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Halloween World: No Way Home

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Summary: A contribution to spaceman's Halloween World series. In a hellish, chaotic Buffyverse several heroes and villains must set out to find a place to call home.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenAkatsukiDaybreakFR15726,4653164,79021 Apr 0817 Jul 08Yes

Chapter One: Gifts

Halloween World: No Way Home

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. This is my contribution to spaceman’s Halloween World series. It is his idea and I’m using it with his permission. READ HALLOWEEN WORLD BEFORE YOU READ THIS!


Chapter One: Gifts


When the Halloween Event occurred, icons of popular culture created things and places that never really existed and changed those that did. By pouring emotions into their favorite works, people built up energy that the chaos used to construct these places.

The immense popularity of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter caused Hogwarts castle to spontaneously manifest in the Scottish countryside. In the Harry Potter world it was a learning institution teaching young witches and wizards how to use their magic. In the new chaotic world created on Halloween of 1997 it has become a haven from horrors created by the same event. The enchantments that once kept muggles (non-magical people) away now act as a barrier against monsters. Additionally, the immense magical resources of the castle could potentially allow the refugees there to remain indefinitely.

The people of what was the state of Maine are not so fortunate. Certainly most of the monsters created from people wearing costumes have fled, but only because much more terrible things have come into being there. This was the result of the writings of one man: Stephen King. His horror stories have inspired deep fear and many sleepless nights in his readers. This very fear caused his home state to become a place of unholy abominations.

Derry, King’s most famous fictional town, has seen the most drastic change. Under the influence of the cosmic horror known as It, Pennywise, Robert Gray, and several other names, the people have become little more than savages, killing each other in a brutal fashion for no apparent reason. It now walks the streets in the form of a giant spider, the closest to It’s original form that the human mind can perceive, picking off random victims and feeding on their brutality toward one another. Even the most stupid, bestial monsters know better than to go near Derry.

In the once fictional town of Jerusalem’s Lot vampires roam constantly in the eternal night. These vampires are all master level and extremely territorial. Any demon, alien, or vampire not of their kind caught in or near the town is killed with brutal efficiency and any human is captured for food and to increase their numbers.

Other King horrors roam all over the state, looking for food or just to cause some destruction. In the rural areas a man in a three piece black suit with orange eyes roams, searching for children to eat. The roads have become home to a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury which runs down anything unlucky enough to cross its path. Forests all over the states are beginning to become overrun with a strange red fungus.

The film Titanic was supposed to have been released on July 2, 1997 but it was then pushed back to December 19. Because of the Event, the film would never be released. However, the anticipation for it caused the real ship to rise from the depths and become populated by the characters of the movie. It now wanders the seas aimlessly, protected by the light of the now magical Heart of the Ocean, a blue, heart shaped diamond necklace based on the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond is said to be cursed and to bring harm on its owner. The Heart of the Ocean has become its opposite, a blessed stone which protects with the power of love.

The modern country of Egypt has become a version of its ancient past heavily influenced by movies, books, and people’s perceptions. The landscape is covered in pyramids, temples and other immense monuments. Tightly bandaged mummies shamble across the desert, attacking unwary travelers. Gods with the heads of animals demand tributes from new worshippers. King Tutankhamen, the most well known pharaoh in the modern era thanks to his relative unimportance in his own time, sits on the throne at Cairo due to the city’s perceived importance, though it didn’t even exist in his time. He rules over his people as a god-king with the power to inflict horrible curses thanks to the story of the curse on his tomb.


Louisville, KY
December 25, 1997
6:00 a.m.

“Merry Christmas-un!”

Paige Matthews glares at the blond bishounen ninja who had woken her up. He has long hair tied back into a ponytail and his bangs hang over one of his eyes, which is actually a scope that allows him to view things far away. He’s dressed in a long robe covered in black clouds.

