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Rifts Over the O.Z.

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Summary: What happens when a Rift from Cardiff opens into the O.Z.? All kinds of insanity. (Tin Man/Torchwood)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats Stories
Television > Tin Man
JmariaFR1323,319081,69123 Apr 089 May 08No

Mirror, Rorrim

Title: Rifts Over the O.Z.
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: BBC & RTD own Torchwood, Sci-Fi owns Tin Man
Spoilers: Season 2 ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’ (nothing specific, just about Jack’s disappearance), and all of Tin Man.
Summary: A one way rift portal sucks Torchwood into the O.Z.
Words: 1349
A/N: I am newly obsessed with Tin Man. I’ve been obsessed with anything Jack related since the barrage balloon. I love all of the characters, each and every oddball in the crews - and all character bashing is done for plot purposes only, honest.

Rifts Over the O.Z.

Mirror, Rorrim

Glimmering orange and gold light flickered around five stumbling figures. One second they’d been on a rooftop in Cardiff and all of a sudden they were on a large marble balcony over looking a huge buzzing metropolis. Captain Jack Harkness frowned as he spun in a small circle, taking in the stunned faces of his team and the landscape. And then he noticed the group standing across from them.

Two dark haired women, two older men, a teenager and a - well, he looked like an alien to Jack, stood huddled together confusion clear in their faces. Apparently, this was not the best place for a drop-in. Jack looked over his shoulder at his disbelieving team and gave them a ‘don’t panic’ look before turning back to the group of people in front of them. He flashed his most charming grin at them, focusing his look on the two people who’d pushed themselves forward in the little group.

“Oookay, kinda not expecting that to happen,” the shorter brunette woman frowned at the team.

“What were you expecting, D.G.?” the older blond man glanced at her from the corner of his eye, a low growl rolling out when he said her name.

“Obviously not a group of good looking people,” D.G. snapped back, irritation in her voice.

“Oh, you are just a dish,” Jack chuckled, pulling their attention back to him. The man shot him a telling glare, which made Jack just grin even more. “Don’t be like that. I really like the outfit.”

“Jack,” Toshiko murmured from behind him, trying to make herself less noticeable. “I can’t pick up any readings -”

“Oooh, I think I’ve seen that before! It’s a better design than the first…” the dark haired man stepped past the couple to peer at the gadget in Toshiko’s hand, which he lifted up to examine it closer. “I think I designed the prototype.”

Tosh only blinked at his forwardness, staring at the strange apparatus in his head. Jack frowned at the statement. Everyone else had something to say about the touching of his hand on Tosh.

“Impossible!” came from Ianto.

“Glitch!” came from DG and the other woman.

“Ambrose!” came from the alien and the older man.

“Not again!” came from the younger man and Gwen.

“Get off of her!” came from Owen, much to his own surprise.

Tosh and Glitch/Ambrose jumped apart like two teenagers caught necking, which made Jack just grin more. Owen lurched forward to grab Tosh back, pushing her behind him. Jack’s brow furrowed at that motion and Tosh looked like the entire universe had imploded. Gwen and Ianto just stared at Owen.

“What? The crazy zipper headed alien put his hands all over Tosh,” Owen snapped at them.

“Hey, monkey-man, he’s not an alien!” D.G. cried, hands on her hips.

“He’s not - he’s only -” Tosh bit her lips, obviously wanting to defend Owen’s bad manners, but completely unable to reconcile herself to them.

“The Slitheen’s zippers were never that obvious,” Jack pondered.

“The what?”

“Oh! I remember them. They crashed the spaceship into Big Ben!” Tosh smiled brightly at the memory.

“The what?” Owen frowned.

“Big Ben?” D.G. murmured.

“The space pig,” Tosh answered, giving him a knowing look.

“Right,” Owen shook his head, a blush creeping up his neck.

“All right then, for those of us without alien shorthand, could you lot explain it to us please?” Gwen glared at the team, ignoring the potential alien threats behind them.

“Or, you know, explain to the rest of us how you all got here from the Other Side,” D.G. frowned.

Jack looked back at the group before him. Everyone was frowning and there was a strange vibe around them all. Definitely not alien. Otherworldly, but not one hundred percent alien.

