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The Slayer's Mother

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Summary: The first slayer was an incredible woman and so was her mother who lived on even after her first slayer daughter died.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Highlander they belong to people who are not me.

A/N: I’ve been watching Highlander and this just popped into my head. And yes this story will get to the actual Buffy timeline but not till the end. I’ve seen so many variations of Buffy being an immortal and a slayer. I thought I’d give Joyce her own highlander-esque story.


A time when demons roamed the earth without a slayer to stop them (Somewhere in Africa)

“Jendayi! What are you doing?” A short black girl had her hands on her hips as she glared at a white woman with blonde hair of about 30 years who was trying to get some water.

“Do not speak to me so Naki. I am old enough to be your grandmother and you should show the proper respect. I am thirsty.” Jendayi said as she gingerly laid back down.

“Well then grandmother,” Naki grinned widely while she handed the woman some water, “you should know better when you are this heavy with child then to move around. One would think you have never been with child before. I do not understand why Yera would choose you as his wife…”

Jendayi place a hand on Naki wrist, “Do not worry Naiki, you will be chosen. I will tell you why Yera chose me. It is because he knows I have not long left and wished to get some practice before getting a proper wife. And let me tell you a secret, he needed it.” Naki put a hand over her mouth as she giggled. Suddenly Jendayi screamed and clutched her stomach. “The child comes.”

Naki’s eyes widened and she quickly began making preparations as she called in more of the women folk to help with the birth. At first everything was going smoothly like a normal birth but then one of the other girls spoke quietly, “Naki she is losing too much life.”

“What do you mean?”

“There is too much blood and look at her she can barely push.” The girl gestured to Jendayi whose eyes where rolling in the back of her head.

“Come on Jendayi push.” Another girl coaxed.

Jendayi gave one final push and the baby came out. Naki quickly wiped the child off and wrapped her in clothes. “It’s a girl, she is of her father’s skin. She will be accepted.” Naki went to give the child to Jendayi but stopped. “Jendayi?”

A girl placed her hand slightly above the woman’s nose. “I feel no life. She has gone to the Gods.”

Naki placed a hand on her friend’s forehand. “I will care for your child. Be in peace Jendayi. Please clean her I will tend to the child.”

All the girls went to their tasks. It was some time later just when Naki was about to leave with the child and tell Yera of his wife’s death that Jendayi sat up and breathed in life.

“Ahhhhhhh!” The girls all screamed.

“She is a demon.”

“Possessed by the dark ones.”

Jendayi looked around and breathed hard, “Where is my child? Did I bare a daughter? Let me hold her.”

“Do not give her the child. She is a demon.” The oldest girl stood in front of Naki.

“What do you speak of Chanya? I merely slept for a moment. I am no demon.” Jendayi looked confused as she struggled to sit up.

Naki stepped around Chanya and placed the baby in Jendayi’s waiting arms. “You are mistaken Chanya.”

“No Naki now the child is tainted by the demon. I will tell my brother of this and he will deal with demon as he has with countless others. I knew it was wrong to let her join our village. If you stay much longer Naki you will be tainted as well and my brother will deal with you.” Chanya ran from the tent with the rest of the girls following her.

Jendayi stood quickly, “I must go. Baraki has never had any favor for me. And the elders will trust his judgment over my own.”

“You can not survive alone. There are demons and the harsh earth. The gods do not smile on those who live alone.” Naki said.

“I made it here through the desert and the demons. Besides I will not be alone.” Jendayi smiled and ran a finger down her daughter’s nose.

Fifteen years later

“Please mother Sef is a good man. He will take care of me. I will make a good wife and a better mother for I have learned from the best.” Naiki begged her mother.

Jendayi shook her head, “Flatter will not change my mind on this.” She walked further away from the village.

Naiki ran to catch up with her, “Do you not wish me happiness? Why do you say no?”

Jendayi turned to face her daughter, “I do not trust him and his brothers. They watch you too closely. They watch when they think neither of us notice. They watch when I teach you to fight the way my own father taught me to fight before he sent me away. They have something planned. They think me a simple old woman who can not take care of her own daughter but they will soon learn the truth. Now come quickly Naiki.”

The two women moved through the day until they reached a safe place to stop for the night. Naiki laid down a circle from demons for their protection before she and her mother would sleep.

Four men crept quietly into the women’s camp. Without any noise they took Naiki and ran.