In his world he was a criminal who created “art” by blowing things up with exploding clay kneaded with the two mouths on his hands. He was later forced to join the organization known as Akatsuki by Itachi Uchiha, another criminal ninja. Deidara was killed in a battle with Itachi’s little brother Sasuke when he blew himself up using the large mouth on his torso. While the “real” Deidara was a remorseless criminal, this one is a quirky, fan fiction-esque Deidara made from a happy-go-lucky art teacher at Louisville Male High School, though he doesn’t remember much about that man’s life.

“I don’t think there’s much to be merry about, Deidara.”

Paige Matthews is a red-headed witch from San Francisco, one of the legendary Charmed Ones, sister witches with the Power of Three which can be used to vanquished nearly any demon. Paige didn’t know about her magical heritage because she was the product of an affair of the Charmed Ones’ mother and her whitelighter, a guardian angel of sorts. Since such a thing is forbidden, they gave her up and she was adopted. Unfortunately, her adoptive parents died in a car accident when she was a teenager. She finally learned about her family when her half-sister Prue Halliwell was killed and their spellbook, The Book of Shadows, recruited her to reconstitute the Charmed Ones with her other sisters Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. Together they wiped out virtually all the powerful demons in the underworld, allowing them to leave semi-normal lives while the weaker demons tried to rebuild the underworld and its power structure. The last thing she remembers is she and her sisters writing their memoirs in the Book of Shadows.

In addition to spell casting, Paige has the power to “orb” or teleport by converting oneself into small balls of bluish light and to heal as a result of her whitelighter heritage. Her witch heritage allows her to orb other objects in order to move them or use them as projectiles, something whitelighters can’t do. In this new chaotic, her magic is enhanced and she can now create wings made of orbs that allow her to fly. Unfortunately, without her sisters and the Book of Shadows she has lost her spellcasting.

Paige doesn’t remember who she was before and she really doesn’t care, she just wants to go to San Francisco and see if her sisters are there

“But it’s Christmas-un! Santa brought us presents!”

“Uhh…I don’t know about your world, but in mine Santa doesn’t exist and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t in this one either.”


Paige sat up in her bed and looked at the other side of the room. There was a clay Christmas tree with tiny explosions that were probably supposed to be like flashing lights. Sometimes Paige wonders why she didn’t flee the city with everyone else rather than stay with Deidara. However, sure enough underneath it were two packages in red and green wrapping paper.

Sighing, Paige got up from the bed and walked over to the packages. She knelt down to pick one up (nearly getting her hair singed in the process) and picked up the box labeled To: Paige From: Santa.

Opening it with Deidara over her shoulder, she nearly dropped it when she saw it was the Book of Shadows!


Opening the front cover, she found two photos: one of Piper and one of Phoebe. One the back of Piper’s was written Hershey, PA and on the back of Phoebe’s was St. Louis, MO.

While she had been concentrating on the Book, Deidara had been opening his present. Inside was a bag labeled “Lightning Resistant Exploding Clay” and two pictures. One was of Itachi with California written on the back and the other was of Deidara’s Akatsuki partner, puppet user Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand) with California also written on the back.

“They’re in this world, too?”

“We have to go find them!” Paige finally exclaimed after staring at the pictures for a few seconds.

“But Paige, we don’t have any way of getting to either of those places-un!” Deidara protested, “The last time you tried to orb far away you almost got sucked into the sky, we can’t fly on my clay birds unless we want to get fried, and it’s too dangerous to walk there.”

“We can take the river! You create a boat out of clay! We can just follow the Ohio River to the Mississippi River and then to St. Louis!”

Paige doesn’t even wonder why she knows so much about the regional geography.

“But there are monsters in there too-un! We’re safest here now that they think all the people have abandoned the city for the countryside!”

“Now that I have the Book I can disguise us. C’mon after we get Phoebe we’ll probably be strong enough to cast a protection spell so we can orb to get Piper and then we can go out to California to find Sasori. After that we can help you get revenge at this Itachi guy.”

At the mention of Itachi’s name, Deidara’s temper flares.

