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Halloween World: No Way Home

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Summary: A contribution to spaceman's Halloween World series. In a hellish, chaotic Buffyverse several heroes and villains must set out to find a place to call home.

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Chapter Seven: Reunion


Chapter Seven: Reunion


Three strange companions wander the vast Hallow World. They are in search of a friend who became possessed by his superpowered evil side when he was changed by the Halloween Event and ran away as a result. They hope to be able to bring him back to his senses when they find him so that they can live happily together.

However, these travelers are unique in that they aren’t human. While given the number of humans who became vampires, yokai, and various other supernatural creatures this in and of itself isn’t that unique, these three are special. They are part of a number of pets that gained human intelligence and the ability to speak from their owners’ perception of them being part of the family.

The first is a medium-sized, light yellow striped cat. The second is a very overweight Blenheim (chestnut and white) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The third is a medium-sized mutt coonhound that is primarily black and brown, but also has some patches of white with small black spots, with three distinctive triangles of white with small black spots fur on his back that create the illusion of the letter “C.”

Even with their intelligence, they wouldn’t have lasted long against the Halloween horrors if it wasn’t for the powers they had gained. As per the Japanophile (a person with an interest in or love of all things Japanese) nature of their owner, the cat gained the power transform into a nekomata (a two tailed cat yokai of Japanese folklore), the Cavalier can become an inugami (an extremely powerful anthropomorphic dog yokai that is very loyal to its master, but can act on its own). The coonhound, however, is able to transform into a western hellhound. In this state he doubles in size, his fur turns completely black, he gains supernatural speed and strength, and is able to breathe fire.

“Ruff, has he been here?” asks the Cavalier of the coonhound, “Your nose is a lot better than mine.”

“Yes, Calvin. He’s been here. It’s been a while, but he definitely came this way,” Ruff answers, sniffing the ground, “I just hope he hasn’t hurt anyone.”

“Which way did he go?” asks the cat.

“He’s still heading east. Let’s keep going, I don’t want to lose his trail again,” Ruff replies.

The cat sighs.

“What’s wrong, Milton?” inquires Calvin.

“I’m just worried that we may not be able to save him even if we can catch him.”

“If not, then we’ll just have to put him down and then do our duty and accompany him to the next world,” Ruff says stoically, though tears are playing at the edges of his eyes.

Calvin and Milton both nod in response.

“So when are we going to eat?” Calvin asks hopefully.

Milton and Ruff face fault at the question.


The members of SEELE are, to put it mildly, panicking. Not only had the barrier around Aura colony come down, but the enemy is headed straight for Aura. For them it is too eerily reminiscent of the Angels of their world attempting to find and fuse with the first Angel Adam.

“Lilith, what’s going on?! What are we going to do?!” demands one.

“You should not concern yourselves,” Morganna replies in a tone thick with irritation, “Everything will be taken care of.”

“But…” another attempts to interject.

Morganna simply cuts off the hologram and all of the men simply disappear. Christy quickly enters the room, carrying Rei bridal style. She’s quite surprised at how light the girl is and thinks that it may be the result of something she’s not aware of.

She places the girl unceremoniously on the conference table, right in front of the computer monitor.

“Okay, now what?” the evil witch asks.

“Now you will cast the spell to transfer me into this body. I will display it on the monitor.”

The screen flashes and it now has black text on a white background. Christy begins to read it.

“I invoke the primordial state,
Chaos, from which all things come
The power that changed the world
Come into me, I shall be the conduit

Draw this being from its place
Pour it into this new vessel
Bring it into the world
So let it be!”

At first nothing happens, but she soon discovers why Ethan Rayne made a big mistake when he tapped into the power of Chaos. Christy’s body begins to glow. She can’t even scream as the chaos flows into her. Her body seems to melt as it becomes a swirling mass of light. Soon the light mixes with darkness, the nothing of the beginning. All traces of Christy Jenkins are destroyed as the chaos undoes what it had done. For a brief instant her soul becomes what it was originally, the soul of a college student named Kelly Jones, a small town girl with an interest in the occult and a resemblance to Christy. However, this doesn’t matter as she is obliterated by the swirling chaos.

The swirling mass of light and darkness floats over to the computer monitor. The computer explodes as the swirling chaos envelopes it. The debris melts into it. A tendril emerges from the mass and stretches itself to Rei’s face. She inhales it until the whole mass has been taken into her body.

