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Bar Therapy

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Summary: Faith-Jack-Drinking-Pool Hall - Response to FaithUnbreakable's 4-Letter-Drabble-Challenge

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Stargate > Faith-CenteredScrappychicFR1311,4181112,08415 Apr 0815 Apr 08Yes
A/N: Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em. I really wish I did. (Please note my use of the “W” word here… unfortunately it didn’t work this time, but if anyone knows a “Justice” demon they can point my way I’ll see what I can do about that.)

Also, I don’t have a beta of any sort, don’t plan on getting one anytime soon since I don’t have any large stories being written… so, any mistakes are my own, feel free to point them out.

This is set post Chosen for Buffy and some random point in Stargate: SG-1 when the original team is still together.

This is a response to FaithUnbreakable’s 4-Letter-Drabble-Challenge (#959)

Open some kind of text file and close your eyes, blindly type four letters and one digit.
The first two letters are your characters. Just pick two that fit those letters.
Letters 3 and 4 are the subject of your drabble; just pick a noun that starts with the letter you typed.
The digit is your word count. Multiply it by one hundred and you’ve got your word count

Here’s my breakdown: I typed FJDP5
F = Faith
J = Jack O’Neill
D = Drinking
P = Pool Hall
5 = 500 words

The dark haired, leather clad woman marched into the bar like she owned the place. She glanced around quickly, taking in the room around her before throwing herself down on a barstool, barely looking up long enough to order a drink from the part-time bartender who was so new half the regulars at the bar still couldn’t remember his name.

Jack O’Neill pulled his attention away from the woman and turned back to the discussion between Daniel and Sam that he had been trying his damndest to ignore most of the evening. More science stuff; imagine that. He thought with a shake of his head.

“Come on guys.” Jack berated them; finally speaking what had been on his mind for the last half hour. You spend all week long under the Mountain, dealing with this kind of stuff, and yet it’s still all you can talk about when we actually get everyone away from there for an evening out?” He paused for a minute and looked at his three friends. “Oh, never mind” he said, seeing Sam and Daniel’s baffled faces and Teal’c’s stoic one. “I’ll go get the next round. Be right back.”

He stood at the bar, waiting for the bartender to return from dealing with a problem across the room. The customers he was dealing with looked like typical tourists. Typical except for the complete hissy fit they were throwing over some problem with their order. Currently two waitresses and the bartender were trying to calm the couple down and resolve the issue. It didn’t look like they were being very successful at it. Jack turned back towards the bar with a sigh and sat down, deciding this might take a bit longer than he expected. On a brighter note he thought, glancing back at his team with a quick grin, he would miss out on all the techno-babble that was going on back there for at least a few more minutes. He looked around and noticed that he was just a few seats away from the brunette he had taken note of earlier.

“Hey kid, I don’t think they’re gonna drink themselves.” He said to her with a smirk indicating the three full shot glasses and half-full bottle of tequila in front of her.

Her dark eyes lifted towards the older man, glistening with what Jack guessed were unshed tears. “Yo pops, I didn’t ask for any damn advice. And by the by, before you get any other thoughts in your head, I ain’t interested.” She said, through gritted teeth, her voice lowering to a growl as she uttered the last few words before she turned to the untouched glasses, lifting the one closest to her and downing it without an expression.

Jack raised his hands, feigning self defense. “Hey sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just making conversation, waitin’ for the bartender to get done with them.” he said using his thumb to indicate the couple who was still having a major meltdown. She glanced towards the angry customers quickly before turning back to her bottle, refilling the same glass and having another shot, obviously waiting for Jack to take the hint.

Unfortunately for her, Jack was never very good at taking hints, not unless they happened to wallop him upside the head a time or two. “You want to talk about it kid?” he asked quietly.

A startled laugh escaped her lips. “Talk about it? If I wanted to talk about it, I’d go to the fucking company head shrinker they’ve been trying to send me to for the past three days. If I wanted to talk about it I’d go to some of the people who knew the two of them so we could talk about it together.” She said and Jack finally began to understand the three shot glasses sitting before her; one that she kept drinking and refilling, the other two that sat untouched. He’d seen plenty of soldiers do the same thing when they’d lost someone in battle. Hell, he’d even done it himself; most recently after losing Kowalsky to the damned snakeheads.

The woman had a third shot in as many minutes, refilling it and quickly having a fourth. At this rate, Jack thought, she’d soon be unable to walk. He was about to caution her when she began speaking again.

“A fucking pool hall.” She shook her head and laughed dryly. “What in the hell possessed the two of them to willingly go into a room filled with that many sharp pointy wooden sticks is fucking beyond me.” Jack had no idea what pool cues had to do with her dead friends, but he kept his mouth shut, silently keeping track in his head of how many shots she had 5…6… He didn’t know why, but this girl, who could so obviously take care of herself, was bringing out his protective side. “And the bitch that took them down. She was supposed to be one of ours, a ‘mini’.” 7 Jack counted to himself as she took a breath and a shot nearly at the same time before continuing. “But we never got to her in time. If only we would have found her sooner, it never would have happened. She would have known what they were and why they were different.” The woman stopped speaking, wiping angry tears from her cheeks. She looked up at Jack, obviously startled by how much she’d said, silently blaming it on the tequila even though she knew that it didn’t affect her the same way it did normal people.

“Damn Pops, I think you were right. I think I do need to talk about this with someone.” She said throwing some bills on the bar beside the drinks. She stood and started to walk towards the door, each step steady and sure, not at all like Jack thought she should be walking after that many drinks. He got up from the bar and started to head back to his team, pausing and turning towards the exit when he heard her voice call out. “Hey Pops.” She smiled and gave him a sultry wink. “Thanks.”

“Yeah sure you betcha.” Jack replied giving her a lazy salute and watching her leave the bar with just a little more sway to her hips than she’d had when she entered. Turning back to take his seat at SG-1’s regular table he noticed the team was strangely silent, watching the interaction between their leader and the woman whose name he’d never gotten.

“So Jack,” Daniel said with a lazy grin. “Friend of yours?”

A/N: I’ll mention that I WAAAAYYY surpassed my intended goal for word count. This is only the second fic I’ve written and I didn’t want to quell my muse by limiting her, so I said, “Muse, Go with it!” The muse didn’t actually answer me, which is probably a good thing, but I ended up with 1100 words, so it’s obvious she took what I said at face value.

The other thing I wanted to say is that when I came up with the subjects for the fic I wasn’t imagining what I ended up with. I was thinking of a light, fluffy fic involving Faith and Jack having a few drinks and one of them challenging the other to a game of pool. Easy-peasy, 500 words… Yeah right! Oh well, I’m happy with what came out, hopefully you guys are too.

Oh, by the way, in case you didn’t catch it, the two who were killed in the Pool Hall were Angel and Spike.

The End

You have reached the end of "Bar Therapy". This story is complete.

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