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Summary: Dawn doesn't want to miss the rush.

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Television > Dexter(Past Donor)lucidityFR1598,47036613,18516 Apr 0829 Jul 08Yes

Not a Stalker

A/N: Okay – due to the demand … Have Chapter Two!


Dawn had always been sneaky. It was in her blood. Even in her fake memories she was always listening through doors and peeking around corners.

The police lights reflected off the wet street as she pulled up across from the crime scene. She hopped off her bike and grabbed her bag from the back before entering the hotel that faced the park. Bypassing the front desk, she climbed to the third floor and turned left to the park side of the building. The window at the end of the hall gave her a clear view of policemen milling around in the park.

They always look so bored.

The scene was close to her apartment, so she’d gotten there fast – a cop was just finishing putting up the tape and a couple others were interviewing a round white guy with a German Shepard. Probably the guy that found the unlucky victim.

She pulled her binoculars from her bag and took a closer look at the body. Dark brown skin, medium build, gave the impression of male but it was hard to tell from her angle. A slash was visible at the neck. Amazing the mischief a knife wound can mask.

She heard a door open and rested the binoculars on the sill in front of her, waiting until the footsteps had receded down the stairs before glancing over her shoulder. Clear.

Her bag held a couple of the books from her Police Academy classes. Flipping through one, she found a simplified list of what happens at a cold crime scene. The team below was somewhere between “clear the area” and “check the victim for identification”.

She watched as they proceeded, half-heartedly following along in her book. A few people came and went in the hall behind her, but she paid them no mind. Don’t mind the girl reading by the window.

Then his car arrived. She peered through the lenses that brought him closer to her. She could almost smell him – not that she ever had. She might be interested, but she wasn’t a stalker. She’d only come to six or seven crime scenes since she’d first seen him three months prior. The fact that she’d also done some hacking into a bit of his less-than-public records just meant she was inquisitive. As a scientist, she was sure he would appreciate that.

He walked calmly over to the body and squatted. He bent close to the chest and turned his head to note the angle of trajectory of the splatter. The setting sun showed the blood in a dark red splash on the grass. After all the death she’d seen in her life, she could tell from three stories up that there wasn’t enough blood. She watched as Dexter figured out the same thing.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. She put down the binoculars. The screen flashed “Annoyance”. She answered it.

“Hey Buffy.”

“Dawnie! I’m so glad you picked up! It’s been like a week and a half since we talked – how are you?”

She watched as the police laid out a bag to put the body in. Dexter moved to help them lift the body, but cringed when he stretched out his left arm. Instead of helping, he stepped back, limping slightly once before regaining his even stride. He walked to a tree and leaned his back against it.

What do you do when you’re not on the job?

“Yeah. I’m good. You? Anything out of the ordinary going on?”

“Nah – Same old thing. Oh – Xander says hi. He also says goodnight. We’re just getting in from the patrol that wouldn’t end.”

Dawn paid more attention for a moment. “You said nothing out of the ordinary …”

“Oh – nothing like that.” Buffy chuckled. “Xander’s car broke down. Well, the axle broke down, anyway. Apparently cars here aren’t designed to run over Pilknish demons or whatever the hell it was.”

“Poor Xander’s car.”

“Yep. How’s that motorcycle of yours?”

Dawn sighed, “Fine, Buffy.”

“You do at least where the helmet, right?”

“Of course. You think I have a death wish?” Dawn usually did wear the helmet, though it didn’t make it onto her head on the ride she’d just took. She could swear sometimes Buffy had her watched. Dawn chuckled as she thought of what her sister would say if she knew she was currently spying on a man measuring blood splatter. He had asked a Cuban-looking man to hold the other end of the tape where the dead guy’s head had been.

Dawn asked, “You still in love with Rome?”

“Of course. I miss you though.”


“I know, I know, you’re living your own life. It’s good. Really. I just miss you, that’s all.”

“Sure.” Dawn had nothing more to say about that argument.

“You liking your classes?”

“Yeah. They’re still good – great. Especially the forensic stuff.” She really was excited about the classes. She heard Buffy yawn after a couple minutes of extrapolation on her classes, and her classmates.

“Am I boring you, Buff?”

“No, no – it’s just late – early – whatever. Please, continue.”

“Funny. I know, you want action not education, right? Well, it just so happens education includes action. I totally kicked ass today. I’m the fastest in my class at taking down a perp slash teacher.”

“You get to tackle your teachers? Damn – maybe I should have taken that aptitude test more seriously. I would love to tackle a few authority figures.”

The line was quiet as Buffy yawned again and Dawn watched most of the police leave the scene. Dexter was still standing, looking around. Maybe looking for the missing blood.

Buffy’s voice brought her back to the conversation. “So are you seeing anybody?”

“No, no one special.”

“Oh come on. I know you – you’ve never been without a crush! You must have your eye on someone.”

Dawn picked up the binoculars again before answering her sister. Dexter’s face showed his interest in the mystery of his new case. She could see it in his eyes. Like a shark that scents blood in the water. He turned and walked back to his car. She could see now that he was covering a limp.

“You could say that. Look, Buff, I gotta go, and I’m thinking you should probably get to bed.”

“Oh. Okay. Yeah. I’ll talk to you later then, okay?”

Dawn scooped up her bag and moved back to the stairs. “Definitely. Sleep well – and say hi to everyone.”

“Will do. Love you.”

“You too, sis. Bye.”

Dawn tossed the phone in her bag and it in a saddle bag on the bike. As Dexter pulled out in his SUV, her bike hummed to life. She followed him.
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