She eyes grow wide and she begins to convulse as she is changed. The tattered remains of her soul left from her encounter with the arrancar calling herself are completely burned away. Her missing arm is regenerated and the numerous injuries all over her body are healed in flashes of bright light and pools of shadow. Her hair turns from its distinctive blue to white with a bit of a lavender tint and her eyes turn from their distinctive red to a dull blue with no visible pupils. Her hospital gown is transformed into a white sundress reminiscent of Aura’s.

She sits up and inhales sharply, like one who is unaccustomed to breathing. After getting her breathing under control, she gets up from the table and takes a glance at her surroundings.

“I’m coming for you Aura.”


The arrancar that was once known as Buffy Summers, the one who calls herself Slayer and claims she cannot remember her real name because she hates what a goody-good she was when she was alive, is not having a good day. This is probably the first bad day she’s had since Willow yanked her out of that boring (to an arrancar) heaven and she made it her goal to devour her whole world.

She can’t help but replay it all in her head. Willow had used a hollow mask and a bizarre spell invoking the Aztec goddess of the dead, Mictecacihuatl (her zanpakuto’s namesake). What Willow didn’t take into account, what none of them had taken into account, was that there are always consequences for magic. Always.

So she came back, not as Buffy Anne Summers, not as the Slayer, but as an arrancar, completely without conscience. She had shown them the folly of their ways. She remembers this part very clearly, she killed Xander first, sucked his soul right out. Next was Anya, she had tried to go to his side, but she just stabbed her. After that it was Tara, took her head right off with a cero blast. Last was Willow, Slayer had informed her that she had dragged her out of heaven right before crushing the witch’s throat.

After her mini-massacre, the First Evil approached her. It offered her power if it worked for her and she accepted. The thing was, she took more than the First wanted her to and it left, but she had purpose now: devour everything and go “home” to Hueco Mundo. So she started with some demon bikers and their victims, a fine feast indeed. Then she ate the demon right out of Spike, but found it left her hungrier than before she ate it. Not surprising considering it was a demon that had to steal life force from others.

She briefly considering eating Dawn right after that, but decided it was better not to risk losing the Key until she was ready to use it. So she took her sister with her to L.A., where she slaughtered the Angel Investigations team, leaving only Angel himself. She devoured the vampire’s soul and brought out Angelus. He made a fun plaything for a while, but she soon tired of his constant need to toy with his victims. Then there was the problem of Dawn: he wanted to torture her, rape her, and then either kill or turn her. Slayer couldn’t allow this, it might damage the Key. So when it became apparent that Angelus was going to go do it the second Slayer left Dawn alone, Slayer killed him.

So for decades they drifted, Slayer eating and growing more powerful and Dawn either crying or catatonic most of the time. Her little sister did attempt suicide a couple times, usually be refusing to eat, but she just force feed her when that happened. However, as Dawn neared her sixties, Slayer found that her plan to devour the world was taking much longer than she had anticipated. Humans were easy prey, but the sorcerers that had provided the biggest boost when eaten were not easily found and especially strong ones could even be dangerous to her. Powerful demons were even harder to come by and even more dangerous.

So she found a sorcerer who would put Dawn into suspended animation while Slayer took her time with her job. Of course she had to promise to spare his life, but she wasn’t really one to keep promises once someone had lost their usefulness.

Without Dawn to serve as a reminder of the continuous march of time, Slayer lost all track of the passing of days, weeks, months, and years. Everything but her desire to grow stronger by eating those more powerful than her became meaningless. She now regrets that she never even realized that the vast majority of this power was being stored in her zanpakuto, but she never really had any reason to suspect this was the case as she has never been separated from Mictecacihuatl until now.

Her greatest victory came when she discovered the Deeper Well. The Old Ones, mightiest of all demons, were sleeping, helpless, and she ate every single one of them. The power had been amazing. She went on a destruction spree after that, trying out her new power. If any humans or demons managed to survive it, they would have to have been in the most remote parts of the world.

Finally, she returned to Dawn and devoured the power of the Key. What she didn’t realize when she used it was that it required a huge amount of power to open and sustain a portal. She had been pulled in and ended up here, weakened though still powerful, with no way to get to Hueco Mundo. But now she had found something that would restore her power.


Our heroes run as fast as they can. They’re catching up, but Slayer has sonido on her side. As she reaches the doors of the church they increase their speed, pushing themselves as hard as they can. Slayer steps through the threshold and pauses.

This split second hesitation allows them to close the gap, each producing a huge effort to lunge forward. At once clay birds and fireballs fly forward and impact with her, knocking her into the building. They follow in, only to be stopped by the same thing that had given Slayer pause.

