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10 Ways Buffy Never Heard of Andalasia

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Summary: A sequence of short ficlets crossing the worlds of Buffy and Giselle into one big happy poison apple pot. Yay! BtVS/Enchanted

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The Second Dimension

Slight departure from the norm here. Please enjoy and review! ;)

A/N ~ 02/01/2010:

Rejigged the chapters so the whole thing now almost tells a story. Numbers in chapters now refer to the order they were written in.

Disclaimer: Neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor the Disney world of Enchanted belong to me.



Giles shivered as he pushed his way deeper into the snowy forest. Some part of him registered that he didn’t feel as cold as he should and was concerned but for the main part, he was mostly concerned with merely surviving to place one foot in front of the other.

He really wasn’t dressed for this weather. It seemed like only hours ago that he’d been strolling through the summery street of New York and it was with shock that he realised it had been just hours since he’d seen the Prince shoot out of the manhole, followed shortly by a small rodent of some kind.

Waiting until the workmen all had their backs turned and feeling confident in his ability to handle whatever he discovered, he’d quietly slipped down into the manhole to investigate only to fall into a lake and then swiftly up a waterfall. He’d been violently spat from a fountain in the middle of the courtyard of a fairytale castle and landed in a strangely two-dimensional universe. At the feet of an outraged Evil Queen.

There’d been a brief almost comical moment of horror as they’d stared at each other and then she’d screamed for the guards and had him forcibly ejected from the castle. Lying at the bottom of the stairs leading to the enormous locked doors of the castle Giles had looked around the forest surrounding the castle and shrugged to himself. How hard could a cartoon world be, he’d asked himself.

He wasn’t sure exactly when it had started to snow. It had been after the hunters had shot a doe standing not more than six feet away from him with her fawn but before the overgrown rose hedge that he’d battled against for miles, cursing himself for forgetting to bring his mobile phone before he left the Council Building. He doubted he’d get reception down here anyway. The night was as black as tar, the only relief the white snowflakes blowing centimetres past his face. Miraculously, his glasses remained untouched. A feeble light in the distance caught his attention and Giles stumbled hurriedly towards it. His outstretched hands touched rough wood and he stumbled through the door and into the light.

An old man whose long white beard came down to his knobbly knees had paused mid-song, in the chair in front of him a small sandy-haired boy had turned around to get a better look. On the bookcase in the corner, a large owl stared beadily at him. The three of them blinked.

“Good Lord!” Giles exclaimed, shutting the door behind him, “Merlin!”


Oh yeah, I don't own The Sword in the Stone either. That belongs to the estate of the estimable TH White, Buena Vista and Disney. I am none of these people.
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