If anyone was to think it was a conspiracy, at least he knew he could count on Hodgins.

“He does seem to like them,” she smiled at him.


Meanwhile, Daniel was reading over the report that the ATF had written after they had left the scene. Jack was definitely not going to be impressed, and neither would Hammond. How had they missed the weapons cache? Not only did it have Goa'uld writings on the wall but there were plenty of 'out of this world' weaponry. There was no way anyone could confuse a zat'ni'katel as a hand gun nor a staff weapon as a rocket launcher.

“Space Monkey, coffee?” Jack asked as he entered Daniel's office.

“What? Oh no thanks Jack,” Daniel replied. Jack's eyebrow raised as Daniel turned down coffee.

“Spit it out Danny, what's bothering you?” Jack asked. “You never turn down coffee.”

“We stuffed up,” Daniel replied. “We left evidence for another agency to find. Not only that, but they've called in the FBI who in return have the Jeffersonian in on it.”

Jack stilled before summing it up in one word. “Shit.”


“I've spoken to Doctor Goodman,” Brennan said Booth tried to figure out the weapon that the ATF had shown him. Since they couldn't work them out fully, they gave him a couple to send back to the squints but Booth had kept one for himself.

“What does he reckon about all this?” Booth asked. He was still waiting for a call back from the Director to give an update to.

“He's going to look at the dialect again and contact one of his linguistic colleagues to see if they can work it out.”

“Excellent. What did Hodgins find out about the crystal in the long staff?” Booth asked even though he knew he would understand the actual scientific answer.

“He's still running a compound analysis test on it to try and break down the components that make it up to identify which region it comes from.”

“I must be hanging around you squints too long,” Booth said with a smile. “I actually understood that.”


Daniel checked his personal email account and grimaced. There was an email from an old academic colleague. Sighing, he opened it up expecting the usual rebuttal of his last published paper. Even after all these years he still received them.

Instead the email was asking for help in deciphering an Egyptian dialect. Rereading the email, Daniel began to smile. This would make it so much easier to handle the current crisis.

“What's got you smiling Danny?” Jack asked. He was still in the office trying to come up with a way to get the problem solved.

“I believe that we may have a starting place of fixing the current problem...” Daniel replied. “An old friend of mine who happens to be the Director of the Jeffersonian has asked for my help in deciphering an Egyptian dialect... one which just so happens to be Goa'uld.”


“So... I can convince him it's just a lost tribal dialect... one which hasn't been spoken in years,” Daniel explained. “We could convince him that the Seth Cult was using it as a form of code to make it look more realistic.”

“You do that Doctor Jackson,” Hammond said as he walked through the door. “Colonel O'Neill, you and Major Carter will be visiting the Jeffersonian...”

“The Red Phone Sir?”



Brennan and Booth were comparing notes once more. After Doctor Goodman had forwarded the email from his colleague who was a specialist in Ancient Egyptian dialects confirming that it was indeed an old dialect, just one that was rarely found outside of Egyptian manuscripts, it left Booth and Brennan with little to work with. All they had were a few small pieces of evidence and a hell of a lot of questions which needed to be answered.

A ringing interrupted the pair. Brennan moved quickly to reach for her phone when Booth signaled it was his.


He listened or a moment.

“But Sir...”

He listened again.

“Sir, I believe...”

With a sigh he hung up the phone and turned to Brennan.

“We're supposed to hand over all of our files to two representatives from the Air Force at the request of the President. Damnit, we're being stonewalled.”

“I don't know what that means...”

The End

You have reached the end of "Stonewalling". This story is complete.

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