Morganna was holding Aura down, her lips pressed against the small girl’s. It soon became apparent that this wasn’t an expression of love, but rather an attempt to suck Aura’s life out.

“That’s mine!” Slayer bellows, breaking the trance.

The arrancar charges forward, tackling the computer program turned flesh. The heroes decide to stay back and watch. This newcomer is obviously an enemy, but it would be better to let them fight each other, then winner would be weakened from their.

Slayer, having the element of surprise on her side, easily pins down Morganna. As she stares down at her opponent, she began to feel a hunger unlike the normal arrancar hunger. Like something inside her needs completion and eating this person would complete it. Unconsciously, in a semblance of the vampires she once hunted, she bites down on Morganna’s neck. Morganna writhes as Slayer attempted to suck out her soul in such an unconventional fashion. As power flows from Morganna to Slayer several things happen. Mictecacihuatl flies from Paige’s grip, impaling both of them. They then start to glow brightly. Finally they begin melt into each other.

A swirling vortex begins to form around them. Neither seems to notice until it’s too late. They are helpless as two beings become one. When the light finally dies down, standing where they had been is a small girl.

She looks very much like Aura, but with a different color scheme. Her hair and dress are black and her eyes shine blood red. Clutched in her right arm is a human skull with fangs. There is hole through her chest which, unlike Slayer’s, is half full. She smiles, an expression full of malice.

“Nice to meet you all,” she said, “I’m Anna and I’ll be killing you.”

No one’s really sure how to react to this, but Presea senses that she is an enemy and charges in, axe ready. Anna simply extends her arm, holding the skull in the palm of her hand.

“Ascensión,” she says calmly.

The skull explodes and darkness creeps out of it, flowing in all directions, completely engulfing the church. Even Aura disappears.

“What did you do-un?” Deidara demands.

“This is my World,” the girl explains, “In this place I am omnipresent and I can bend it to my will. Your attacks are useless against me here. How about we have a little fun?”

She shimmers and disappears. In a flash they found themselves no longer in the darkness, but in a plain of scorched ground. The sky above has stars, but they move around in an unnatural way and form horrifying shapes. The ground beneath them rumbles.

Each of them jumps in a different direction as from beneath them emerges a monstrosity. It’s huge, a red dragon with huge leathery wings. It has seven heads on extremely long necks, six of them forming a circle around then seventh. Each head has a horn on top of it, with the seventh having four.

“What is that thing?!” exclaims Paige.

“It looks like something straight out of Revelation,” comments Kyal.

A peal of evil laughter comes down from the sky.

“You’re quite right, little elf,” Anna says, “This is the Beast. It is an incarnation of my power in my World. If you can kill it, my Ascensión will end and you will be let out of my World. Just see if you kill all the heads”

“You heard her,” says Solomon, “Everyone go for a different head, then we’ll all go in for the…”

Presea, all too ready to act, leaps into action before he can finish. A powerful jump is all it takes for her to land on one of its heads. She digs her axe deep into the head, pushing with all her might. She breaks through the skull, hitting the brain. Rivers of blood pour from the wound. The head screams in pain, then falls limp. Satisfied, she makes another flying leap. The other heads attempt to bite her, but she simply lands on one of them and uses the others as stepping stones. After stepping over three heads, she jumps at the middle one. It looks like she might fall into its mouth, but her angle is just right so that she can take the head clean off. This time all the other heads scream in pain. She lands and gets out of the way as they are distracted.

“Let’s go!” shouted Solomon.

Deidara hoped on a huge clay bird he had been preparing, Paige formed her orb wings, and Shizune concentrated chakra in her feet, hoping to be able to replicate Presea’s jump. Solomon attempted to take his true form, only to sprout white, bat-like wings rather than take on a monstrous appearance. He was quite surprised, but decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and he prepared his blade. Kyal had to be content to launch fireballs from a distance.

Each reached a different head at approximately the same time.

Deidara’s head shot a stream of fire at the blond ninja. He jumped, allowing his bird to be partially baked. It flew quickly into the mouth and he set it off, sending brains and gore in all directions.

“Art is a bang-un!”

He hops he would be able to form another bird before he reached the ground, but his fears prove unfounded as the kanji on the backs of his hands begin glowing. He is able to form another bird in an instant.

Paige, lacking any real offensive powers, is having a bit more trouble. She is constantly dodging blasts of fire. She tries to come up with an offensive spell, but she is getting nothing. Mostly they just vanquished demons, they didn’t worry about showy attacks.

A spell finally comes to find as she gets a few hairs singed by a narrowly missed fire blast. She attributes it to Phoebe, but doesn’t recall her sister ever using it.

