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Summary: A cross over with La Femme Nikita, takes place in the first season of Nikita and around the time of the wedding that didnt happen.

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Television > La Femme NikitaThewanderFR131518051,13423 Apr 0823 Apr 08Yes
Dont own this or anything else for that matter. this is a work of enjoyment and meant to one. no profit is made from this.

"We have two new candidates," the leader said as he sat at the table. "But the backgrounds on them are a little murky."

"Murky?" the woman asked as she looked at the files.

"Yes," the man said, "the girl has ties with an organization in London. Though we are on good terms with it, they might not like us Headhunting one of theirs. The boy has some ties with it as well. Just not as strong."

The woman looked down at the files again. The girl was in jail for murder. And the boy was in a dead end job and would be getting married soon.

"The girl," the woman said, "would be easiest to get. We have retrieved quite a few from jail. But the boy? It would be difficult."

"No," the man said, "the boy just called off his marriage. And he is hiding out ‘til everything settles down. Looks like he’s staying with some people he used to work for. He’s got a bed in a storage room at The Fabulous Ladies Night. A Strip club."

"Well, at least we know he’s not bashful," then the woman said and looked at the files again. The girl was a perfect candidate. But the boy… It wasn’t till she looked at his history that she saw what her boss saw.

Killed his best friend is a gang fight. Been seen around multi-disappearances. Broken home. But he still worked well with others. An underachiever who still kept his grades up enough to stay in upper grade group of the school. Was seen buying chemicals to make explosives and then his school graduation was blown up, killing the Mayor and at least thirty others. And after the explosion, he had gone out and danced the night away with his friends.

That showed a detachment that they could use here.

And the girl – a loner who lived on the streets most of her life. Her guardian disappeared and she took off across the country to hide out in a small town - the same one the boy was from.

"Did they know each other?" the woman asked.

"Yes," the boss replied, "they were seen together a number of times. Though not close friends, they knew each other. There were even a few rumors that they slept together."

"That could be a problem."

"I don’t think so," the boss reassured the woman. "the last time they were recorded together, they were fighting. We can use that."

"Ok," the woman agreed. "Pick them up."

As Operations left the room to make arraignments for their pick up, Madeline looked down at the picture.

With what Red Cell had just did to them, they had to step up recruitments and training. She wished she could have had a closer look at these two.

But it wouldn’t do any good.

They needed people. And these two fit the bill.

"Welcome to Section One," Madeline told the pictures, “Alexander and Faith."


The End

You have reached the end of "Section". This story is complete.

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