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Little WhiteKnight of Middle Earth

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Summary: Xander is wished away and becomes a child once more . . . An elfling. Was called 'Sweet Elfling' changed title.Might have slash in it, if I feel like it.

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Author: MerKat
Fandom: BTVS/ LOTR
Summary: Wished away Xander wakes up as a child . . . an elfling.
Archive: Slash. Male on Male. Maybe some het too! Might not have any pairings!
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17 Just to give myself room from much later chapters.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners. That means I own nothing and have zero money. . .
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.
Chapter 3

Elladan frowned from his spot hidden in the trees, the forest felt different. Colder and darker then it should be. The leaf matter and branches kept brushing and prodding him, the trees were worried so he should be too. Jumping out of his hiding place he went straight to Legolas and awoke the blond from his beauty sleep.

Sitting up with a start Legolas glared at the twin before him too tired at the moment to care which he was. “What?” He all but growled.

“Something is afoot. Do you hear anything? Open those big ears up while I go and wake Elorhir!”

Not glaring and wide-awake Legolas walked quietly around the clearing, something was a miss. The horses twitched and were sweating with worry, the trees stirred and moved, made motions that were more then wind. Legolas looked to the trees and watched as all of them moved in a single direction, pointing up the creak. ( This . . .way . . .elfl . . .)

“We need to follow the trees. They worry for us. Something is here.”

“Orcs?” Asked a still sleepy eyed Elorhir.

Legolas shook his head. “Don’t know.”

“Then let us find out.” Said Elladan already on his horse, the large brown stallion ready to run. Nodding the other two quickly hopped onto their mares and road after the stallion ahead of them.

The trees swayed more violently, urging the elves onward.


Curled into a ball Xander tried to keep as much warmth with him as he could, but as he slept his fingers grew numb and the chills were setting in. Shifting around Xander tried to stay asleep, but it was in vain, like holding water in a net. His mind started to clear from its peaceful fog and the racket of the trees started reaching his numb little pointed ears.


(Wolves come!)

(Up our branches you must climb!)

(Wake little elf!)

(Danger! Is here!)

Sitting up Xander rubbed at his eyes, a little pout on his face. It took a moment for the warning to reach his sleep clouded mind, but when it did Xander stood up and tried to reach the opening to the hole. But the slope of the hole was slick with rich mud and moss and his little fingers could find no hold. He kept trying to get out and kept sliding back down. Heart thumping in his throat Xander tried to reach for a root at the entrance of the hole, but it was wet and his cold fingers wouldn’t grip right.

Glaring hatefully at the branch Xander jumped one last time, and finally grasped the end of a slippery root. With mud in-between his little toes and covering his knobby knees, Xander slowly started crawling out from under the tree. His little arms had just touched hard packed dirt when all sound stopped. No crickets humming, no birds chirping, even the tress seemed to loose their voices.

“Oh, shit.” Xander mumbled then frowned, his words had sounded like ‘Auh, shif.’, he’d have to work on his pronunciation. Especially for cursing the baddies, what would be the point in insulting someone if they couldn’t understand him!

Eyes wide-open Xander looked around him searching for something he could use as a weapon. He was hellmouth born! A dark forest and wolves don’t scare him! Picking up a rock with a slightly sharp point, Xander held it tight to him. It was a pathetic weapon, but he faced tougher things with just a rock!

Clutching his blanket to him for dear life, Xander stumbled out of the hole. Looking at the trees, the bushes, and the rolling hills, Xander tried to find the danger before it found him. But it was very dark and hardly enough moonlight for him to see the ground, when he finally spotted the danger it was almost on top of him! Staring into large yellow eyes and teeth Xander could only do one thing . . . scream.

Running through the forest the leader of the wargs panted with disappointment. The deer were too fast for them now! Even the sick and young deer could outrun them! What insult!

And now they had injuries. A young buck full of pride and bravery had attacked the wargs instead of running. That buck should have been the wargs much needed meal, instead the buck had used hoof and antler to wound and kill the wolves. One warg had been pummeled to death, another had lost an eye to a well placed hoof, and even the leader had deep cuts on his side from sharp antlers.

The leaders stomach growled and he growled back at it, there was nothing he could do to fix it! They should return to the cave, lick their wounds and sleep, but hunger drove them.

Sniffling around the leaders ears perked up, an elf pup was near by and alone. The wolf could feel a toothy grin cross its ugly muzzle. It remembered elf meat from when it was a pup, so sweet and moist. The leader remembered it’s mother telling it stories of how good elf pups tasted, how much sweeter they tasted full of fear. The leader growled, he would scare the elf pup then rip it limb from limb.

With renewed energy the wargs ran toward their new prey. On silent feet they crept toward a clearing where the scent of elf pup was strongest. Hearing the sound of feet shuffling toward them the hungry wargs huffed with glee.

