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Not Looking For Trouble

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Immortal Dean". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Chloe Sullivan has invaded the Winchester world. Dean is not happy. Between the chick reporter (Chloe) and his two boy scout companions (Mac and Sam), Dean needs a little time away and heads to the nearest bar.

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Epilogue: Shut Up and Drink Your Beer

Title:Shut Up and Drink Your Beer
Rated: PG
Fandom: HL, SPN: Immortal!Dean ‘Verse
Characters: Dean Winchester, Richie Ryan, Joe Dawson & Duncan MacLeod
Disclaimer: The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators.

Summary: Richie and Dean have a drink and talk about Duncan. Epilogue to my story "Not Looking for Trouble"

Shut Up and Drink Your Beer
“You forgot your sword?” Richie was incredulous.

Dean looked down into his beer, “Mac is still giving me the silent treatment. Only grunts at me and then only when he has too.”

“Yeah, I’ve spent a few weeks on the receiving end of the brooding Highlander anger. Not fun.”

“And Sam won’t let it go either. I am really glad to get out of there for awhile. Between the two of them I’m about to lose my mind.”

“Well, you’re lucky to be alive.”

“Hey, I still have my head. Mac got me my sword in time.”

Richie had heard parts of the story of how Dean had taken his first head but it should have been Dean’s head that was gone.

“No seriously, I am surprised you’re still alive because I thought Mac would have killed you after that stunt.”

Dean smirked. “Well, he’s trying. He’s instituted three hour practice sessions, twice a day…”

“…during which you spend most of your time on your ass. I remember those days” Richie chuckled. “And I do not miss them at all.”

“If I was mortal I think I’d be walking funny for the rest of my life,” he laughed

“The training isn’t fun but you have got to listen to Mac."

“I listen,” Dean huffed indignantly

“Right, that guy almost killed you...”

“But he didn’t,” Dean interrupted and pointed at his own head for emphasis.

“Only because Chloe shot him.”

Dean grimaced at the memory, “Sam needs to shut up.”

“Not Sam. She told me. So, you two an item because, dude, she’s hot.” Richie pushed. He had met Chloe and he was intrigued. It would be a nice change to date someone who knew all about Immortals.

Dean shook his head, “Don’t go there Richie, she’s trouble.”

“Fine, message received,” Richie figured Dean probably wanted her for himself.

“It’s not what you think.” Dean insisted. Thinking about the debt he owed Chloe made him uncomfortable. “Never mind,” he sighed, “So, how about offering some useful advice on how to get Mac to lighten up.’

“Nothing will change until he forgives himself that you were not well prepared.”

“Not his fault. I thought I was better than I was.”

“What? You, cocky? I’m shocked.”

“Shut up and drink your beer.”

Richie signaled Joe to bring them another round.

“I heard you got yourself in a little trouble,” Joe remarked as he set the beers on the table.

“Don’t recall inviting you to this conversation, Watcher man.”

Joe changed tactics, “Ellen’s upset. You’re not returning her phone calls.”

“Yeah, well I’ve been busy not dying.”

“Dean, she’s your Watcher but she’s your friend first. She wants to hear from you that you’re okay.”

Richie looked between his two friends. Dean and Joe were like oil and water. This was not the time for Joe to play Watcher and try to get cooperation out of Dean. “Joe, I’ll make sure he calls her later and if I can’t I’ll enlist Sam.”

Joe nodded and walked away.

“Traitor,” Dean growled.

“Come on Dean. We’ve all had close calls. Talk to Ellen. She cares about you.”

“So, what was yours?”

“My what?”

“The closest you’ve come to losing your head.” Dean hesitated, “I been close to dying before but… but this was different.”

Richie realized Dean was looking for a connection but he really did not want to share his story. “I know man, once you find out you’re Immortal you feel invincible but it’s not true. It seems like you have more to lose. I understand how you feel.”

Dean rolled his eyes. The conversation had taken a ‘chick’ turn. “No touchy feely crap. Spill. Who was the Immortal and how did you save yourself?” He looked at Richie who relented under the glare.

“I was saved when Joe shot Duncan.” Richie mumbled as he took a swig of his beer.

“Wait, Mac tried to take your head and the “we don’t interfere” Watcher man saved your life? What the hell happened?”

Richie sighed. Eventually he’d have to tell him the whole thing but right now he wished he’d lied. “It’s a long story. Let’s just say we had a little misunderstanding.”

Dean stared at his friend, “Remind me never to piss Mac off again.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Looking For Trouble". This story is complete.

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