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Gods on Halloween

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Summary: Another Halloween fic---A smart person would never assume they know the will of the Gods...Ethan isn't a smart person.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneraldragonvampFR1512,4552103,16522 Apr 0822 Apr 08Yes
I own nothing but the odd little bunny hoping around in here. BTVS is owned by 'you know who' and the gods own themselves they just nagged me about how to write them. Bast and Janus can be so vain sometimes (winces as Bast cracks whip near my head)

Some where on the upper planes of existence:
His hand ran up her leg and she moaned. It had been a while since she had alone time with her husband and she was very happy to have him all to herself. Just as his hand reached her hip he swore curses in several languages before kissing her and vanishing. He had been summoned to the Earthly planes and she just knew it was by that crazy Mage again. In a flash of anger she too disappeared from their celestial bedroom.

Back on Earth:
A couple of friends looked around the costume shop for stuff they could afford to make their costumes out of. The shopkeeper was very happy to sell and in some cases give away costumes to these particular teenagers. The Chaos Mage looked at the alter set up to his God and cackled, “Tonight will be interesting, Chaos will reign and Rupert will be vexed. I sometimes love my life.” The Mage said before going back to closing up his shop so he could find a safe spot to watch the event unfold. The Goddess observed the teens leaving the store and followed.

The three teens ended up at the school library and talked to the librarian. It did not take long for the Goddess to figure out that this was the group of protectors on the Hellmouth that had so many on both sides up in arms. One Slayer, Champion of the Powers That Be, one of Magic, powerful but following no path and headed for darkness, one Prophesy Breaker with no destiny of his own save the one he makes, and the Watcher who forgets he is to teach as well as watch.

It did her heart good to see others help the Slayer again. That is the way it was in the beginning until men decided they knew better than the Gods themselves. Humanity was supposed to fight for the gift of this world. She smiled when the self appointed Queen Bitch showed up as well.

The Goddess joined her husband to find out what the Mage was up to. After learning of the spell he was forcing her husband to help with she smiled a smile that made those who knew her shiver, “Well husband, I think I may make a few changes to help out and maybe teach this Mage a lesson about calling on us for power and doing things in your name without knowing who you really are.”

With that she kissed him and set about her plan. The God Janus shivered at his wife’s tone and hoped the Mage learned a valuable lesson. If he called him away from his marital bed again he might be tempted to smite the man out of mercy before Bast got a hold of him.

Bast looked in on the blonde Slayer and saw her dressing as a noble woman. The Goddess rolled her eyes and was tempted to allow it to happen as she imagined the looks of the PTB when their champion was useless while her friends saved everyone. She quickly shook that thought from her head and slipped a package into the girl’s bag before moving on to the next one.

The Slayer had forced the red head into dressing as sexy Witch; Bast slipped her a package too. She saw the QB dressed as none other that a cat and smiled. She left a special something for her and pondered what to give the Prophecy Breaker.

Later that night the spell went into effect and all over town people changed into their costumes and Chaos rained in the streets. Ethan was ecstatic, Janus was pissed, and Bast was smirking.

The red headed girl drew a sword and looked around nervously trying to figure out where she was and what was going on. Out of habit she inventoried her belongings and found a bag she was sure was not hers. Inside was a charm necklaces, a vile of potion, and a note that read:

I am the Goddess Bast. You have called upon my sisters and me from time to time and now I call upon you. You will find friends among strangers and a common goal. You must leave wisdom in the young one whose body you now borrow. She is strong in Magic and intelligent yet lacks the wisdom and maturity to use her gift properly. Leave her with lessons learned and wisdom to seek a proper teacher. I cannot tell you more my child, but know that I am watching over you my immortal daughter. You are a great teacher and if you live in this time seek her out. She assists the Slayer on the mouth of hell.

The girl looked at the items again knowing something was strange for the Goddess to give her direct information and she would need to find others to help fix whatever madness she found herself in. She found a wallet in her pocket and saw pictures of her and others. She would seek out these others.

The blonde’s enemy radar was off the chart yet not registering the obviously demonic children running around her. She reached for her weapons and found a package she opened. She found an odd stake, a bottle of holy water, a necklace and a note. She read the note while scarring away little demons.

I am the Goddess Bast. You have been brought forward in time to help one of your line. You must find the Watcher and three others. Find the spell and stop the Chaos called in my husband’s name. Lend your knowledge to the girl so that she may bring the line back to where it should be and not the abomination the Council has made it. The Witch, the Warrior, the Avatar, and the Guide must unite to stop the Chaos.

The girl blinked for a moment and thought about her Watcher as she instinctively searched for a library.

Cordelia had just put on the pretty necklace she had found on her dresser when a strange feeling came over her. She looked into the mirror and spoke, “Yes Mother I understand. I will be the Avatar and go see the Watcher.” She said before walking out the door in full cat suit. A stripped cat soon found its way to her shoulder and sat like a bird on its perch. Cordelia just petted the cat and headed to the school. She never notice that she had a bit more swing in her step as she walked with more grace than she could have hoped to achieve before.

The young dark haired man looked out at the Chaos before him. He found himself dressed in his ceremonial garb. He was a Warrior Priest of the Goddess Bast. He would find the Slayer, the Witch and the Avatar. He would seek out the one who watches. He would help defuse the Chaos created in his Father’s name and stop this Mage from binding his Father’s will.

