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A Charming Interlude

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Charmed Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Companion Story to 'A Charmed Slayer.' Cordy didn’t die at the end of ‘You’re Welcome.’ She was given a new job by the Powers That Be. A job in San Francisco, helping the Charmed Ones.

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Back To San Francisco

Title: A Charming Interlude (Cordy’s Story)

Author: Kyra

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don’t own it.

Summary: Cordy didn’t die at the end of ‘You’re Welcome.’ She was given a new job by the Powers That Be. A job in San Francisco, helping the Charmed ones.

Spoilers: None for this chapter.

Warnings: None

A/N: Yay! Last chapter!! I hope you all liked this! It’s not nearly as short as I planned when I started it. I originally planned on 2 or 3 chapters, 4 tops, and ended up with 9 chapters, 12 if you include each individual Part in chapter 4. I hope you all liked this and hope to see reviews, hint hint, lol!


Chapter 9: Back To San Francisco

(August 2018)

“Aagghhh!” Cordy cried out in pain as the Vision hit. A few moments later she lay twitching on the floor as the Vision ended.

“Mom!” A now 13-year-old Josh yelled as he ran into the living room, sliding to a stop on his knees at his mother’s side. “Mom, are you okay?”

Cordy sat up slowly, holding her head, “Yeah, Sweetie, I’m fine. Can you go grab me some Tylenol?”

“Sure thing,” Josh replied as he helped his mom to the couch before going to the bathroom for the Tylenol and stopping in the kitchen on his way back out, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. “Here you go,” He said handing both items to his mom.

Cordy quickly swallowed the pills and took an extra drink of water before tilting her head back on the couch with a sigh.

“Mom? What was that?” Josh asked, brushing a lock of brown hair out of his eyes..

“A Vision,” Cordy sighed.

Josh looked confused, “But, your Visions don’t hurt. Why would it hurt?”

Cordy let out a dry laugh, “They do when the Powers want to make sure I pay attention. I haven’t had one that hurt since before you were born. Looks like my vacation time is over.”

“Oh, well what was it about? Demons? Vamps?” The teen asked, wondering what was so important that his mom had to be in so much pain.

Cordy smiled slightly at her son, “No, nothing like that. We’re moving.”

Josh raised an eyebrow at his mother, “We’re moving? The Powers sent you a migraine to tell you that we’re moving? Wasn’t that nice of them?” He asked sarcastically.

Cordy just giggled at him, “Yeah, yeah, I know. Go start packing, I wanna get out of here in the next couple of days.”

Josh just grinned at her as he stood up heading for his room. “So where are we moving?” He asked. “If it’s somewhere cold, I’m filing a compliant with the Powers That Be.”

“Don’t worry, My Little Prince, it’s not cold. We’re moving to San Francisco.” Cordy told him, using the nickname that Doyle had given him shortly after he’d been born.

“San Francisco? Cool.” With that Josh disappeared into his room to begin packing.

Cordelia let out a soft sigh as her headache started to recede and looked up at the ceiling, “I hope you guys are setting us up with a place to live,” Cordy said, “I so do not want to go house hunting!”


Five days later Cordy and Josh had all of their stuff packed up and ready to go.

“I’m guessing we’re shimmering there?” Josh asked looking at his mom.

Cordy nodded, “Yeah. I’m guessing Halliwell Manor would be the best place to go since we won’t be risking exposure showing up there. Though, I’d suggest ducking as soon as you get there; shimmering typically means demon and the Halliwells tend to attack first and ask questions later.”

“Right, ’cause that just inspires warm, fuzzy feelings of safety.” Josh said sarcastically causing Cordy to laugh.

“Come on, let’s go,” She said, “Just remember to duck.” With one more laugh, Cordy grabbed her bags and shimmered out.

Josh rolled his eyes, “Right, duck,” He muttered as he grabbed his bags and shimmered away, focusing on his mom so he’d know where to go.

As Josh appeared in a living room he quickly ducked, just in time to miss being hit in the face by an energy ball. As he straightened up he turned to look at the wall behind him and the nice sized scorch mark that now adorned it. Turning back around, he looked at the dark haired girl that had thrown the energy ball at him, “Nice to meet you, too,” He said with an amused smirk only to let out a small yelp as Cordy reached out and smacked him upside the head.

“Behave!” She told him before turning back to face the people in front of them.

Along with the dark haired girl there was a blonde girl, a dark haired boy, a boy with dirty blonde hair and two boys with brown hair as well as six adults who looked to be about his mom’s age, three men and three women.