“That settles it-un! We’re going!”

'That was fast thinks' Paige.

They spend the next hour gathering all their supplies and making preparations.

Paige quickly scans the outside of the door. Most of the monsters have left the city in search of prey, but she needs to be sure. They walk quickly in the shadows, not daring to fly or orb because they aren’t sure how far is safe before they are harmed by the red sky.

The place they had been staying was dorm at the University of Louisville. Most of the campus was ruined when the mascot, the Cardinal, became an immense phoenix-like bird. The contempt that UofL and UK (University of Kentucky) felt for each other resulted in the Cardinal battling with a huge bakeneko, a monster cat of Japanese folklore that can create fireballs, reanimate the dead, and devour people in order to steal their appearance, which was made from UK’s mascot, the Wildcat. The two mascot monsters destroyed much of the area between Louisville and Lexington before finally killing each other.

Paige and Deidara manage to make it to the River without any event. They saw a few vampires and a large bull-like demon, but were able to avoid them.

“How long until you have that boat ready?” Paige asks.

“Not too long-un. You’ll just have to be patient-un. I need to make sure it’s waterproof and can float.”

“Just hu…”

She’s cut off by a something falling out of nowhere. She orbs a few feet out of the way just in time to avoid it tackling her. It’s a huge, slobbering thing covered in coarse black hair with heavy muscle. It has one eye with a golden iris and the other appears to be missing. It howls and then charges at Paige.

It doesn’t make it far before a blur comes between it and Paige. It’s a thin man who appears to be in his twenties. He has light blonde hair and blue eyes and is wearing a white suit. His hand appears to some kind of blade that is currently imbedded in the werewolf’s chest. It cries out in pain and brings its paw, only for the man to move away in a flash. Suddenly something falls out of the sky and the werewolf’s head is severed.

It’s a small girl who appears to be eleven or twelve. She has pink hair pulled back into two large pig tails with bangs hanging over her forehead. Her eyes are an icy blue that seem almost dead. She’s wearing gray gloves that reach almost to her armpits, matching gray boots that come up almost to her knees, and an odd sleeveless black dress that has a high collar and comes down a little over her knees. She has a brown belt around her stomach with a sheathed dagger. Around her neck is an intricate golden necklace with a red stone.

“Enemy terminated,” she says in an emotionless tone.

The blonde man is now standing over Paige. He extends his hand to her and smiles. She takes it and he helps her up.

“Thanks for saving us,” she says, “Um, I’m…”

“Paige Matthews,” the girl cuts her off, “Charmed live action series. Species: Half-Whitelighter Witch. Affiliation: Good. Threat Level: Very Low.”

“Uh, yeah,” Paige says, “How does she know all that.”

“I honestly don’t know. She’s been doing it ever since I met her just after Halloween” the man replies, “Oh, how rude of me. I’m…”

“Solomon Goldsmith. Blood Plus anime. Species: chiropteran chevalier. Affiliation: Good. Threat Level: Very Low.”

“What’s a chiropteran-un?”

“Chiropteran: a species of blood drinking vampire-like creatures. A species based around two Queens who are twin sisters. The Queens’ blood allows them to turn humans into chevaliers, a kind of chiropteran who serves the Queen who turned them and mates with their Queen’s sister. The blood of a Queen is fatal to her sister and her sister’s chevaliers.”

“So do you know who I am-un?”

“Deidara. Naruto anime and manga. Species: human ninja. Affiliation: Evil. Threat Level: Unknown, possibly moderate to high.”

“Anyway!” interjects Paige, “where are you guys going?”

“Sunnydale, California,” answers Solomon, “I got a picture of my Queen Diva and her sister, Saya, saying they were out there and Presea got a picture of her friend Sheena that said she was there too.”

“I need to meet Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer, who also lives there. The girl who became me was a potential Vampire Slayer and my Cruxis Crystal activated me. It has made me much stronger than I should be. I am now drawn to her. I have little interest in Sheena.”

