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Summary: Faith makes a little bet with Kennedy while sparring. Light Femslash B/F B/K

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Literature > Fantasy > Destroyer, TheRtaniFR1811,250151,39616 Apr 0816 Apr 08Yes
Title: Four

Author: Rtani

Pairings Buffy/Kennedy Buffy/Faith

Summery: Faith makes a little bet with Kennedy while sparring. Light Fem-slash B/F B/K

Disclaimers: Buffy the vampire slayer belongs to Joss Whedon: The Destroyer belongs to Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.

AN: Post season 7 location: warehouse near Cleveland. Address undisclosed by order of the New Watchers Council.


As Buffy, Willow and Xander approached the training room door they heard Faith and Kennedy arguing, again.

“Great, don’t those two ever take a break?” Mumbled Buffy.

Willow sighed deeply her girlfriend and Faith had been fighting ever since Faith finally hooked up with her best friend. Kennedy just couldn’t understand why Faith was so attracted to Buffy and truth be told, neither did she. Her girlfriend never did like the original chosen one and ever since the night they kicked Buffy out, Buffy more or less didn’t like her back.

The three saw both girls facing off in the middle of the training room, both wearing sports bras and workout pants.

“Four?” said Kennedy with a disbelieving look on her face.

“You heard me, four.” Said Faith.

“Your delusional Faith, there is no way that Bitch could ever do it, even if she used all thirty-seven.” Stated Kennedy her voice full of contempt.

“Fifty bucks says ya don’t make it passed four, now put up or shut up.” Said Faith waving the money.

“You’re on.” Growled Kennedy as she dug fifty from her own pocket .

“What are you two arguing about now?” said Buffy walking up to them.

Faith looked over at Buffy and gave her best sexy smile “Good timing B, I bet Kennedy she couldn’t get passed four, she seems to think she can do thirty-seven.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at her girlfriend “You know I don’t like doing this to people I am not involved with.”

“Please B, just for me?” pleaded Faith.

Buffy gave the others a martyred look “Oh ok, but you are so taking me clubbing tonight with the winnings.”

“Sure thing B.” said Faith flashing her brilliant smile.

Kennedy smirked “Willow can hold the money since its going to be ours in a few minutes anyway. Problem?”

Faith shook her head “Five by five.” As she handed Willow the fifty dollars.

Willow accepted the money from both girls still trying to figure out just what was going on.

Buffy walked up to Kennedy “You ready?” she asked gently.

Kennedy just smirked and nodded.

Buffy picked up Kennedy’s left hand turning it palm up and with her right hand started lightly tapping the girl’s wrist with her middle finger in time with her pulse. After a minute Kennedy’s smirk fell off her face as she started squirming a little.

Then Buffy picked up her right arm turning it palm up again she lightly started to rub the hollow on the inside of her elbow in little counter-clockwise circles. Again after a minute Kennedy’s pulse had started to quicken and her breathing was becoming ragged a light flush creeping up her neck.

Buffy released her arm and moved her hand to the left side of Kennedy’s neck and started to lightly tap her pulse point in rhythm to the flushed girls heart beat.

Willow’s eyes were growing large as she saw a light sheen of perspiration appear on her girlfriend’s forehead recognizing the sign of Kennedy’s rapidly growing arousal.

Buffy smiled when she heard a small involuntary moan escape Kennedy’s lips as her eyes drooped closed. After a minute she saw goose bumps appear on Kennedy’s quivering arms and knew it was time for step four as she drew the fingernails of her left hand up the girl’s abdomen with a feather light touch.

Kennedy gasped as her eyes flew open at the intensity of the orgasm that hit her. Seconds later Kennedy’s eyes then rolled back into her head and she moaned loudly as a second powerful orgasm rippled through her, causing her knees to buckle sending her quivering to the training room floor.

Willow and Xander stood stunned, eyes and eye, bulging out, their jaws were agape as they saw Kennedy’s back arc up as a third powerful orgasm ripped through her causing the girl to scream out in pleasure “OH… MY… GODDESS!”

Faith chuckled “Ya still got the touch B.”

Buffy smiled at her girlfriend “Ya… like riding a bicycle… ya never forget. I’m hungry. I’ll go make us a couple of sandwiches and bring them to our room we can eat before heading out.” As she lean in to give Faith a sweet kiss.

Faith nodded “It’s a plan B.” as she watched Buffy saunter out toward the kitchen.

Faith walked over to Willow and plucked her winnings from the stunned redhead’s hand “Thanks Red. B and I will enjoy this tonight.” Said Faith with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Willow shook her head “Ok, *WHAT* the frilly heck did Buffy do to my girlfriend?” as she looked down at the still quivering girl.

“Well Wills, it looks to me that Kennedy’s having a *VERY* good time.” Snickered Xander.

Willow turned to him “I see that Xander… but how?” She turned back to Faith “How… how did she do it?”

Faith smiled at her smugly “Well ya see Red, when Buffy was first chosen her first Watcher, Merrick, sent for some old Korean martial arts master named… Chin... Chan…” Faith took a moment then snapped her fingers “Chiun!”

“Anyway this Chiun guy owed Merrick a big favor, so he agreed to train B In some super ninja stuff and along the way he trained her in the thirty-seven steps to bring a woman to sexual fulfillment. Personally, I have never made it passed step nine before… well…” she pointed at the quietly moaning Kennedy.

Willow gulped “Thirty-seven.” Looking at the puddle of orgasmic bliss that was her girlfriend after just step four.

“I hear ya there Red. Buffy claimed she made it to twelve, once, when Remo came to visit her after ya brought her back from her second death. But I think she was just yanking my chain with that.” Said Faith.

Both Willow and Xander were looking at Faith like she had grown an extra head or something.

“What? Ya don’t seriously think B got a two hundred and fifty year old vamp, a one hundred and fifty year old vamp, not to mention me, the original bad girl, the get some get gone Slayer to fall head over heels in love with her, without having mad skills in the sack. Now did ya?” Said Faith.

Willow blinked owlishly at Faith her eyes slightly dilated “Oh… Ahhh… excuse me.” As she turned and trotted quickly off after Buffy calling for her to wait up.

Faith snickered as she heard the redhead’s voice as it faded down the hall.

“Hay, Xand man, you should ask that pretty slayer Renee to go dancing with B and I, she has the hots for you ya know.” Said Faith as she finished counting her money.

Xander just stood there looking confused at Kennedy who was curling up into a ball on the floor.

“Xander.” Faith snapped her fingers in front of his face breaking his trance.

“What, huh?” he said.

Faith shook her head “Never mind Xand man, never mind.” Said Faith stepping over Kennedy on her way to the showers.

Xander watched her go then looked down on the now sleeping girl and noted the blissful little smile on her face and grunted before heading out to see what Andrew was up to.


The End

You have reached the end of "Four". This story is complete.

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