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Oh, Goddess! Not Again!

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Fan Art

Summary: Buffy was just bound to end up in Middle Earth, but it's just as likely that some poor elf or hobbit just happened to get sucked into Sunnydale. Manips of all shapes and sizes.

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Lord of the Rings > FanartRightSidexFR72149032,83612 Apr 0813 Apr 08Yes

Legolas In Sunnyhell

Disclaimer- These photographs are not mine and I am not using them to intentionally bother anyone or gain any profits for my use of them. I just think the characters look good when I manipulate their pictures.

Oh boy. An elf running around in a pair of tights with a bow and arrow. Expect disastrous results.


You can't really tell now, but he IS holding a bow and arrow. Sorry. It kind of got blurred out.

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