Deidara gives her an odd look.

“So you actually can talk normally-un! But what’s a Vampire Slayer-un? Or a Cruxis Crystal?”

“Vampire Slayer: One girl in this world who is given supernaturally enhanced strength, speed, healing, as well as prophetic dreams and the ability to sense vampires, thought the last must be honed. She is charged with defending the world from vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. When she dies a potential Vampire Slayer is ‘called’ and inherits the powers. Cruxis Crystal: an evolved form of Exsphere, a living crystal that enhances natural abilities. It causes loss of hunger, thirst, and need for sleep and dulling of emotions in exchange for increased strength, vision, and hearing unless a special crest is attached to it. Use of a Cruxis Crystal can cause humans, half-elves, and presumably elves to become angels.”

“So you’re going to become an angel-un?”

Seeing that this was leading nowhere fast, Paige pulls Solomon off to the side to talk to him.

“Why does he always say ‘-un’?” asks Solomon

Paige sighs.

“I’m not really sure, I don’t think he really knows he does it. I’ve pretty much gotten used to it now.”

“So where are you and Deidara going?”

“St. Louis to find my sister, then Hershey, Pennsylvania to find my other sister, and then out to California to look for two members of Deidara’s evil organization.”

Solomon, himself having once been part of a global conspiracy to wipe out humans and replace them with chiropterans, has no qualms about evil organizations.

“Perhaps we should travel together. It’ll probably be safer that way and once you’ve found your sisters we can all go to California together. It may delay our trip by some time, but I think it might be better in the long run.”

“I agree,” Paige answers.

“Excellent!” Solomon says with a smile.

'He’s kinda cute' thinks Paige 'Henry would be so jealous if he knew I thought that.'

Paige is struck with homesickness at the thought of her husband. She just hopes the Power of Three can get them out of this world. If not she can only hope Henry is here too.


Paige’s melancholy is interrupted by Deidara screaming. Flopping on the ground near him. It’s a large orange fish with white fins, a white tail, yellow fins on its back and stomach, and yellow whiskers.

“Magikarp. Pokemon franchise. Species: Fish Pokemon. Affiliation: None. Threat Level: None.”

“Aww, it’s cute-un!” says a calmed Deidara, “I’ll name it Higoi!”

He picks up the flopping fish and begins hugging it. If live action characters could swear drop, Paige would be doing so at that very moment.

“Deidara, please finish the boat,” Paige says as calmly as she can.

“Oh, okay, I’m on it-un.”


Just south of the city a mess of shapeless metal lies uselessly on the ground. It appears to have been struck by lightning and fallen out of the sky. All around it are animal bones, some with a little flesh left on them. On top of the wreckage is a bloody red hat with a puffball on top of it. The wind picks up and the hat is blown away.


Author’s Notes.

Higoi is Japanese for red or golden carp.

I made Deidara like that because I wanted a Five Man Band and Deidara ended up as the Chick. I used the persona I see most often in fan works by Akatsuki fangirls.

There are only four members because Presea is both the Big Guy and the Smart Guy, but she subverts the former several times.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to tvtropes(dot)org.

Okay, I’m taking a page out of spaceman’s handbook and asking you for character/situation/fight ideas so I don’t run out of ideas. I don’t have quite the range he does nor can I write as many characters at once, but I’ll try to work in as many as I can handle.

Series I feel I can use: Pokemon (the video games/expanded universe, not the anime or manga series), Digimon (Adventure-Frontier), Inuyasha, Naruto, xxxholic, Fullmetal Alchemist (anime and manga), Blood+, Death Note, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Tales of Symphonia (video game), Avatar the Last Airbender, Harry Potter, David Eddings’ Belgariad, Malloreon, Elenium, and Tamuli, Charmed, and Ghost Whisperer.

If you have an idea you really like, go ahead and suggest it even if it’s not on the list because I might have left something out or I’ll see what I can do.
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