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Summary: After Buffy Summers sacrifices herself for her sister, her friends decide to bring her back. But they get much more than they bargained for. Secret lives and secret worlds come to life with three very different people. **SPOILERS FOR OotP!**

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > DramascoobywannabeFR152273,739511349,01810 Aug 035 Mar 06No

Fall From Grace

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and lots of people I have nothing to do with them. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, who is a wonderful Scottish goddess I know nothing about.

Specifically, this chapter and the ones following it come mainly from the episodes Bargaining, Part One and Two, Afterlife, and Flooded. They were written by lovely people who are not me. Those specific episodes WILL BE SPOILED!!!

A/N: Something that’s been bouncing around in my head for about a month. It’s pretty straightforward with the events from BTVS, except that once the group completes the spell, things get AU very quickly. As far as HP goes, I know that Harry was supposed to be born in 1980 and that everything followed accordingly, placing OotP in 1995-96. Guess what? I CHANGED IT. I’ve moved everything up by five years. Deal.



The cemetery was creepy at night. Okay, so that was a no-brainer. What cemetery wouldn’t be creepy at night? Especially when they were here to do what they were here to do.

“Does everybody have their candles?” Willow Rosenberg asked the three people huddled around the gravestone. The young twenty-year-old witch looked especially freaksome that night in her long black dress, cradling the Urn of Osiris reverently against her.

“I’m trying, my lighter won’t stay lit,” Anya Emerson replied tensely, flicking her lighter repeatedly to no avail.

Willow shifted anxiously in front of the headstone. “Well, hurry, it has to--”

“What time is it?” Tara Maclay interrupted, striving to remain calm.

Xander Harris glanced at the watch on his left wrist. “A minute till midnight.”

“C’mon, Anya, do you have it?” Willow asked urgently.

Finally one flick ignited a small feeble flame. “I got it,” Anya said, tilting the lighter to her candle. “I got it. I got it.”

“Okay,” Willow told the group, ever the instructor. “Start the circle. Now.”

They all four knelt down: Willow at the foot of the grave, Tara on her left, Xander and Anya on her right. Tara, Xander, and Anya all held lit black candles before them. Willow held the Urn of Osiris in front of her with her left hand, pouring a thick red fluid into it with her left. Xander and Tara exchanged nervous glances as Willow finished. The redheaded witch looked up at the headstone before her.






A LOT.**

“Osiris,” Willow began, becoming very serious and focused, letting the magic hearken to her. “Keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us.”

Willow paused, dipping her finger into the Urn. It came out covered in the red substance which looked suspiciously like blood. She used her finger to run three lines of the red liquid over her face: a straight vertical line in the middle of her forehead and a slanted line on the cheek underneath each eye. The dark red fluid made a stark contrast to the girl’s fair complexion, giving her a dangerous glow. Tara watched her girlfriend nervously. Anya looked down, unable to mask her fear.

“Before time and after, before knowing and nothing,” Willow continued, turning the Urn in her hand and pouring the rest of the substance onto the grave. “Accept our offering. Know our prayer.”

Suddenly, as if an invisible force had pushed her, Willow jerked back, arms held outwards, panting. Deep, ugly cuts suddenly sliced in her pale exposed forearms.

“Willow!” Xander shouted frantically, starting towards his oldest friend.

“No!” Tara yelled at him quickly, motioning with her hand for him to stop. “She t…she told me…she’d be tested. This…this is what’s supposed to happen.”

“Osiris!” Willow continued more forcefully. “Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over.”

As soon as the words left her mouth she winced in pain. The blood from her wounds dripped down her arms as large bubbles began to move upward from them.

Xander watched in horror. “She needs help!”

“Xander, she’s strong!” Tara insisted. Xander and Anya both looked to her doubtfully. “She said not to stop, no matter what. If we b-break the cycle now, it’s over.”

Willow gasped in pain as the previously silent night erupted into loud rumbling.

Anya looked up in fear. “Oh god, what is that noise?”

“Osiris, let her cross over!” Willow shouted, then gasped sharply, vocally choking on something as the bubbles in her skin worked to her throat.

“Willow!” Xander shouted.

“Willow!” Tara repeated, terrified for her girlfriend.

The three watched in concern and terror as the young witch gagged. Willow broke her long-held stance of wide open arms and reached for her throat, clawing at it.

“Oh, my god, oh, my god,” Tara gasped in fear.

Willow released her neck and, still choking, fell on her hands, mouth open as if retching. Tara screamed, watching in abject horror.

