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What happened?

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Summary: Silence. It was the first thing she noticed, not a sound could be heard.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredDarkSkyFR1531,4010132,87720 Apr 085 Jun 08No


Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from Buffy, or anyone from Harry Potter.
Rating: FR15 for now anyway


It was the first thing she noticed, not a sound could be heard. Was it something wrong with her, or had the world just stopped breathing, stopped making sounds. No wind, no birds, nothing…
She tried to speak, but her throat made no sound, it hurt so much. It felt like she hadn’t spoken for years. She started to panic, what had happened to her? Where was she?
She tried to remember something, anything, but she drew a blank. She remembered nothing.

She noticed that she was lying down; she had yet to open her eyes. She was afraid of what she would see. She sat up, still with her eyes closed. After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes, but quickly shut them again, the light was too bright, it hurt her eyes. After a couple of seconds she tried again, but this time she was ready for it. Slowly, almost painfully slowly she opened her eyes.
What she saw made her gasp.
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