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Little WhiteKnight of Middle Earth

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Summary: Xander is wished away and becomes a child once more . . . An elfling. Was called 'Sweet Elfling' changed title.Might have slash in it, if I feel like it.

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Lord of the Rings > Xander-CenteredMerKatFR1334,65098820,67218 Apr 0827 Apr 08No

A gift

Title: Wishful gift

Author: MerKat
Fandom: BTVS/ LOTR
Summary: Wished away Xander wakes up as a child . . . an elfling.
Archive: Slash. Male on Male. Maybe some het too! No Xander pairings till he's growed!!
Rating: PG-13 . . . NC17 Just to give myself room for much later chapters.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the craziness that spews out of my head. All characters belong to their respective owners. That means I own nothing and have zero money. . .
Author notes & Warnings: M/M fanfic. No Beta. Be afraid. My mood affects my writing.

A peaceful silence. That was the first thing that registered for Xander when he awoke. A silence so deep and clean no city could make it, no place Xander had ever been. Taking a deep breath of fresh cold air Xander opened his eyes and just stared at the trees surrounding him. All the lush beauty, the peace, and the empty alone feeling in his heart to keep him company. Xander frowned as he continued to lay on the ground wrapped in a soft blue blanket he never remembered ever having. Where was he? Why was he in the forest? And why was everything so damn big?!

Trying to sit up Xander was outrage to find that simple task almost impossible. Muscles weak and bones throbbed from his every move. Xander felt his lip tremble against his will, and before he even knew it he was crying. Well wailing his frustration to the world. Not that anyone would hear him. No one here with him but trees and grass! Raising his hands to his face Xander stared at the small pudgy digits, so smooth and without the wrinkles an adult would have. The sweet innocent hands of a baby.

Xander growled with anger, but in his new body it sounded like a gurgle. Looking up at the sky with eyes so old and guarded Xander cried at the unfairness. Cried like the small child he now is.

He cried for the ‘What ifs?’ the ‘How could they?!’ and the ‘Never have’s’, Xander cried out for his friends. His dead and gone friends. His far away friends still fighting the good fight. He cried and couldn’t seem to stop, his will power downgraded to that of an unhappy tantrum having toddler.

Still snuffling Xander used his now tiny hands to pull himself up, he needed to get up! He was a Scooby! Scooby’s don’t lay on their butt’s and let them spread through the day, they move, they find answers, and then they kick evil butt! Sitting up Xander kept his balance for stage two; crawling. Xander blushed with embarrassment, he knows how to crawl, knows how to walk, but getting his new body to do anything he asks it is a challenge. Hell! Even toddlers walk fine at the age Xander now looked like. ‘Babes walk at two! I look two or three years old or something, I can walk! I can walk! Piece of cake for a Scooby!’

Tipping forward Xander grins, he didn’t fall on his face! On hands and knees Xander the wonder toddler crawled like a pro! Well . . . more like a half blind drunken three legged dog, but still good for the first try.

‘Great! Mastered crawling . . . next walking . . .then talking . . . and growing . . .shit! How am I going to get home!’

“You’re not.”

Xander gasped then let out a small yelp. He would have babbled but he was already depressed, hearing baby talk would make him suicidal. ‘Who the hell are you?!’

The man sitting by baby Xander clucked his tongue and shook his head. “Babies shouldn’t say hell and things like that. Babies are innocent, and you little White-Knight are a baby!”

‘Not by choice, Asshole!’ Xander glared for good measure. But his glare was never that intimidating when he was grown, now it just looked adorable. Round soft rosy cheeks, big doe eyes, pouty mouth, and fluffy brown waves of hair. Xander is cute and the demon could only smile at the sweet child. “Your Willow did this.”

Xander’s eyes widened. Why would his Will’s turn him into a baby? He didn’t mess up a spell, or screw up her love life when he was drunk? Did he? What did he do to get turned into a helpless, short, itty-bitty child?!

“It’s a gift.” The demon before Xander said solemnly.

Xander huffed. ‘Some gift! Like a birthday present? Well go tell her I wanted a motorcycle! Or Miss February! I don’t want to be a baby! Babies have to be taken care of!’

“Exactly! Your Willow realized you were going to be the only survivor of this apocalypse. The only original Scooby as you call it left of them. She knew how much you hated being alone . . . being left behind. So either through great wisdom or stupidity, I can’t decide, she wished that you could start over and have someone take care of you! Well not only did I hear her the Valar did too! Got her wish.”

Xander looked at the wish demon with dread in his heart. ‘So you’re going to leave me here? Small? Unable to do anything?!’

The demon smirked. “No.”

Xander blinked, a slight spark of hope burning in his eyes. Maybe he could get the demon to take it back?! Wish demons always had a price and Xander had nothing of value to give. Nothing left.

“You just woke up before I was done.” Said the demon as he reached out toward Xander. The second his hand touched Xander’s skin he began to burn. He hurt all over as he felt magic shift and move inside his small body, magic he knows well. Willow’s magic, so warm and mothering and yet violent and selfish . . . Willow’s magic. “Don’t worry about a price. The witch gave up her magic . . . You get a free ride in this dimension.”

‘In this dimension?!!’ Was Xander’s last panicked thought before he blacked out.
Groaning the demon lifted his hand away from the child’s tiny chest. He was done. Now Xander Harris, the White-knight, One Who Sees, Protector of man, was the Valar’s problem. Looking at the sky the Justice demon started yelling, calling out in a melodious language, a melodious language that seemed hard on his throat. “I am done with my part! Give him your gifts and such and whatnot! I’m getting out of here! This dimension is making me feel funky, need to get back to my evil laced, lovely sin coated home!” With that said the demon popped away, leaving the special little boy asleep on the forest floor. The child looked a bit older, his skin glowed with health, and magic seemed to sparkle around him like a fresh coating of ice on a window.

When the demon vanished a silvery mist started forming above the boy. ‘Sweet soul . . . you look like a favored one . . . and will be from this day on. Immortal life I give to you, making you Alexander a true elfling.’ The mist reached out for the pointy-eared child and grazed his cheek, the child shimmered, twitched, then started to shudder. A glow formed on his skin, a glow that slowly started to fade into his skin taking the magic with it. Xander now looked like a normal elfling . . . if an elf could ever be called normal, all are special. The Valar felt pleased, young ones were so rare now, and to have this one was a treat. A gift the Powers That Be threw away, a gift the Valar rightly claimed.

‘Change will be coming in this child’s wake.’
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