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In The Randomness Of The Moment

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Fan Art

Summary: I get a lot of funky meshings in my head. These are a few, including some Fight Club, Die Hard, The Incredible Hulk, and Constantine crossings.

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Multiple Crossings > FanartRightSidexFR7131,2340184,4337 Apr 0822 Oct 08No


Disclaimer- These photographs are not mine and I am not using them to intentionally bother anyone or gain any profits for my use of them. I just think the characters look good when I manipulate their pictures.

So, what if in Fight Club "Jack" wasn't crazy. What if he was meeting his alter ego in a different world? What if Fred found him and tried to help the situation to get Tyler back to his own time and space?


Expect many more. I like this idea... a lot. If I don't write about it, please tell me someone will.

Reviews are always lovely! :)
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