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Enter the Dark

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Summary: YAHF short fic. Xander finds the perfect costume- Phantom Thief Kaito Dark!

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Anime > D.N.AngelNerdgirlFR1316410101,96213 Apr 0813 Apr 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own D.N. Angel or BTVS, and I'm not making money.

Crossover with D.N.Angel, if you haven't read the manga, you should.


Xander knew when he saw the costume at Ethan's that he had found THE ONE. That perfect costume that says 'Look! I'm cool! Not a dork!' He had originally been looking to go as a soldier, but when he saw the black outfit with the long, spikey black wig, he just knew he had to have it. He turned to the shop owner. "Do you have a stuffed rabbit to go with it?" he asked.

Ethan Rayne blinked at the unexpected question, but quickly located a white stuffed rabbit toy from the bargain bin. "I don't recognize your costume. Might I ask what you intend to be?" The mix was intriguing; who knew what kind of Chaos the young man would cause when the spell activated.

Looking slightly hurt, Xander replied, "I'm going as the most infamous heroic mystical thief in Japan: Kaito Dark, the Phantom Thief. With that, he paid for his purchases and left, whistling happily.

Later that evening, Xander arrived at the Summers residence. "Hi there, Mrs. S. Looking as lovely as ever, I see. Are the girls ready yet?"

Joyce smiled at the young man. He was rather dashing, clothed head to toe in black, with a black wig that managed to simultaneously be long and flowing and spikey. She admitted privately to herself that if she were her daughter's age, she would be all over him. Why couldn't her daughter fall for someone like Xander, rather than all the dangerous types she went for? "Wow, Xander, that's a really cool costume. Who are you supposed to be? And why do you have a rabbit on your shoulder?"

He laughed. "I'm an anime character, the Phantom Thief Kaito Dark. The rabbit is my demon familiar, Withu, who turns into my wings. I'm half of a work of art, bound to a family of thieves as punishment for their misdeeds, their pennance is to control and bind mystical artwork. I'm a good guy who commits crimes in order to save people."

Just then, they heard footsteps and turned to see Buffy on the stairs. "Buffster, My Lady, I completely renounce spandex; you look amazing." Buffy had chosen to go for the helpless look for the night, a Victorian lady.

"Thanks, Xander, you look very...interesting, too. But you really need to see Willow's costume. She makes a really great...ghost?"

Willow had gone back to her old standby of a ghost. While it was cute on her..."I thought you were going to match me for tonight? Be my Riku?" When Willow had seen Xander's costume, she had suggested the pair of them follow the anime theme, but she was so shy, obviously the slightly naughty Japanese schoolgirl look was a little too embarrassing for her.

"Uh, yeah, the costume didn't fit right," Willow said, shuffling her feet. "Anyway, let's get going."

They went off to collect their charges, never dreaming of what would await them. For Buffy and Willow, the effects would be temporary, an inconvenience at best which would soon be forgotten. But for Xander... That night, a hero flew over Sunnydale. And Xander watched from the confines of his mind as Dark used his fists, feet, and magic to subdue and revert the monsters unleashed by the spell. He gained a great measure of satisfaction as Dark painfully subdued one of the worst bullies at the school, a bully who had caused him no end of trouble.

Fortunately, when the spell ended, Xander was on the ground. The aspect of Kaito Dark fell from him, physically at least. He felt his presence in the back of his mind, a voice that cut into his thoughts sometimes. Withu also remained. And during the night, when he was needed, the hero flew.

I love reviews! *hint hint* :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Enter the Dark". This story is complete.

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