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What happened?

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Summary: Silence. It was the first thing she noticed, not a sound could be heard.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredDarkSkyFR1531,4010132,87720 Apr 085 Jun 08No

Even Heroes Fall

Albus Dumbledore was enjoying a nice cup of tea in his office after dinner. He suddenly felt that the castle tried to tell him something, he had always had a special connection to it.
He stood up just as he finished the cup; he walked to the window and took a peek outside.
At the edge of the forest he saw a silhouette of a person, but it was too far away to make out any more details.

It seemed like the castle sensed that he was in a hurry because all the stairs cooperated with him, so it only took a few minutes to get down to the main entrance.
From there he continued on to the forest and as he came closer he saw that this person was in fact a young girl. She looked like she had been in the forest for hours, twigs in her hair and cuts on her arms.
He hoped that she hadn’t come across anything dangerous in there.
She didn’t look like she would survive any dangerous encounter with, well anything that lives in there. There is a reason to why it’s called The Forbidden Forest after all.

She took a faltering step; she looked like she would fall at any moment. He increased his speed, he didn’t want her to fall and hurt herself even more.
But before he made it to her, her eyes rolled up in her head and she collapsed.

He made sure that she was breathing before he picked her up and carried her towards the castle. He was glad that most students were in their Houses, it would have been to many questions otherwise, questions he couldn’t answer...yet.
When he entered Hogwarts he went toward the hospital wing right away, knowing that Madam Pomfrey would be there, tending her patients.

“Poppy, I need your help.” Dumbledore didn’t waste any time, he wanted to make sure that the young girl was going to be fine.

“Oh dear, Albus. What happened to her?” Madam Pomfrey wanted, of course, to know who this girl was, but her main concern was to get this girl better.

“I don’t know, Poppy. Hopefully she can tell us when she wakes up, but for now please just help her.”

Madam started working on her right away, with no further questions. After a few minutes of intense healing she took a step back and looked at her work.

“I’ve done everything I can; now we can only wait. I’ve healed all her wounds but she’s still unconscious, it’s probably from exhaustion. I gave her some dreamless sleep potion, so she won’t wake up any time soon, and hopefully she’ll be well rested when she does.”

“Thank you, Poppy. Will you notify me when she wakes up?” Dumbledore asked.

”Of course, Albus, of course.”

Madam Pomfrey started cleaning up around the bed when Dumbledore left.
He went right back to his office, where he sat down and patiently waited, because that was all he could do, he knew nothing about this girl, of course he could notify the ministry but he felt that she should be kept a secret for now.

AN: I just realized that I am incapable of writing long chapters... sorry, so I'll just give you short ones more often... But reviews are greatly appreciated :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "What happened?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jun 08.

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