Jendayi woke abrubtly, “Naiki! Naiki!” She began looking around and immediately noticed the tracks of men coming to and from her camp. She grabbed her spear that she had made herself and hurriedly followed the tracks.

When she found them they were in a cave. Her daughter was chained to the ground and surrounded by four men. It was Sef and his three brothers or the Shadowmen as Jendayi liked to call them for they were always shadowing Sef. They were chanting loudly while her daughter was trying to rip free of the chains.

Jendayi let out a feral scream and attacked Sef with her spear. Sef managed to duck in time so that she missed him entirely. “Keep chanting brothers. We must finish the ritual.” He turned to face Jendayi, “Do not interfere woman. We are making the world safe.”

Jendayi swung her spear, “Not with my child.” Sef nearly didn’t duck in time. “Release her now.”

The two began to fight all the meanwhile the three other men kept chanting and making signs in the air and in the sand by their feet. Sef managed to get a lucky punch in that caused Jendayi to slam her head against the stone wall. Sef placed a hand over Jendayi’s nose and mouth. There was no life left in her. He shook his head at Naiki who looked hopefully at him.

For a second Naiki’s face went blank then she began screaming. “I will kill you. You will never know peace while I am alive. Your death will not be quick or painless. I will kill you all.” She continued to scream even though the Shadowmen ignored her. She screamed until she could scream no more. Then she noticed a black cloud of smoke that was forming over her head. It felt evil she tried to cringe away from it. She felt the Shadowmen’s power growing. She looked at her mother’s lifeless body and wished with all her heart that she would wake and save her.

The four men screeched their final word of power and just before the cloud enveloped Naiki, she saw Jendayi’s eyes open. “NAIKI!” The men turned to stare in wonder at the woman they could have sworn was dead. She quickly took out all four of the men but not in time to break her daughter free of the chains and of the evil delving inside of her.

Naiki let out a scream and ripped free from her chains. She started punching the man closest to her. But she stopped only after a few punches as if she was confused.

Sef coughed in pain bringing both women’s attention to him. “You are now are weapon against the demons that pillage our lands. It is them you must fight. Not men. And the first demon you should kill is that thing that used to be your mother. She is obviously a demon now if she was not before which I do not doubt. Do your duty. You are the Slayer now. Kill her.”

“I am not a demon you waste of desert.” Jendayi snarled. “You will pay for what you have done to my child.”

“Quiet demon.” Sef turned back to Naiki, “Do you not feel in your womb that she is wrong? She does not belong here. Does she not make you ache inside?” Naiki looked uncertainly at her mother. Then she looked back at Sef and smiled widely at him. Sef nodded at Naiki. “She does, doesn’t she.”

“No she does not.” Naiki punched Sef in his face knocking him out cold. “She makes me buzz.”

“Come let us leave this place.” Jendayi said taking her daughter’s hand.

“What about them?” Naiki asked her voice gravely from screaming for so long.

“Leave them for the demons.”

Ten days later

Jendayi and Naiki were walking at night. They had been walking without stopping for the past three days and nights. Suddenly Naiki clutched her stomach in pain. “Naiki what is it?” Jendayi asked.

“I do not know.” Naiki groaned.

“An ample meal for tonight.”

The two women turned to see two men standing on a nearby dune. No they were not men. They had sharp teeth, ridges on their foreheads, and their eyes glowed golden in the moonlight. They were vampires. Jendayi was about to tell her Naiki to prepare herself when she noticed her own daughter’s eyes. They were gleaming in anticipation.

Naiki dropped her things and grabbed the spear. She let out a scream as she stabbed the first vampire in the heart with her spear. The vampire disappeared in a whirlwind of dust. The other vampire had been staring in amazement but quickly spun into action when Naiki started after him. The two fought only for a few minutes before Naiki was able to spear the second vampire as well.

Jendayi looked at her daughter in awe. Naiki was hardly breathing hard. In fact she looked like she wanted to fight twelve more vampires. Jendayi walked over to her and nudged her daughter in the shoulder. “I would say that we no longer need to fear the night daughter mine.”

Naiki just let out a cackle.

Three years later


Jendayi looked over to where her daughter was sharpening her spear. “Yes?”

“What are you?” When Jendayi didn’t immediately respond Naiki continued to speak. “I know you are not a demon. You do not make my womb hurt like all the vampires and other evil beasts. But I have seen you die five times mother and come back to life. Are you a goddess and forgot to tell me? Though why a goddess would choose to be so old?”