“Cordelia?” One of the women asked. She had long brown hair and was standing next to a man with dirty blonde hair.

“Hey, Piper. How have you been?” Cordy replied.

Piper blinked in shock, “Oh my gosh! It’s been forever!” She exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“The Powers sent us,” Cordy told her, “I think I have an idea as to why, but I’m not completely sure. Oh! This is my son, Josh, by the way.” She motioned to Josh who sent a short wave at the people in front of them.

Piper smiled, “It’s nice to meet you, Josh. I’m Piper Halliwell and this is my husband, Leo,” She said motioning to the man next to her. “My sister Phoebe and her husband, Cole; my sister Paige and her husband, Henry.” Here she motioned to first a woman with light brown hair and a man with black hair followed by a woman with dark, nearly black hair and a man with brown hair. Next she pointed to the teens in the room, giving their names as she went, “Paige and Henry’s son, Ryder,” The boy with dirty blonde hair; “Phoebe and Cole’s son, Blake,” The boy with dark hair; “My sons Wyatt and Chris,” The two boys with brown hair, the taller being pointed out as Wyatt; “My daughter, Melinda,” The blonde girl; “And the one who tried to fry you with an energy ball is Phoebe and Cole’s daughter, Patience.”

Josh nodded at each person as they were introduced. “Nice to meet you all,” He said.

“Why don’t you guys sit down?” Paige suggested, motioning to one of the couches in the room.

Cordy and Josh sat down and watched as everyone else resumed their seats that had been vacated when Cordy appeared in the room. Each of the couples took an arm chair, the Halliwell sisters all sitting on their husbands’ laps. Chris, Melinda and Wyatt took one of the couches and Patience, Ryder and Blake took the last couch.

So, you said that you think you know why you guys were sent here,” Phoebe started, “Why do you think that is?”

“Actually, we can answer that,” A voice said from the doorway to the kitchen.

Everyone turned to see Darla and Tara standing there, having just orbed in.

“Darla! Tara!” Josh exclaimed, jumping up and giving each of the women a hug. “What are you guys doing here?”

Darla smiled at him. “We’re their Whitelighters,” She told him motioning at the teens in the room.

“Really,” The teen asked as he sat back down. “Cool.”

“You guys know Tara and Darla?” Cole asked, looking curiously between the Whitelighters and the two on the couch.

Cordy nodded, “Yeah, I actually knew both of them when they were alive; well, undead in Darla’s case and I never actually met Tara but I heard a lot about her. They were my link to Whistler and the PtB last time I was here.”

“And I’ve known them since I was born,” Josh added.

“So, why are they here?” Henry asked, reminding everyone of the topic at hand, “you said you could tell us.”

“That’s easy,” Darla said, “Our little Prince here is Mel’s Seer.” She said motioning to Josh, grinning at the sound of multiple voices all shouting ‘What?!’ in unison.

Tara rolled her eyes at her friend’s antics, “Nice, Darla. Tell me, have you ever heard of a little thing called tact?”

Darla merely laughed.

“What do you mean he’s Mel’s Seer?” Piper asked.

“And why Mel’s?” Leo added.

“What do you mean ‘Prince’?” Chris asked glancing between his older brother and the new boy.

“And why don’t you look surprised?” Cole asked, directing the question at Cordelia.

Cordy spoke up first, shrugging as she did, “That’s kinda what I figured, honestly. I used to be a Seer for a Champion and Doyle was before me. Plus, Doyle said that Josh would be important at some point, that he’d have a part to play. It only makes sense that it would be as a Champion’s Seer.”

“Champion?” Paige asked, “But what does that have to do with Mel?”

Tara was the one who answered this time. “Mel is a Champion for the Powers That Be. That’s why he’s Mel’s Seer, because she’s the Champion. Remember how I told you Mel had a great destiny ahead of her? Well, this is part of it. And Josh is here to help her, by acting as her Seer. He’s basically Mel’s link to the Powers That Be.”

“Is she a Champion because she’s a Slayer?” Patience asked curiously.

At that Cordy’s head shot up and her gaze jerked over to Tara and Darla, “She’s a Slayer?!” She exclaimed before her gaze drifted over to the girl in question, who she had been deliberately not looked at since they arrived. “Well, I guess it makes sense,” She muttered as she gazed at Mel, an odd look in her eyes. After a moment she tore her eyes away from the teen and looked back at Tara. It was just too hard to look at the teen wearing the face of one of her long-dead friends.

