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Dreams in the key of Green

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Summary: Buffy has an odd dream involving our favorite ogre and Prince Smarmy, I mean Charming.

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Movies > ShrekStardustFR718590174315 Apr 0815 Apr 08Yes
a/n something rather random and slightly amusing just because I'm easily amused at this moment. Buffy Summers meets up with Shrek and Prince Charming in her dreams, but is it slayer related or not.

disclaimer: I don't own anything other then the series on dvd and the idea. But even that's questionable sometimes.

fic here-

Buffy glanced around in confusion, she remembered being rather deeply asleep in Rome, but here she was walking through a rather nicely decorated hallway of what looked like a castle. She wasn't sure how she'd gotten there, but she certainly wasn't about to question the dream. She knew it wasn't supposed to be that easily figured out. She looked out a nearby window and noticed that there was giant green ogre, normally by reputation they were mean but this one almost seemed nice, frustrated but nice. Especially when she noticed the other person who was in the main courtyard with him. A blonde man, rather handsome but angry about how he felt something had been taken from him. She shut out her thoughts and listened to what she could hear from below.

"Alright Charming, Fiona's managed to talk me out of letting Dragon eat you just out of spite for everything you and your mum have done, so instead you have the option of staying here and working with the horses, making sure they are groomed and well taken care of. Or you can go into exile into whichever dimension King Arthur's wizard friend can locate." The Ogre said pacing a little before the blond man.

Who simply sneered, "Why wouldn't I just take the third choice and go into hiding before I come back and make my mark on Far far away." Charming said, tossing his hair back as best he could, "after all you keep forgetting I'm a Prince. You're just an Ogre who got lucky by marrying a princess. And not just any princess mind you, but one my mother had hand picked and 'blessed' just for the purpose of making sure she was still waiting for me when I finally remembered where she had been located."

"Yes well you failed Charming, you got there a few months too late, but you were there in time for the ball in our honor, and again in time for the christening of the kids." Shrek sighed as though they had been through this several times. "Any other pleas Charming? I'm afraid that's as lenient as I can be at this time. Of course your mother's company could use a decent hand working it."

Charming smiled, "It's going to be hard work getting it back in shape, so I think I'll work there."

Buffy watched as the one called Charming was released from his shackles and sent off on a white horse with a few guards. She didn't even notice the other ogre coming up behind her with the queen mother and King Arthur.

"I don't know mother, Shrek just said that she was busy and that she might be able to come if we sent the proper summons. It's hard to say what she would be able to do to help with the clean up after Charming's last attempted coup." The red haired ogre said softly.

"Is that her there, she looks rather pretty in a fairy sort of way, I do hope she doesn't end up quite like Godmother did, all obsessed with power and positioning." Arthur asked, "At least from the stories that you and Shrek both said."

"Oh trust me, I'm not about power and positioning, the less power and positioning the better." Buffy stated, not turning from the window and continuing to watch Shrek, "Charming looks like he might still be trouble, but I'll see what I can do to minimize the risk. I might be able to send some of the girls here. I'll be in touch, do let Shrek know that. I'm sure it will help put his mind at ease about the Charming issue."

"Girls? You'd send girls to fight against whatever mischief Charming could cook up?" The queen mother asked, "how odd."

"Mother remember when Charming and Rapunzel were plotting against us and the rest of the princesses helped us to fight back. I think it might be something like that. And they may be able to help us think of new ways to defend Far Far Away." Fiona said with a small smile of rememberance.

Arthur grinned at the smile on Fiona's face, "Do you think we'll need to tell Puss or Donkey, just in case there's another appearance like this? Oh, don't hurt Dragon, she's such a nice lady when not being poked at."

"Aren't we all." Buffy said before she noticed something darker edging into the colorful landscape. "It's time for me to head off, It may finally be Apocalypse season in my part of the world, it's been a little quiet."

Safe in her own bed Buffy jerked awake to the sounds of shouting about locating the weapons and just exactly where had Andrew stashed the hot pockets. "Hmmm, Charming Shrek and Fiona." She grabbed her journal off the end table and scribbled down everything she could remember and also a note to research portals and summons.

-end fic

The End

You have reached the end of "Dreams in the key of Green". This story is complete.

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