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Summary: Kurt and Wanda are snatched from their world by Dormammu and are put onto a different world. On Hold.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories
DC Universe > Justice League
SonofAnubisFR1515620294312 Apr 0812 Apr 08No

Setting: After Starcrossed, Justice League cartoon. Two years after the 4th season of X-Men: Evolution.
Summary: Kurt and Wanda are snatched from their world by Dormammu and are put onto a different world.
Disclaimer: I don't own nothing but the plot.
Rating: FR-15
Pairings: Nightcrawler/Batgirl, Scarlet Witch/Nightwing
Author's Note: Sorry if this chapter seems rushed, it was originally going to be long, but on the walk home from my brothers house, I remembered that I hadn't figured out where to drop them, whether in the Watchtower like in Justice League: The Spider or in Gotham, Keystone, Metropolis, etc. so the prologues kinda short.


Dormammu watched the two mutant children that he had chosen to cause chaos in another world, “Soon children, very soon.”

Dr. Strange felt a maniacal feeling wash over him as he was talking to Wong, “Did you feel that Wong.” Wong nodded, “Dormammu is up to something.”

Kurt was depressed that his mother still couldn't be found, 'Very are you Mutter.'

Wanda was angry at her father even after the thing with Apocalypse, she could not forgive him for manipulating her mind the way he had done.

Dormammu felt Strange as he started to search out the feeling that he had felt, 'Forget waiting tomorrow, I'll take them now.' Dormammu ripped the fabric of reality between his dimension and two others, reached into one and grabbed his two intended victims.

Dr. Strange felt the disturbance, “Wong we leave for Bayville right away.”

The X-Men watched in horror as they all saw a rift appear in the foyer and two hands appeared one raced off and the other reached past all of them and headed for a certain blue furred Elf.

The Brotherhood watched as the front door was blown off its hinges and a hand reached in and grabbed Wanda, before she could scream she was drag out of the door.
Pietro was the first to shake of the horror and raced after his sister, with the others soon following.

Kurt grabbed Logan's hand as he was pulled towards the rift in reality, others where trying to help when they see the other had returned with the Scarlett Witch.
“HELP!” Wanda screamed as she was pulled toward the rip.
Beast leaped over to Wanda and grabbed her around the torso.
“I got you Wanda.”
Pietro ran in and saw what was going on, then ran over to help out Beast.
Mystique burst through the window and ran over to Kurt to help Logan.

Dormammu felt the teens slipping from his grasp then tightened his grip on his prey, then he heard a voice that angered him.

“You will not take them Dormammu,” Strange said as he came into the room.

“You will not win this time Strange,” Dormammu roared as he tightened his grip some more and then yanked the two teens away from the others grasps then pulled them into the rift, which sealed after their passing. Dormammu looked down into the terrified eyes of the teens and sneered, “You had better get used to not seeing your friends forever, cause that was the last time you will ever see of them,” He then tossed them through the other rift, the last thing that they heard before the rift closed was Dormammu's evil laughter. “Try to find them Strange, I dare you.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Starcrossed" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Apr 08.

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