“I call upon Medusa’s bones, turn this beast into stone!”

The spell works as planned, turning the head into a hunk of stone. It falls of, hitting the ground and shattering.

“That wasn’t so hard,” she says.

Solomon takes a more daring approach. Careful to avoid blasts of fire, he flies in close. He shoves his sword into an eye. As it thrashes in pain, he leaps onto it and jabs his blade into its brain. He goes airborne again and laughs.

Shizune breathes a cloud of poison at her head, hoping to kill the whole thing at one. It retaliates burning away the poison. She realizes too late that her trajectory wasn’t quite right and she starts to fall to her death. Luckily Presea manages to leap up and catch her. The small girl grabs the falling shinobi and then spins, launching her axe at the head. The blade buries itself in its throat and the two land safely.

Kyal’s approach doesn’t work very well a first. A fire breathing dragon is immune to fireballs. However, the Elemental Pendant also gave her control of all the Western and Eastern elements, so she also had water, wind, earth, metal and wood on her side. She just found fire was usually the most effective offensive element. Now she is countering fiery blasts with walls of water and attempting to skewer its head with sharp metal rods.

A particularly intense blast of fire came at her and she had totally surrounded herself in water. However, it doesn’t let up. Fire keeps coming at her as barrier evaporates and is replenished by her magic. She decides to attempt something she’s heard about, but never thought of trying. All of her magic equipment glows and melds into her body. A ball of light engulfs her as the water barrier comes down. She shoots upward, unfazed by the flames. The ball of magical energy collides with the head, obliterating it.

She directs herself back to the spot where everyone else is gathering. Her best magical items have been used up, but it’s worth it to protect Aura. They all watch as the dragon’s body falls to the ground.

“What gives-un?!” Deidara asks, to the sky, “You said we got out if we killed that thing-un!”

“Did you honestly think it would be that easy?” inquires Anna’s mocking voice, “Decapitation isn’t enough to kill my Beast. That was just the opening act, now the real show begins!”

The corpse began flapping its wings, standing back up. The remains of its necks and heads begin twisting to together forming a new head. It opened its mouth wide, gathering power for a final attack. A huge ball of light began coalescing in its mouth. They all readied themselves to run off in different directions to avoid it.

As the dragon closes its mouth and tilts its head back, a ball of blue fire rushes past them and straight at the dragon.

“How did you get into my World?!” Anna’s voice demands from all around.

As the blue fire impacts with the dragon’s chest, they immediately find themselves back in the church. At the far end of the church, a young man with sandy brown hair wearing blue medieval-style clothing has Anna pinned to a wall with a huge sword that is wreathed in blue flame, with a shining blue stone on the end of it. She struggles and tries to claw at the blade, but it’s not doing much good. She begins snarling like an animal and foaming at the mouth.

“Paige!” a voice exclaims from behind them.

They all turn to see an attractive brunette with short hair standing there.

“Phoebe?!” replies Paige.

The two sisters rush forward and embrace with cries of “I missed you!”

“I don’t mean to interrupt,” grunts the guy with the sword, “but I need a little help over here.”

“Sorry, Garion,” Phoebe says, “Paige, we need to get Piper here now. We’re gonna need the Power of Three and then some to take care of her.”

“How do we get her here? I can’t orb, it’s too dangerous.”

“We use the To Call a Lost Witch spell and don’t worry, it’s safe. I’m psychic, remember? Plus my powers got a big boost.”

Paige nods and they begin:

“Power of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here”

There’s a shimmer of light and then Piper is standing there. In her hand is a half-eaten chocolate bar in a Willy Wonka wrapper.

“What the hell is going on?!” she demands, then notices her sisters “Oh my God! Phoebe and Paige, what’s going on?”

“Explain later,” Phoebe says hastily, “Vanquish now.”

“Do you have a spell?” Paige asks.

“Right here,” she says, producing a piece of paper from her jeans pocket.

The three sisters gather around and begin reading.

“Aura, Aslan, Aldur, Akatosh
Eriond, Exodia Palutena, Primus
Ordona, Faron, Eldin, Lanayru
Boccob, Nerull, Pelor, Wee Jas
Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina
Baihumon, Qinglongmon, Xuanwumon, Zhuqiaomon,
Flying Spaghetti Monster and Invisible Pink Unicorn
We beseech you, new gods of this changed world
Make it as if this evil had never been born”

Unlike their usual vanquishes, Anna doesn’t burst into flame. Instead a peaceful look comes across her face and her body slowly dissolves into black sand. Garion simply pulls his sword out of the wall, the blue flames dying down.