‘Yes! Come to my mouth and walk right in!’ The leader growled and bared its teeth. When the elfling was in front of him the leader was going to pounce so he could bat at the pup then eat it, but none of the wargs were prepared for the pup’s loud ear hurting scream.

Confused two wargs skittered away, fearful, worried that the elf pup had called for others of its pack. The last eight wargs stayed with the leader, so hungry they would take on anything just for a scrap of meat.

Ridding along the elves followed the trees but when they heard the scream of a child they doubled their effort and pushed their elven steeds to their limits. They had to reach the child, no elf could stand by while a child was hurting or scared!

Ridding slightly ahead on his much lighter and faster mare Legolas spotted the trouble. In the distance he could see wolves starting to surround a small figure. “Wargs ahead to us my friends! They have a child alone and cornered!”

Pulling out his bow Legolas fired.

Wide-eyed and full of heart stopping fear Xander started trying to stumble away from the pony sized wolves around him. The biggest one with thick matted black fur growled and slowly started after Xander. Biting his lip Xander’s eyes darted about, trying to find a place to run, a tree low enough for him to climb, a hole small enough so they could not follow. Nothing. All the trees were too tall, his old shelter was behind him but even the big wolf could follow him in!

Turning around Xander ran for it, cursing Willow, wolves, and small stubby legs as he went. Falling when the big wolf jumped at him, Xander rolled and tried to twist away from its sharp snapping teeth. Xander screamed when the wolf bit into his arm, well more like a testing nip, but it was a deep bleeding bite to Xander! The wolf licked its chops and seemed ready to take another bite out of Xander, panicked Xander swung at it with his rock, hitting the wolf upside the head. While the wolf stood there slightly dazed Xander scrambled onto his feet and ran for his talking tree, the large hole wasn’t a very good place to hide himself but it was the only place he could think of at the moment.

As he ran Xander was going to clutch at his blanket for comfort only to realize it was gone! Turning around Xander looked behind him, it was at the large wolf’s feet. Xander’ could feel his lip wanting to wobble, but pushed those feelings down! Crying for the blanket wouldn’t help him any! Running and stumbling along Xander could hear the wolves right on his tail. They were playing with him, herding him, toying with him. Bumping him and brushing against him, making Xander feel completely helpless.

Nearing his tree Xander was about to run into it when a wolf jumped him. The smaller red colored wolf clawed at Xander’s small back and was about to take a bite when an arrow came out of nowhere piercing it through the neck. Yelping the wolf fell forward, Xander and the now dead wolf fell into the hole under the birch tree.

Panting Xander lay under the heavy dead wolf, afraid to move, almost afraid to breathe. He waited and listened to the sound of men yell out, horses shriek, and wolves howl with pain and anger.

As a wolf pounced on the small child Legolas let loose an arrow but feared it wouldn’t meet its mark in time. He gasped when the child and wolf seemed to disappear! ‘Did the beast take off with the child in its mouth?! Did my arrow miss its mark?!’

Hearts in their throats the elves attacked the wargs. Elorhir ran through the group of wargs sword swinging about and mare kicking and crushing skulls. Elladan did the same and stayed aboard his stallion that seemed to be as bloodthirsty for warg deaths as his elven sword.

Legolas on the other hand let loose one more arrow from on top of his horse’s back then bound off in search of the child. “Child?! Child?! Where are you? Can you hear me?” Legolas called out in the language of man. He heart felt heavy and in pain when no answer came.

Heart heavy Legolas said a prayer for the child in elfish. “Oh, Valar, please protect the innocent child. Let us find the child safe and alive. Please help us find him.”


Xander snuffled from under the wolf and hated it. He shouldn’t be crying! Getting attacked by wolves was nothing, normal people camping get attacked by wolves, and wolf attacks are normal people troubles. Xander’s a demon hunter! He was a trainer of slayers and watcher, a traveling demon hunter, part of the weekly apocalypse. This was nothing . . . and yet Xander could not quench his tears.

He wanted his blanket.

Xander looked up at the entrance of the hole when a voice called out, but he couldn’t completely understand what it said. It was like Xander knew the language but forgot some of the important words that made a language understandable. But then the sad voice spoke again and Xander understood it perfectly. “Oh, Valar, please protect the innocent child. Let us find the child safe and alive. Please help us find him.”

He was slightly distressed, Xander was sure out of all the languages he knew how to speak he didn’t speak that one. Despite what his brain told his mouth the same language came from Xander’s mouth. That is when Xander realized he had been speaking and thinking in that lovely but unknown language since he woke up.

Sniffling and more distressed with his revelation Xander called out. “In ‘ere. I’m down in dah hole.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Little WhiteKnight of Middle Earth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 08.

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