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Last Line of Defense

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Summary: Every team of heroes thinks they're humanity's last, best and only line of defense. In a cross-over world, that's not the case. These are stories (mostly drabbles) of the worst from another fandom, and scoobies dealing with it. Feel free to add fandoms!

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherdspeyerFR18670001811,34513 Apr 084 Oct 12No

Harry Potter

Author's note: a double-drabble this time; each paragraph is exactly 100 words.


"A poor lookout," they'd said, if the Prime Minister wound up under the "imperious" curse. That Minister himself suspected it would be somewhat worse, and he didn't really trust those who had failed to contain Voldemort so far to protect him or his country now. Was one auror (whatever that was) masquerading as a secretary really adequate security? Besides, protecting England was the Minister's responsibility, and he was not without resources. He wondered if other heads of state received similar visits. This would be the oddest invocation of NATO ever. Ah, good luck, the Americans did know something about magic...

With the Potter brat out of the way (as if a wand could know such things!), Voldemort turned to the muggles. Controlling their Minister required subtlety, so he did it himself. Cautiously, he checked for wards, disillusionment charms, wand cores, even a mother's accursed love. He didn't check for P90s, or soldiers standing very still. It never occurred to him to fear that. But even a wizard like Voldemort needs time to put up a bullet-proof shield, and even a mediocre latin student like Riley Finn knows "imperio". Voldemort fell with three bullets in the back of his head.
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