Before Piper and Paige can talk to their sister, she gets up and heads over to him.

“Okay, it’s time to hand off the Orb to Aura,” Phoebe tells him.

“You’re sure it won’t hurt her?” he asks.

“Positive, besides it’ll be a lot safer from the Council with her.”

“All right.”

He reaches out and the blue stone at the end of his sword popped off. The sword becomes noticeably heavier and he simply puts it down. He strides over to Aura and places the Orb in her small hand.

Aura’s eyes flutter open and she sits up, smiling.

“I’m grateful to you all for protecting me,” she says in a small voice, “Now that I’m awake, I’ll do my best to protect my colony. Now let’s undo all the damage.”

She leads them out the doors of church and holds the orb aloft. A wave of blue light sweeps across the colony. The areas damaged by the fight with Slayer are instantly replied. Those who had been injured fighting her are healed and by the combined power of Aura and the Orb of Aldur even those who died are resurrected. At various points throughout the colony, the members of SEELE find themselves entering eternal, dreamless sleep, as do the telepaths who worked for them. The barrier that had protected Aura colony from the Halloween Horrors rises again, a blue sky and lazy clouds appearing overhead.

Aura smiles at her handiwork.

“Why don’t we get something to eat?” she says sweetly.


After a week of reunions, getting to know new friends, generally having fun, and diplomatic meeting from Phoebe, Garion, and the rest of the St. Louis group, the group found itself ready to move on. So one morning they packed up their things and said their goodbyes.

“Where will you go?” Aura asks as she walks with them to the edge of the colony. She now wears the Orb of Aldur around her neck on a silver chain.

“We’ve heard about a city of magic in California,” Paige replies, “I think it would be nice fit for me and my sisters. Solomon and Presea are interested in getting to Sunnydale and Deidara wants to find his partner Sasori. Garion wants to come with us, too. He says he’s heard rumors about his Aunt Polgara in the same area.”

They finally reach the flowery meadow that marks the end of Aura’s barrier. Aura waves her hand and suddenly a huge bus appears. It had is mostly white with some blue and lavender accents.

“Wow!” shouts Deidara.

“Think of this as my parting gift,” Aura says, “It’s a magically reinforced bus with extra room in case you make some new friends on your journey. It can withstand most attacks and you’ll never need to refuel it. Oh, it repairs itself, too.”

“Thank you,” Solomon said.

“It’s least I can do. You guys protected me until I could be born into this world.”

“We should probably be going,” Phoebe interjects, “If my visions are right, we need to reach our destination before the start of the war.”

“Is there really going to be a war-un?” Deidara asks.

“Yes, and it’s going to be bad. The key players are moving into place, but it’s still a few years down the road. Hopefully we won’t have to get involved, though. Too many things about the future are uncertain right now”

“All right people,” says Piper, “Let’s move out, then. I’d like to find my husband before this little war of yours gets started up.”

“WAIT!” comes a group of voices from across the meadow.

Running up to them is a group of Aura colony natives carrying luggage: Roza with her cat, Kyal and her orc boyfriend, Shizune with Ton-Ton, Colette, and, to everyone’s surprise, Dr. Cox and Zim.

“What are you guys doing?” Paige asks.

“We decided to come with you,” Roza replies, “I want to go out and see the world.”

“With Aura’s power, this colony doesn’t really need healers and I really want to see Magia,” Kyal says.

“I’m hoping to find Lady Tsunade,” Shizune replies.

“I want to see if I can find Lloyd and all the others,” Colette adds.

“As much as I hate to admit it, I miss Newbie, Barbie, Gandhi, Carla, and Jordan. Hell, I’d even settle for Bob Kelso at this point for a familiar face,” says Dr. Cox.

“Zim tires of the foolish humans and their worship of the small human child," Zim says, then hesitates, “…and I miss GIR.”

“All right,” says Piper, already taking her position as team mother, “Everyone who’s leaving get on the bus right now.”

So they all loaded themselves and their luggage into the spacious Aura Bus, Solomon took his position in the driver’s seat, and they waved to Aura as they headed out into the great unknown.


A/N: Well, not quite the ending I had in mind, but this story was running dangerously close to becoming a dead fic, so I decided to give it a proper ending. I might write a sequel, but I don’t know. My next Halloween World fic will probably be a series of drabbles similar to DarkGoddess’s Snapshots of the Hallow Earth. I just hope spaceman is willing to give me canon status for those, too.

The End

You have reached the end of "Halloween World: No Way Home". This story is complete.

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