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Summary: Dawn doesn't want to miss the rush.

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Television > Dexter(Past Donor)lucidityFR1598,47036613,20616 Apr 0829 Jul 08Yes

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Three months after that first patrol together, Dawn and Dexter had settled into a routine. Once a week, on a random day, they would head out together to hunt. Dawn still spent time out on her own, though she tried to keep the messier jobs for Dexter.

Dexter, too, spent time out on his own. But now, instead of all the accumulated rage that had once caused him to go so far with his victims, he was satisfied with the extra danger and skill involved with hunting non-human demons. Mostly.

A few weeks in, Dawn was sure of their friendship. She began trusting him with more of herself - sharing with him more about her past, and about her family. They even had dinner with Buffy and Xander when they came to visit. It took a bit to convince the two that they were just friends, especially since they didn’t let Buffy and Xander in on their extra-curricular policing of the neighborhood. But in the end, Dawn was independent now. Buffy and Xander were just happy that Dawn had found such a nice, preppy-looking friend.

Dawn was Dexter’s secret, and hunting with Dexter was Dawn’s. They both loved the sneaking around – craved it like blood. So they continued, even after Dawn finally became a beat cop.

Eventually, one of them would get caught – but until they were arrested or killed, they would continue because they both understood it wasn’t about safety. It wasn’t about fun. It was about saving lives, taking lives, and almost loosing. It was about not quite dying.

It was about the rush.


A/N: I know, quick end. Hope you liked it anyway. If I get like a ton of feedback, I might come back to this in the future, but I’m concentrating on my original novel these days and didn’t want to leave you all hanging.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading. Please, let me know what you think. And above all else, take up the slack for me – write some Dexter fics! Take my idea and run with it if you want, or come up with your own. I might not be writing much on here for a little while, but I’m still reading! I look forward to reading your take on one of our favorite monsters!

The End

You have reached the end of "Rush". This story is complete.

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