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Buffy Starseed: The Trainee Years

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Summary: Post season seven, it has really nothing to do with the Buffy-verse, except put Buffy in the Star Wars Universe. Then make her three years old with no memories of her past life, and add a five year old Qui-Gon Jinn and six year old Mace Windu. Yum!

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Chapter One

Buffy Starseed: The Trainee Years

Disclaimer: I own none of Joss’ lovely creations, or Lucas’ ingenious universe. (Weep) But I totally own this idea! It’s my first posted story, so encouragement and helpful points is appreciated. A beta would be nice too, but I might have to put that on the same wish list as a pony.

Summary: The spilled blood of the Key was still apparently effective, and an ancient Grecian artifact comes to life. Buffy, in an effort to save her sister, get’s transported to a universe very unlike her own, and only 3 years old! (Pre- Phantom Menace 42 years)

Chapter 1: In Which Buffy Joins Another Council

Dawn followed closely behind her older sister, thanking all of the gods Willow and Tara had taught her about, for the foresight to wear flats. The temple ruins weren’t a problem for a Slayer, but the twenty-two year old Watcher was having a bit of difficultly scrambling over the fallen pillars. As Buffy threw a slab of marble away to reveal a hidden passageway Dawn groaned inwardly. ‘Great, more bloody scrambling about in dark cramped quarters!’

The Grecian ruins were discovered by tourist, believe it or not. Luckily, the tour guide had connections to the Council, mostly to keep people away from the truly dangerous ruins. This was supposed to be a temple of sorts dedicated to Cronos, Titian of Time and Space, and an incredibly violent and volatile immortal. The Council immediately dispatched the eldest Slayer and the newest official Watcher, Dawn to deal with whatever nastiness was probably buried in the ruins and retrieve The Blade of Time and Space, which was said to be buried in a lost Greek ruins.

Dank and musty as the basement of the ancient temple was, Buffy didn’t make a single quip. Much of the light the oldest Slayer held had faded, thanks to so many years of slaying when all her predecessors had long since been laid to rest. The destruction of Angel and the Fang Gang had been a heavy blow, followed not six months later the news of the death of Willow, Xander, and two baby Slayers, who gave up their lives to keep the Cleveland Hellmouth from opening. As these morose memories chased themselves around Buffy’s mind, she was distracted from her tingly spider sense.

Suddenly, a mob of black robed me sprang out and attacked Buffy, three breaking off to grab Dawn.

“Freedom of the true gods, all hail the Titians!”cried the leading attacker, charging madly with two knives.

Though startled, Buffy smoothly pivoted on the balls of one foot, lashing out with the other, and sending the lead robed figure flying back. Drawing her sword quickly, Buffy blocked the downward strike of another figure’s knife, a long and wickedly curved blade. Continuing to strike with liquid speed and grace, in a matter of minutes Buffy managed to dispatch all her attackers as well as finish off the last of Dawn’s enemies, Dawn herself taking out two of them with the knives Spike taught her to fight with. But not before the last dying figure slashed Dawn’s thigh, and smeared her blood across a statue of what looked like the Grim Reaper’s staff, blade included. With a furious slash, Buffy cleanly removed his head.

“Dawnie, where’s your med kit,” Buffy asked urgently, hoping the deranged idiot hadn’t hit an artery. Dawn tossed her the kit, standard equipment for all Slayers and Watchers, and continued to clench her teeth. It burned like a bitch, and Dawn was more than happy to let Buffy patch her up.

Buffy made a hasty tourniquet, stooping the blood flow, and then gently bandaged her sister’s leg. With a final twist, Buffy secured her bandage job, ‘though a professional would definitely have to take a look,’ decided Buffy.

“Uh, Buffy…” Dawn said, her eyes getting huge. Buffy followed her line of vision and saw just what was so shocking. The Blade of Time and Space was glowing green, the color of the Key.

“Now that just can’t be good,” Buffy stated, drawing Dawn and herself slowly away from the glowing, and now vibrating, object. “Dawn, just what does this thing do?”

“Well that’s the thing,” replied Dawn shakily with fear and blood loss, “we don’t really know.”

“And our day keeps getting’ better,” muttered Buffy. Or at least she tried to mutter, because then wide band of green light shot out, and Buffy quickly covered Dawn, letting one of the beams strike her instead. With a short shriek of pain, Buffy herself briefly glowed Key-green, and disappeared.

“NOOOO, BUFFY!” screamed Dawn.

“SO MOTE IT BE, MY DEBT IS PAID.” came a sonorous voice from what seemed to be all corners of the room. The Blade of Time and Space stopped glowing, plunging Dawn into darkness.

BtVS * SW * BtVS * SW * BtVS

Terrible pain ripped through Buffy’s body as she hurtled though and entirely green space. With an abrupt and jarring slam however, Buffy’s trip halted, though nothing but more green seemed to surround her.

“Hey kid, long time no see,” came the Bronx accented voice, to whom Buffy ascribed all her troubles…or most of them any way.

“Whistler, how I dream that I’d never see you again.” Buffy snarked, the lingering pain coursing through her veins making her crankier than usual, which is to say something since she hated Whistler.

“Well Slayer, you’re actually gonna get that wish. Now hang on,” Whistler said, holding up a hand to stall Buffy’s questions, “lemme tell ya what’s gonna happen before ya start ya questions. First, the demon called Cronos, fella who made and used the Blade of Time and Space, owed this other universe, ‘cause he unbalanced it, lettin’ in an influx of evil. Now, they managed to right themselves back, but Cronos stilled owed them. So now the Powers from that universe have cashed the check, and you’re the pay-off sweetheart.”

“What the hell Whistler, why me? Haven’t I done enough? And how the hell do I get back home?” Buffy was so sick of the Powers that Be screwing her over, and really wanted to rip out Whistlers ribcage. The balance demon must have seen something terrifying in her eyes, and quickly finished his explanation.

“Well that’s just it kid, this is a one way ticket, and well, you aren’t gonna be the same person even.” Seeing the rage build up in the Slayer’s eyes, Whistler said a hasty good bye, and sent her zipping off again, glad that he would never have to deal with her again.

As Buffy fell onward, she saw her life play out in front of her eyes, from the moment she was born, to being called, dying the first time, Dawn being inserted, dying the second time, Heaven, coming back to life, dying the third time and being revived by Willow, defeating the first, and every memory she’d ever had, even if she couldn’t remember it before.

‘These will be held for you,’ came a gentle mental voice, more of a feeling than actual sound. ‘You can live your new life without regrets to hinder you, and in time, you will regain all you have lost.” Then darkness came over Buffy and see knew no more.

BtVS * SW * BtVS * SW * BtVS

Ki-Adi-Mundi walked slowly down to the lower levels of Coruscant, not sure why the Force was leading him there. He was a new Knight, and soon headed home to start a family, since males were rarely born on Cerea the Jedi Council made an exception for him. But for now the Force was pulsing brightly, an almost visible line leading to something…or someone.

After ten minutes more of scrambling over garbage, and ducking low hanging ceilings, Ki-Adi-Mundi nearly stumbled over the very thing the Force was leading him to. A very young and quite small humanoid girl. She was wrapped in oversized clothes of a make that Ki-Adi-Mundi could not identify, and shivering. And she practically glowed in his Force-sense. Making a quick decision, Ki-Adi-Mundi scooped up the child, wrapped her in his cloak, and made his way back to the Jedi Temple, not knowing that this simple act would change the fate of the Jedi forever.

Author’s Note- Yay, here’s my precious. Tell me what you think, pretty please?
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