Giles was enjoying a quiet night working on his card catalog. He hears the commotion outside but could do nothing about it for just then Cordelia entered the library. He saw the collar she was wearing and began whipping his glasses so hard one would think the glass would dissolve.

“Are you the one who Watches?” she asked in a strange tone. Giles blinked, “I am a Watcher.” She smiled and set down, “Good, I take it you know this vessel?” she asked and Giles nodded. He shivered thinking he was actually glad Buffy was not here. While he recognized that Cordelia had been chosen as an Avatar, Buffy would have killed first ask later.

“Watcher Giles, I am Avatar and now Daughter of Bast. We must find the Witch, the Slayer, and the Warrior. We will wait here and if they do not show we will seek them out. There is a Chaos spell that one has forced Janus to power. We must gather the others, find the Mage, end the spell, and teach the Mage a lesson. I will bind his power to an extent. Mother is not pleased as he pulled Janus from their bed.” Giles gulped then shivered when she added, “On the night of their anniversary.”

It was not long before the blonde he was worried about appeared. She took one look at Cordy and bowed her head slightly. “Daughter of Bast, I am the Slayer.” Cordy smiled, “Welcome Sister-Daughter. This is Watcher Giles, the Guide. We will wait a short while for the Witch and the Warrior. In that time I shall like to talk to you about Mother’s plans for the Mage.” The Slayer looked over and nodded a greeting to Giles, who just stared and started cleaning his glasses.

Outside the red haired Witch spotted the dark haired man from the picture. “My Lord High Priest. You seek the Slayer?” The man spun to face her. “You are the Witch? I feel them inside we must go.” He said as he headed into the school and to the library using the boy’s memories as a guide.

They walked in and dropped to one knee in front of the others. “My Lady Avatar, I am the Warrior Priest and this is the Witch. Are the Slayer and Watcher here as well?” the priest asked. She nodded and motioned for them to sit at the table.

Giles spoke first, “If I may Lady Avatar? Under normal circumstances, Lady Avatar is known as Cordelia Chase. The Slayer is Buffy Summers, The Witch is Willow Rosenburg, and The Priest is called Xander Harris. I am Rupert Giles the Watcher for Slayer Buffy. I know some of what is going on but we need to seek out more information so we can put this all to right.”

The Priest told them of the shop his host had gotten his costume from and that the others had been there at some point as well. The Lady Avatar told them how Bast had changed the spell a little, since she could not stop it. The Slayer and The Witch came up with a plan to bring about Bast wishes for vengeance and the group headed out.

They arrived as Ethan was trying to leave town but for some reason he was having a bit of a problem. That problem being that Bast was helping to stall him. When he opened something she would close it once his back was turned, if he unlocked something she would lock it and so on. Giles burst through the door in full Ripper mode.

“Ethan, Ethan, Ethan, one would think you of all people would know that a Mage must know the God he worships before he begins casting things in his name” Ripper stated with a tisk tisk sound.

The Lady Avatar then looked at the Mage, “You foolish man. Chaos is an aspect of who Janus is but not what he is. He also is a protector of the balance. To attack the champions of light here on the hellmouth is to tip the balance to far the other way. Add to that you pulled him from his marital bed on his anniversary. Mother is not happy with you at all. For your actions you will be punished.”

The Witch stepped up, “In service of my Goddess, who along with her sisters added me many times when I was in need, I bind your magic Mage of Chaos and place on you the following geas: You will spend the rest of your days in service to the Council of Watchers as researcher and informant. You will not speak ill of Janus, Bast or any present here. Finally when you life here is over you will be bound to Janus to serve him as he sees fit. The vengeance of the Goddess Bast commands it done so by my hand I will it done and by her will the spell is cast and the geas set.”

The Priest turned to Giles and handed him a paper, “Recite this then break the bust of Janus. Once the spell is broken the Avatar and Witch will place him in the council research archives. The Lady Bast wishes us to leave a bit of ourselves with our host. It is her hope that it will help them in their mission here and beyond. You, Watcher will need to help them discover the gifts they have been given and train them in the use of them. For what you can not teach them then seek out instructors. Now you must end the spell soon before anyone gets harmed.” Giles nodded and spoke the words before breaking the statue.

The group awoke in the library and looked around trying to figure out if the previous night was all a hellmouth shared dream or if it really happened. Xander’s robes moved as he shifted in his seat. Buffy gasp and rushed over to him and began pulling at his robes until his chest was exposed. Xander chuckled a bit saying, “Buffy I never thought I would ever ask this but why are you undressing me?” Buffy began to blush as his words and her actions caught up with her.

“You have a brand of some kind on your um chest” she said. Willow let out a very unWillow like, “When the Hell did you get so buff Xander?” Buffy was in shock and wondering if Willow had read her mind. They each began to notice changes in themselves.

Xander had a better build and was a bit taller than before. He also had the mark of a Priest of Bast on his chest. Buffy felt stronger and more connected and at peace with her Slayer. Willow felt like she wanted to find someone to teach her and was more cautious of her magic. Cordelia still had the kitten on her lap and the necklace around her neck, she never noticed how much sharper her sense were.

Giles came out of his office rubbing his eyes. He noticed the children and muttered a ‘dear lord’. They talked about what happened the night before and all went to bed wondering what was going to happen next.

I may write more in the future but for now this was a little bunny that had to be written….
Hope you enjoyed, Trinity

The End

You have reached the end of "Gods on Halloween". This story is complete.

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