Tara nodded, “Yeah, she’s a Slayer,” She to Cordy before turning to Patience. “Yes and no; her being a Slayer is part of it, but not all. All Slayers are considered Champions for the Powers, but Mel’s special. I’m not really sure how to explain it. Here, it’s like this: all Slayers are champions for the Powers, with a little ‘c’ and Mel is a Champion for the Powers, with a capital ‘C.’ Does that make sense?” Tara asked, trying to explain.

“Yeah, I think so,” Patience said with a nod as the others nodded as well. “Is that why she gets a Seer? Because she’s a Champion with a capital ‘C’?”

Tara nodded, glad that they understood her explanation, “Yeah.”

“What did you mean when you called Josh a Prince?” Chris asked, still curious about that and once again glancing between the new boy and his brother.

Darla laughed, “It’s not what you’re thinking. He’s not actually a Prince, it’s just a nickname.”

Cordy smiled as she added to Darla’s answer. “My friend Doyle used to call me ‘Princess’ all the time. He hardly ever called me by my name. When Josh was born, Doyle called him his Little Prince; partly because he was my son and partly because I hadn’t had a chance to name him yet,” Cordy explained fondly.

Phoebe looked confused, “Wasn’t Doyle the friend that you inherited the Visions from? The one that died years before we met you?”

“Yeah, he was,” Cordy confirmed, “But the Powers owed him a favor and he cashed it in to save me and Josh’s lives. If he hadn’t cashed in that favor, I would have died when I was eight months pregnant with Josh and Josh never would have been born. As it is, Josh was born a month early.”

“Oh wow,” Paige whispered as the others merely nodded.

“Well, Josh and I have some house hunting to do, so we’d better head out,” Cordy said as she stood up, Josh standing up as well.

“No, you don’t,” Darla said with a smirk, “Do you honestly think Tara, Whistler and I would let the Powers make you move out here and not provide you with at least a place to stay?”

“You two live directly across the street,” Tara said with a smile, “Piper, Leo and their kids live here and Paige, Phoebe and their families live on either side of them.”

“And you have money since all you had to do was transfer your accounts in Florida to an account here. Whistler’s having your car shipped over for you, meaning that it should show up in your driveway sometime very late tonight so that no one sees a car suddenly popping up out of nowhere. The only thing not covered is a job.” Darla added.

“Oh wow, you guys were pretty thorough, weren’t you?” Cordy asked rhetorically, “Well, I still need to go job hunting so we should still head out. And we need to unpack all of our stuff.”

“Actually, one of my bartenders quit last week, so I have the job covered if you’re interested,” Piper said looking at Cordy.

“Really?” The Seer asked. At seeing Piper’s nod, she continued, “Well, I guess that means P3 has a new bartender.”

“Why don’t you two use this week to get unpacked and settled and you can start next week,” The eldest Halliwell Sister suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Cordy said with a grin before turning to Darla. “You have house keys for us?” She asked.

The former Vampire tossed Cordy a set of keys, “Go get unpacked, Queen C, we’ll see you later.”

“Why don’t you two join us for dinner tonight and we can all get to know each other a bit better,” Piper invited.

Cordy looked at Josh who quickly nodded, “That sounds great,” She replied, “What time?”

“How’s six-thirty sound?”

Cordy grinned, “We’ll see you then.”

After goodbye’s were exchanged Cordy and Josh gathered their bags together and made their way across the street to their new house ready to get settled in and looking forward to their new life in San Francisco.


Yay!! It’s finished! WooHoo! My first finished multi-chapter fic! -does a happy dance-

And I'm in complete and total awe; between the two sites I posted this on, this story has gotten 5,553 hits and 42 reviews since I posted the first chapter less than 3 weeks ago! WOW!! Thank you SO much to everyone who has read this and to everyone who has reviewed!

I really hope you all liked this. Either way, let me know what you thought by leaving a review!

This chapter was 7 pages and 2,267 words long. And the whole story finishes at 86 pages and 18,815 words…Wow, that’s long! Can you believe I wrote it all in 3 weeks? Maybe I shouldn’t have told ya’ll that…Now you’ll expect me to write like that on my other stories. Well, I’m sorry to say that you can’t expect updates like that for my other stories, sorry. Main reason I got this out so fast was so that I’d be able to add Cordy to ‘A Charmed Slayer’ without people going “Wait, I thought she was dead?!”

Anyway, please, please, please leave me a review and let me know what you thought!

Cordy should show up in ‘A Charmed Slayer’ here real soon now that I’m finished with this and can turn my attention back to that story.


The End

You have reached the end of "A Charming Interlude". This story is complete.

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