Willow continued to gag as, ever so slowly, a snake started to slither and writhe its way out of her mouth. She grasped at the soft grass on the ground as it slowly made its way out of her mouth and to the earth.

Xander shifted, torn between helping his friend and following her instructions. Anya was terrified, glancing back and forth between Xander and Tara, looking to them for her cue. Tara stared at Willow hopelessly, muttering to herself. “It’s a test. It’s a test. Willow…”

Then the snake was out.

Willow remained hunched over for a few moments, panting and gasping at what had happened to her.

Then the magic intensified.

Pure magic enveloped Willow as she snapped back up, surrounding the redhead. It appeared as if a column of fire and energy.

Xander sprang into action, holding his candle in his left hand and grabbing for Tara with his right. He pulled the blonde witch to him and Anya and the three huddled together, staring as Willow focused all the magic around her at the grave.

“Osiris, release her!” Willow shouted, the magic swirled around her.

Suddenly, the loud rumbling grew louder and the Buffybot ran out of the forest behind Tara. “Willow! I need service!”

Tara, Xander, and Anya turned to the robot. The Buffybot looked over her shoulder at the loud rumbling.

“Ooh!” the robot muttered before picking her way carefully behind the three frightened people.

Then all hell broke lose.

Demons on motorcycles burst into the clearing, wielding all manner of makeshift weaponry. Several moved to the robot, trapping her off to the side. The ones remaining circled the grave and the four would-be resurrectors.

Anya yelped, dropping her candle. Xander abandoned all pretense and dropped his own candle, grabbing Tara and Anya and pulling them up, clutching them close.

“Willow!” Tara shouted frantically, her candle falling to the ground as the demons circled the redheaded witch.

The three were so panicked, they didn’t notice that their candles’ flames didn’t wink out, but actually grew brighter.

Willow was oblivious to everything around her, focusing solely on the task at hand.

Then the worst happened.

A demon ran over the Urn of Osiris with his bike, smashing it to pieces.

Several things happened in just a few moments.

The magic gathered, then whooshed into the earth.

“No!” Willow howled, then collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Tara rushed forward to the witch, screaming, “Willow!”

She was cut off by a biker-demon, who smiled at her viciously. “Look what I found!”

The demon was cut off as a naked body fell from the sky and landed on top of him.

The body, bruised from the sudden impact with the demon, rolled over onto the ground right next to Anya’s abandoned candle.

Tara, acting on impulse, grabbed it and pulled it back with her to safety beside Anya and Xander. One look downwards confirmed that the body was not Buffy, unless they had horribly messed up the spell and grew the Slayer a third leg.

Anya and Xander were staring at the grave. Tara followed their gazes. Right next to hers and Xander’s candles were two very naked bodies.

The demons stared at the bodies, spooked.

“Magic!” one of them shouted.

Another snarled, turning his attention to the Buffybot. “Get the robot and go!”

Xander saw the opportunity. He rushed forward, sliding to the ground next to Willow and throwing her over his shoulder. Then his conscious started gnawing at him. He turned and scooped the nearest naked body up and over his free shoulder, then looked to the girls. “Take off! Go! Go!”

Tara turned and handed off the man in her arms to Anya. Anya staggered at the sudden weight while Tara grabbed the remaining body. Dragging it none-too-gently, she stumbled for the woods, glancing up to see Anya juggling the body in her arms. “Anya, come on!”

Anya grunted and, with loud noises of effort, dragged the man over the unconscious demon and followed Tara into the woods. Thankfully, the demons did not follow.

Xander sighed in relief as he turned and made for the opposite end of the woods. Once he was a good distance away from the chaos, he stopped, lowering Willow and the strange naked body to the ground as gently as he could.

The strange naked body turned out to be a strange naked woman. A woman with red hair and pale skin that looked remarkably like his Willow. She appeared to be around their age, maybe a year or two older. But besides the uncanny resemblance to the witch on the ground, she was a stranger.

Willow stirred, regaining a small bit of consciousness.

Xander noticed this. “Willow? Willow, you okay?”

The witch looked up at him, panting weakly. “Did it work?”

Xander hesitated a moment, then shook his head. “I’m sorry.”

Willow’s eyes rolled back as she passed out completely.

Xander sighed, looking around as the sounds of chaos blared around him. The fact was that he was in a clearing with two redheads, one that was naked and a stranger, one an exhausted witch, both which were very passed out.

He couldn’t know that one had been very dead until recently. And that deep beneath him, one more dead soul was returning to earth.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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