Jendayi poked her daughter in the ribs causing her to giggle. “I do not know truly I do not. I do know that I have not aged since I gave birth to you.” Naiki opened her mouth to respond but Jendayi cut her off, “And no I doubt that makes you a goddess.”

“Awww.” Naiki smiled.

At the exact same moment Naiki grabbed her stomach in pain while Jendayi put a hand to her temple in confusion. They both looked in the same direction before they heard a man scream.


A man of about 20 was being chased over a dune by 8 vampires. The man looked near death. Naiki grabbed her spear as well as a stake and rushed towards the vampires with a gleam in her eye. Jendayi stood over the man where he fell and attempted to defend him against the three vampires that rushed toward her.

Jendayi managed to stake two of the vampires before the third ripped out her throat. She fell to the ground next the man. The two watched each as they bled to death. The man died first but just before Jendayi died she heard the feral scream of her daughter.

Naiki killed the rest of the vampires as savagely as possible. She no longer spoke in words but in screams and grunts. She became feral almost looked like a demon herself.

After all the vampires were demons Naiki continued to jump and growl at every sound. When the man her mother had not managed to save sat up with a gasp, Naiki grabbed her spear and thrust it at his throat with a growl.

The man tried to back away but Naiki growled again and jabbed him lightly with her spear. The man tried to placate her, “I know this must be strange for you. But I am not a demon. I am sorry about your friend and I thank you for trying to save me.”

Naiki growled again but this time it was a word. “Quiet.”

“It’s still dark out we should not—”

This time he got hit on top of the head with the shaft of the spear. “Wait.” Naiki looked expectantly at her mother causing the man to look at the woman beside him as well.

Naiki’s demeanor changed completely once her mother rose the man however had a different reaction one that involved screaming quite shrilly.

“Oh be quiet. It always hurts so much more when a vampire kills you.” Jendayi ran a hand over her now smooth throat.

“I thought I was the only one.” The man’s eyes were wide.

“So does that mean you also do not know what we are?” Jendayi asked sounding disappointed.

“No sadly I do not.” The man shook his head.

“Mother we should return to the circle of protection. You know you are weakened after you get killed and I suppose you must be as well.” Naiki said as she pulled both her mother and the man to their feet.

As the man followed the two women back to their camp he commented, “Well you certainly are more vocal. Who are you two?”

Naiki smirked at him, “I don’t like when my mother is not around especially if it is because something has killed her.”

Jendayi laughed. “I am Jendayi and this is my daughter Naiki.”

“I am Roho.”

Jendayi turned to face Roho as they reached their camp. “Well then Roho welcome into our protection.”

A year later

“I do not know how you have the energy to do this for so long.” Roho breathed hard with his hands on his knees. “Especially the old woman.”

Naiki tapped him hard on the head with her staff. “You cannot fight well if you do not practice.”

“Every day.” Jendayi attempted hit Roho with her staff. He just barely managed to block the hit with his own staff. She reversed her staff and hit him hard on the thigh, “If an old woman can do this you should have no trouble.”

Roho glared, “I hate you both.”

Naiki only smiled, “If you can knock me off my feet big brother, I will let you have the larger portion of the antelope we caught.”

“It would be my pleasure to knock you off your feet little sister.” Roho grinned.

They both yelped when they were knocked off their feet by Jendayi. “Never let your mind wander when you are fighting only let your opponent think you are not paying attention.”

“Yes mother.”

“Of course Jendayi.”

“Oh and I believe this means I get the largest portion of the antelope.”

Two years later

The scream of rage was heard for miles around. People and demons alike cringed in fear at the noise. And in a place where 30 humungous demons lie dead there was Jendayi holding her daughter’s lifeless body in her hands. Roho was kneeling beside her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Are they all dead?” Jendayi lightly stroked her daughter’s hair.

“Yes Jendayi every single one of those demons that even came near her is dead. None of them got away.” Roho looked around at the rising sun. “We should leave this place. Send her to the underworld with honor. Let me carry her.”

Jendayi let Roho take her daughter from him and together they stood. Then they made their way out of that part of the desert while Jendayi kicked every demon in the face as she passed it.

Another place same time

Sef smiled down at the girl before him. He grabbed her chin and made her look at him. “You will be a perfect Slayer. No other Slayer with ever disobey men again like Naiki. The Shadowmen will make sure of it.”
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