“I’m Captain Jack Harkness. This is my team, Toshiko Sato, Dr. Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones. We’re Torchwood. This is the part where you introduce yourselves.”

“Not gonna happen, buddy,” the older man glared at him, only to be interrupted by the shorter woman.

“I’m D.G.. We’re … us. This is Glitch, um, Ambrose,” D.G. gave Glitch an apologetic smile before turning to the other woman and the youth. “My sister Az, and Jeb Cain -”

“Can you not lump me in with the homicidal witch?” Jeb snapped, giving Az a dirty look.

“Can I echo the sentiment of the little vigilante?” Az said sweetly, her lips curling into a disdainful smirk at Jeb.

“Guys, can you not snipe at each other for two minutes?” D.G. groaned, leaning her head on the ‘alien’ beside her. “This is Raw, Tutor,” she pointed to the dog nobody had noticed before, and glanced up at the last man. “And he’s -”

“Wyatt Cain,” Cain said stiffly.

“Daddy dearest to vigilante boy here,” Az batted her eyelashes at Jack.

“Who was I a vigilante against again? Oh, that’s right the biggest bitch in the west, Azka-freaking-dellia,” Jeb gritted his teeth.

“I was possessed at the time, what’s the excuse for the steel pole shoved up your ass?” Az snapped.

“Guys!” D.G. snapped. “Separate corners, now!”

Gwen couldn’t help the snort of laughter that came out of her at the antics of the younger people. Neither could Tosh, who started to giggle helplessly. Owen and Jack both chuckled, and Ianto gave them a smile. The tension between the two of them was completely sexually charged, and it was a concept team Torchwood was completely familiar with. Az and Jeb looked at them like they were crazy. D.G. and Cain both looked at each other before laughing as well. The other three looked confused.

It was a few minutes before they regained their composure enough for the fact that there were outsiders in a strange land to deal with to sink in. D.G. chewed at her bottom lip before speaking to Jack.

“You’re from America?”

“England. Wales. Cardiff.” Jack shrugged

“But your accent…”

“Quaint little boxes,” Jack sighed.

“Speaking of boxes,” Tosh pushed forward, past Owen to stand beside Jack. “Where did the rift bring us?”

“Rift?” D.G. asked “What does that have to do with boxes?”

“Um, well, nothing actually. Just trying to figure out where and when we are. The last time I got swept up in rift activity, I was sucked back into World War II.”

“They weren’t brought here by a travel storm,” Az took a step away from the rest of her group.

“I’d noticed that. Lack of a tornado and all,” D.G. nodded.

“What exactly is a rift?” Cain’s brow furrowed at Jack.

“It’s a rip in space and time. Cardiff’s riddled with them,” Tosh smiled again, falling into the role of teacher with shocking ease. “Bits of alien life and technology just seem to fall through like crazy there. Makes for an interesting work experience.”

“Yeah, when they’re not trying to you know, destroy mankind,” Owen scoffed.

“Sounds like you’d really love it there, Azkadellia,” Jeb taunted. “World ending was your specialty, wasn’t it?”

“Jeb!” Cain frowned at his son, who managed to look contrite and petulant at the same time.

“Where exactly did we land?” Jack pushed on, ignoring the outburst.

“The Outer Zone,” Glitch spoke up then.

“Better known as the O.Z.”

“Oz?” Gwen blinked.

“No, the O.Z.,” Jack looked distinctly uncomfortable. “Maybe we should move this discussion inside, Princess.”

“How’d you know -” D.G. frowned at him.

“She’s a princess?” Owen gave her a disbelieving look.

“You better mind your manners, doctor,” Cain’s fingers brushed over the weapon beneath his coat.

“But then, you’re both Princesses!” Gwen’s eyes widened at the thought of being around real princesses.

“Let’s not dwell on that, okay?” D.G.

“Sorry, never been around royalty before. It’s kind of exciting.”

“I’ve only seen Prince William from a distance,” Tosh added.

“Oh, isn’t he just gorgeous?” Gwen grinned.

“Major hottie,” D.G. smiled, “Not that I’ve seen him any closer than on TV.”

“Ladies!” Jack, Cain, and Owen all snapped, getting embarrassed blushes from the three women.

“Moving inside then, shall we?” Ianto nodded to the room behind them.

“Good idea.”
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